Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend Recap Oct 3-5, 2008 & Sports Update

On boy.. I'm in trouble.. it is now 9:58 pm on Sunday night and I haven't started typing out anything yet for the Weekend Recap post.. I'm just about finished loading the pictures from this weekend into the camera.. and here just when I thought I didn't do all that much this weekend and I can wait till Sunday night to start getting the Weekend Recap post up.. I find out, I really did do alot and this might take me forever to post since I didn't start typing on Friday night.. OH well.. Guess I should just jump into it..

Friday Oct 3, 2008.. Since it is October and starting to cool down a little I thought I would get some of the fall decor up around the place..
After I was done with that I thought I better fix the crack that has been getting bigger in my dinning room ceiling.. They have been doing construction on our road for just about 9 months now and alot of what they do with there big equipment rattles my whole house.. and about a month or so ago I saw a small crack in the dinning room ceiling from all this rattling of my home.. Well this month they were back at it with the big booms and bangs and shacking of the whole house and the crack kept getting bigger and bigger.. about Two weeks ago I got the stuff out to fix the crack but then never got around to doing it so on Friday I got drywall tape and the 1st coat of dope on.. ~sigh~ I planned to do the 2nd coat on Saturday and never got to it.. Sunday rolled around and I didn't get to it either.. So looks like that might be a project for Monday or Tuesday.. as you see I get in a big hurry on these sorts of things LOL.
When the kids got home from school Mr Man and Sweet Pea went to my grandma's house where they were going to spend the night.. At 4:30pm I picked Princess up from Volleyball and she showered up and got dress while I played online a bit.. Then DH, Little Man and I took princess picked up her group of friends and took them to the movies, While she was at the movies we went out and got groceries... Before we got to the store Little Man had fallen asleep, no nap for him on Friday afternoon..

So we waited in the van for about 20 minutes to let him get some rest and then we got our groceries.. On the way home we saw Gas for a price I haven't seen in FOREVER.... $3.17 WOW double WOW..
I'm use to seeing it in the $3.89 to $3.99 range.. so we filled up my van and headed on home.. we got the groceries into the house when Princess called the movies were over and she and her friends were ready to be picked up.. So I went and did that.. and then I made a quick stop at my grandma's to give Mr Man his allergy and asthma meds and I gave him and Sweet Pea a kiss goodnight.. but when I kissed Sweet Pea she changed her mind about spending the night and came home with me.
So that is how I spent Friday night.
Saturday Oct 4 2008
DH and Princess got up really early and headed to Toledo for Princess fall softball tournament They didn't get home till dark. Mr Man took off bright and early with my Grandpa and Dad out on the boat to go fishing where they spent the whole day and caught not only there limit on perch but also hit there limit on walleye. (all pictures you see of Mr Man in this weeks post was taken in Aug because he has spent pretty much every weekend since out the boat fishing with the guys so I don't have any of him this weekend)
Sweet Pea, Little Man and I had a relaxing lazy day at home.. we didn't wake up till 9:30am and we stayed in our PJ's until about 12:30pm We played with blocks, and playdoh, and Thomas trains, read a few books, colored and made pot holders.

Then about 7pm when the guys got back from fishing Mr Man and Sweet Pea took off with my dad to spend the night at my parents house. Then Little Man and I spent about an hour at my grandparents going though boxes of cloths I had stored over there(old ones of Princess and Mr Man that might fit Sweet Pea and Little Man now) Then I came home bathed Little Man and put him to bed and then popped a shower myself.. and that is how I spent Saturday.

Sunday Oct 5, 2008
DH and Princess went back out to finish up the rest of the tournament
I thought seeing how I only had to dress myself and Little Man for church that I could sleep in a bit longer.. so I set the alarm for 30 minutes later then I normally would.. this would give me plenty of time to get myself dress and him dress and fed and out the door. ONLY I had a dream that woke me up.. In the dream I thought I heard the phone ringing.. It woke me up and I jumped out of bed and I ran to the phone.. ONLY my phone wasn't ringing and when i said hello all i heard was a dial tone. So I went back to the bedroom, I looked at the clock and it said 5 more minutes till the alarm was going to go off, So I just turned off the alarm.. and was going to get up.. but I was still sort of out of it being woke up like I was, so I thought I would just rest my eyes for a minute or two.. Well I fell back to sleep and when I woke up 30 minutes had passed.. so I was in big trouble.. I still set off for Sunday school.. Only we got there 15 minutes late..
After Sunday School and Church, Mr Man went back home with my dad to help clean fish(this is a picture from Aug)
Sweet Pea and Little Man drove home with my grandparents and I meet them at Grandmas house where we had lunch and I stayed pretty much all afternoon. I visited with Grandma and Grandpa while the kids played in the yards with there friends.
Later on when it was time.. We took off for PM church where I meet up with Mr Man. The kids went to Awana's while I was in church.. An old friend who I hadn't seen in years We talked a bit after the service.. We got home about 7:45pm We ate dinner, Little Man went to bed, Sweet Pea and I finished a pot holder for her teacher, and both Sweet Pea and Mr Man worked on some Awanas verses for next week..
DH left for work and I got the older 3 kids in bed and I sat down to start working on this post.. which really didn't take me as long as i thought it would to type out.. :) but I haven't added the pictures yet LOL.. so I"ll end here and get started loading the pictures to this.. Time is now 10:38PM be interesting to see how long it takes to add all the photos..
OK Pictures are loaded and a slide show made and it is now 11:04PM and I'm going to bed.. Night all.
Here are a few of the Pictures from Princess's softball tournament this weekend

OOPES I almost forgot the weekly Volleyball update.. This past week Princess 7th grade team had two games an away Game on Monday which they won and then a home game on Thursday which sadly they lost putting there record at 6 and 8
These are pictures from thursday game

Here are two short video clips of the 7th grade volleyball team entering the gym and a tiny bit of warm ups.

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Shana said...

What pretty Fall decorations you have! I put mine up a few weeks ago. I love Fall!!!

As always you seemed to have a really busy week-end. :o)

MomOf3 said...

Wow! It looks like you had a good and busy weekend! Those gas prices were amazing too! You have inspired me to get my Halloween decorations out too! :)

Courtney said...

Wow, you did do a lot and I love your fall decorations. I need to get mine up, but just don't feel like it today. Maybe I will.

Lora said...

Thanks for reminding me about your mr. linky. I'd checked yesterday, but I guess it was before you got it up.

Looks like you had a fun and productive weekend! Isn't it fun getting out the fall stuff? And I can't believe you found gas for that price!! It's still in the$3.70's around here, but you can drive 1 hour west or 1 hour north and it's .50 cheaper--what's the deal?!
This week my daughter and I got out her potholder kit that she got earlier this year, but we hadn't opened it yet. We got one all woven on the loom, but I can't remember how to do the edges!:) I've got to get to work on that.

Jen said...

I love your weekend recaps! I'm like you and don't think I did that much in a weekend or week for that matter and then start uploading my pics and there's hundreds in there. I guess I really did so something!

Awesome gas price! Yay for you guys! I love the pictures of all the fun, the volleyball, the potholders, the blocks, the fall decor, etc. It's all so much fun!

annie said...

Cute decorations! Sounds like you had a fun weekend... but busy. With four kids it usually is busy huh?

Kristi said...

It looks like someone is actually going to make a button for weekend top 5. I'm glad my kids aren't the only one who would rather sit ON the play house, rather than IN it.

Pam said...

You've been tagged!! come over to my blog to find out what this is all about!!

PS... your weekend sounds like one of mine!!