Wednesday, August 16, 2006

T-shirt Wisdom

Today i took the munchkins to the county fair.. it was a long and hot day 8 hours of fair. I never planned to stay that long but the kids were having such a good time and so was my grandma(we took her also) that i couldn't bring myself to tell them it was time to go, so i just wait till they all got hungry for dinner then said ok lets go home and eat. LOL.
Princess ran into some of her friends so they took off and did there thing for a few hours(with one of the girls parents) she had a great time doing that.
Mr Man is my little thrill seeker and road everything that was there his favorite rides there were the ones that took him high up in the air and upside down, you know the stuff i sat there saying "you have to be crazy to go on that" LOL
Sweet Pea was not thrilled with the fact that her brother got to ride all these fun thrill rides and she kept getting told she was too little, not by me i would have let her ride if she was big enough but she isn't 42 inches yet so she had to stick with the kiddie rides, but she enjoyed those even though she was riding by herself this year
Little Man had a good time, not much of a nap at all but he was a very good baby today and didn't cry or fuss at all the whole time we were there, he loved the goats and the bunnies, thought the cows and horses were fun too.
Grandma was on cloud 9 just seeing the smiles on the kids faces so even though i was standing out there turning my tan into a burn we all had fun.

While standing in one of the lines today there was this man infront of me with a blue t-shirt on and on the back of his shirt it said "10% of life is what happens to me, the other 90% is how I handle it" I thought about that a bit and thought Isn't that the truth. Good things, bad things, crappy things doesn't matter what matter is how you deal with it, your attitude about it, how you handle it.
I mean there is always going to be crappy things in life that comes your way you can let it get you down and you can get upset about them and make yourself misserable or you can say, well that sucks and then pick yourself up and move on, tursting that God is in control and he brings thing into our life for a reason even if we don't know what that reason it.

And Specking of crappy things. on my way home from the fair I got a flat, not fun at all, by the time AAA came and i got the van to wal-mart to get the tire fixed Wal-Mart wasn't taking anymore work orders for the night.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. So tomorrow morning I get to haul my little cookies backout to wal-mart and get the tire fixed.. Hopefully DH won't get OT and i can send him out to deal with the tire and i won't have to drag the kids out to hang out at wal-mart.

I need to run Princesses wants me to watch a little league girls fastpitch championship game on tv with her.

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