Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I didn't like green anyways.

Earlier this month I posted about My Princess making the team she wanted to for softball next year.. heres the link if you missed it

Anyways lastnight we got a phone call from her new coach, it seems that 1/2 of the team did to this new team what Princess did to her old team, where they made the team but then went to more try outs for other teams and then picked to play with the different team which left Princess's new team short of girls. they did an extra try out but had noone try out for the 10U team I guess there just isn't all that many girls in the area interested at playing tournament ball just yet. So this new wonderful organization i wrote about is takeing the remaining girls who try out and made the team over to a different organiation to combin there 10U teams(guess this other team didn't get enough 10 and under girls either)
This really isn't a big deal to me or DH, but it has Princess all upset over it. She wanted to be part of this BIG organization and now they are going under a different name..
Due to this she is wanting to try out for her 2nd and 3rd pick of a team. So Saturday she is trying out for the 2nd pick and sunday the 3rd.. So though she has a team to play for already she is throwing her hat back in the tryout ring so she can pick which team she wants to play for incase she doesn't like how the team she just made is going to run things now that they are combining with this other group.
In Anycase she WON'T be wearing Green next summer.

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