Monday, August 14, 2006

15 months old

Happy 15 month birthday little man boy how time is flying by seems like yesterday you were just my little bean.

here you are at 3 months old just one year ago. We need to talk with daddy about getting us a digetal camera if i would have had one i could have took your pic today but insteed we will have to do with pics taken shortly after you turned 14 months.

Here you are with Uncle L. last month on June 18. Look how much you have grown.
Not only have you grown like a weed, you are doing so many new things. You play with the big kids and have to be part of the crowd, you have no fear of anything not even swimming pools you jump right in without giving it a 2nd though. I tell ya your killing me with this no fear stuff.

You have also started talking to us not just the normal mama, dada stuff but you answer us when we ask you something not always with words though. if you are coughing and i ask you if your alright you say "yep" or in the morning when you wake up and i ask you if you want to get up you will say "yes" but it sounds more like "S" if i ask you if you want something and you don't want it you stand there shaking you head no. there are a ton of other things you do to communacate with us.. but the other day i was eatting something and you came up and said "Me some" I asked you do you want some and you said "yes" then you giggled this great big giggle when i gave you a bit.
far cry from where you were a year ago

heres another 3 month pic of you infront of a ball feild funny back then i never thought you would spend so much time at ball feild just a year later but you did really well with all the ball games i drug you off too. This past month you didn't have all that many to sit though insteed we drug you all over the place vacationing, totally messing up your normal nap times. Back in June and part of July you were taking 3 1 hour naps a day now I'm lucky if i can get you to take 1 1 hour nap a day. That is my fault i'm sure seeing how in the last month you had a visit from you Aunt P from TX and your 2 cousins and we ran you all over the place while they were here. 1st we loaded ya up and drove ya to PA and took you to story book forest and there ride park and there water park you loved every min of it. Then 2 days after that we took you off to the zoo, boy did you love those monkeys Then 2 days after the excitement of Aunt P being home we loaded ya up again and did a 10 day trip to TN. which you were such a good boy on.
Only doing all this was the end of your naps.
These days you seem to wake up about 8:30 or 9am and don't take a nap until 12:30 or 1:30 sleeps about an hour maybe if i'm lucky an hour and a half then you are up till 9pm when you go to bed for the night.
Yes your still cosleeping with me and your still rolling over and lacthing on at night, now if your really nursing cuz your hungry or i'm just your pacie who knows but i dont mind.. I love the closeness, the thought of you moving into a bed and not cuddleing with me all night long makes me sad, but we still have time before that happens your big sister Sweetpea didn't move to her own bed till she was 2.

Lets see, what are some of your favorite things these days.. you love the Hand, Hand , finger thumb book, just today you carried it over to me at least 10 times and threw it in my lap and said "book" Your also a big wiggle fan and you like the barney nursary rhyme dvd. you love cars and truck and you never walk you run and i mean in a sprint from point a to point b. You sure can make a mess but as soon as you smile at me i melt so you can get away with all sort of things.

We have to have a little talk about this bitting thing though, People and cats and dogs are not teethers.. I understand your getting teeth and your hurting but please stop bitting the cats and leave grandmas poor dogs alone, and really your sisters and brother don't like it when you just walk up and bit them..

Little Man have i told you just how much I love you. I can't even put into words how much happiness you bring to my life, Always remember today, tomorrow and always I love you.

try to remember that i love you on the 21st when you have to get some shots at your 15 month check up ok.. I hate being the one making you get those things.
as soon as i find out how big you all I'll add it here so you will know.
Well my sweet love your crying now so i need to go pick you up and smoother you with kisses.

Love you

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