Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Six

1. What is college?
2. What are the names of some colleges?
3. Is a college the same thing as a university?
4. What is a major?
5. What do people do in college?
6. Do you want to go to college and if so, where?

These are the 6 question to play this weeks sunday six. Brought to us every week by Kelly at . this sounds like such a fun idea so i thought i would start playing also. I found this sunday six while viewing SPF pics of Mommy out of control at

I thought i would ask Mr Man these question. Seeing how he is a big 6 1/2 year old getting ready to enter into the 1st grade.

1) What is College?

A place you live when your big and you learn.

2) What are the names of some colleges?

UK that's a college right or is that just a sport team?

3) Is a college the same as a university

I don't know

4) What is a Major?

How would I know oppisite of a Minor

5) What do people do at college?

learn stuff

6) Do you want to go to college and if so where?

Yes, Tennessee

Happy Sunday - Did you Play? let me know and don't forget to let Kelly know also.


MommyOutOfControl said...

LOL, love it...Major is opposite of Minor...such a smart kid! Thanks for visiting my site! Welcome to Sunday Six! I love your blog!

Candy said...

Pretty smart for a six year old... minor/major - very bright! We played too