Monday, August 21, 2006

Sad times around my house.

Yesterday was a very sad day in our home.
A little back story. On Aug 19, 2005 our cat gave birth to 4 of the cutest kittens i have ever seen. We thought about keeping all 4 kittens but thought that was just too many cats, so when they were old enough we put free kitten signs up all over the place Only one of the kittens was given to a good home. Then when the kittens were 5 months old the mother cat excaped out the door and we never saw her again. That left us with my 10 year olds cat which she named Zoey, Zoey was a very very beautiful calico cat, just the nicest markings ever. Next was my 6 year old Cat which he named Sox a black and White cat which i think was my favorite of the bunch. and my 4 year old took over the last kitten it was a solid black cat named Princess(not to be confussed with my 10 year old MY PRINCESS LOL) see i say she took that one over because she really wanted the one that someone came and gave a home too when we were trying to give them away. She has never forgave me for giving "her kitten" away to this day and that was back in Nov 2005.

These 3 cats we had left were inside cats, we had them all fixed so if they did get out from time to time we didn't freak out about it, we just let them back in when they came to the door.
Well on Friday night the black cat princess got outside and didn't come back for an hour or two. Come Saturday afternoon she wasnt acting like herself but i didn't think anything of it then she started to throw up, still i didn't think much of it, i have had cats throw up before and i never gave it a 2nd thought she went down the basement and didn't come back up the rest of the day but it wasn't unlike her to go down there and spend all day either.
Saturday night we had our door open unloading stuff from the van after we got back from shopping and the Calico cat ran out the door, she was only gone 30 mins or less. She came home we let her in and that was that.. Sunday morning she was puking all over the place. I was worried at this point what made two of my cats sick, and where was Princess(the cat) anyways she didn't come up to eat this morning.. Well i didn't have time to go look in the basement for her she would come up when she was hungry and we took off to church.
When we got home from church Zoey the calico was laying on the floor looking worse then i have ever seen any cat look. So i sent Dh to go look for Princess(the cat not my dd) She was asleep in the basement so he brought her up but she was lifeless. we watched the two of them for an hour and then though we have to get them into a vet. We live in a small town and they don't have any animal hospitals just a few vets.. WEll being a sunday we never got ahold of one single vet. by 6pm Princess was dead. by midnight Zoey had passed away also.

What makes this even harder was just on Saturday my kids went to the store and bought balloons and some fancy can cat food put on cone shaped hats and had a 1 year birthday part for these 3 cats.. They stood there holding the cat food on fancy plates with birthday hats on and each of them holding a balloon and they song happy birthday to Princess, Zoey and Sox.

Now Princess and Zoey are dead.. I found out this evening that the neighbor behind us cat died the same way on friday night.. Some STUPID STUPID person somewhere around us are poisioning animals.

I was up with My Princess(my 10 year old dd) till 2am this morning hold her as she cried her eyes out as she saw 2 of her cats die. Zoey was like her baby she had her since the day she was born and raised her and teated her like she was her child. She has spent all day today holding back tears and or crying her eyes out.. Mr Man and Sweet Pea doesn't know anything about this yet cuz after church they went to spend a few nights with grandma.. When they come home tomorrow I'm going to have two more kids just competely heartbroken. I really really would like to find the person who did this to my childrens pets and show them the looks on my kids faces and how this is killing them and breaking there little hearts.

Dang I'm sitting here crying as I type this.. not so much over the cats death but because how my kids are and will be hurting over this.

Why do people do stuff like this.. I understand not wanting stray cats tearing into your garbag and stuff I get upset with that myself, but don't these people think that some other animal a family pet that is loved by some child maybe could get ahold of this stuff they put out.. I'm just so upset right now.
My Princess(my dd) has spent 2 days crying and heartbroken over this and I get to tell two more of my children about this tomorrow, how do you break this news to a 6 year old and a 4 year old.

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Fantastagirl said...

That is just awful. I can't imagine having to tell my kids their dog was gone, or having them see her die. How sad. Hugs to your princess!