Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen...

I have seen this thursday thirteen thing on two different blogs today.
I don't know if there are any rules to this or if there is one blogger who picks what your 13 things should be about on thursday but i have seen 2 different 13 things today so i guess I get to make up what i want my 13 things to be.

I'm having one of those weeks when if it could go wrong it's going to. I could fill this post with 13 major things that have gone wrong this week, like DH car blowing up, me getting the flat, and so on and so on.. but just about 2 seconds ago it hit me I should do 13 things to praise and Thank God for insteed of thinking on bad things.

1. That God picked me unworthy as I am to be his child.

2. That He died in my places so that I might live with him when this life is over

3. That He has promissed to never leave me or forsake me

4. That He promissed to finish the work he has started in me

5. That in times of trouble I have Him to turn too.

6. That He will supply all my needs.

7. That He will make all things work together for Good in my life even when i don't see how any of it could be good at.

8. That i can take my troubles and problem to Him and leave them there

9. That he gives me peace so that i can rest and not worry when things look down.

10. That he has given me my family who i know are always there for me, not only my parents but my grandparents

11. For my Husband who i love with all my heart

12. For giving me my children. My Princess, Mr Man, Sweet pea and Little Man
13. For My Angel Baby.. even though when i lost her it was the worst time in my life, It brought me closer to God, taught me how to trully trust and lean on Him and showed me Just how amazing the love of God can be.

These are the thirteen things I'm Thankfully for and I Praise God for on this Thursday evening.

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