Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Recap Oct 24-26, 2008

Weekend Recap October 24-26 2008.. Highlights from this weekend Grandparents Breakfast, Anniversary Date day, Halloween Party, Softball meet the team party, youth group hayride, and Awana's inside out and upside down night.
UPDATE ADDED MONDAY: I forgot to blog that on Friday Sweet Pea had her field trip and she really enjoyed that.
Friday October 24, 2008
The day started bright and early(well it was still dark.) Princess thought it was the day her team at school was having there limo ride pizza party so she asked if she could take my camera to school to take pictures of her limo ride, since they can't have there cell phones at school, so I handed my camera over to her hoping and praying she wouldn't break it or loss it.. She did not do either Thank goodness, But she did find out that the limo ride pizza party isn't until next Friday LOL... but she did take this picture of her and her friend after school at the coffee house.
Next up to leave for school Friday morning was Mr Man.. the 3rd and 4th graders at the kids elementary school was having grandparents breakfast at 8am on Friday morning and my mom picked up Mr Man for that.. Once there they meet up with my mother in law and my grandparents (Mr Man great grandparents) My mom had her camera with her and here is a slide show from the Breakfast.

After the grandparents breakfast was over my mom came back and picked up Little Man and she watched him the rest of the day so that DH and I could go out on our anniversary date(even though our anniversary isn't until the 29th) While my mom had Little Man they went and spent a few hours at McDonald's.
Ok, back to the Date.. DH and I spent the whole day just the two of us. We left the house at 10:30am and got back home at 8:30pm We did lunch and went shopping(even though I didn't really get anything, I started getting ideas for Christmas) and then we went and saw a movie.. I had been wanting to see Fireproof... OH MY GOODNESS... what a great show.. and perfect for an anniversary date. We had a great time just spending time together.. and on our way home before we picked Little Man from my moms we saw a rainbow, I only had my cell phone with me so I didn't get a great picture of it but I did get a few pictures here they are.

After picking up Little man from my moms we drove back to town and picking up the girls from my grandparents(Mr Man stayed the night with my grandparents Friday night) we came home got the kids in bed and had a late dinner. and that is how we spent Friday.


Saturday October 25, 2008

Saturday morning Mr man did the normal Saturday thing which I tell ya, they won't be doing too much longer as cold as it is getting(we are to get snow tonight) But Mr Man, my dad and my grandpa took the boat and headed to the lake for a day full of fishing. Mr Man LOVES his fishing.. He gave up his Halloween Party at school this weekend not to miss the last or 2nd to the last weekend of fishing for the season.

The elementary Halloween Party was at 10am on Saturday morning so I took Sweet Pea and Little Man to that and they had a blast.. Here are the pictures in the form of a slide show from the Halloween Party.

Before the Halloween Party ended, DH took Princess to her softball meet the team party, I did send him the camera but I guess in there new training building the lighting was off and the pictures just turned out as blurs so I'm not posting any of them.. but at there party Princess won not only one gift but two.. she got a new t-shirt with the team logo on it PLUS a new hoodie with the logo on it, so she is all set ready to play in full team gear :)

While they were there and my dad and Mr Man was still out fishing, my mom came over and she and I spent 7 hours not just cleaning but sorting and tossing the kids room.. ended up with 8 big trash bags of cloths that don't fit the kids anymore. 4 of them I can get rid of they are stuff Sweet Pea and Little Man out grew and 4 that I need to store for so that Sweet Pea and Little Man can grow into that use to be Princess and Mr Man outgrew. I also walked away with a trash bag full of toys to give to the church for the nursery. We finished the boys bedroom but didn't finish the girls so my mom is coming back on Monday to help with the rest of that.

Saturday Night Princess went and spent the night with her friend Jill and the younger kids all went to my parents to spend the night.. So DH and I were left just the two of us again :)


Sunday October 26, 2008

Sunday morning was up and dressed and pick up Princess and Jill and go to church.. After church Mr Man and Sweet came home Princess and Jill went back to Jill's house for lunch and Little Man went to my grandparents house to be spoiled for the afternoon.

At home we changed cloths and ate lunch and before you knew it, it was time for me to go pick up Princess and Jill for there 3pm youth group activity of a hayride and dinner and such a farm in a town close to us. We got lost getting there so I was gone for over a hour.. and they were a few minutes late(thankfully I left early because I knew I didn't know where I was going LOL) on the way there I looked back in the mirror and saw Jill and Princess taking pictures of themselves so I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a pic of them taking a pic(shhhhhhhhhh I know I know I was driving, bad bad me taking pictures while I drive)

Jill's mom was nice enough to pick the girls up after the hayride this evening.

Once I got home it was after 3:30pm and I worked with Mr Man and Sweet Pea on there awana's work and then it was time to go to church and awana's . Little Man had fallen asleep a little before 3:30pm so he was still at grandma's we had to wake him up to get him ready for church and he was so not awake.. It was inside out, upside down night at awana's so the kids got to wear there cloths inside out, and backwards and whatever crazy idea they came up with ..

Mr Man was adventurous he turned his T&T shirt inside out and backwards and then put shorts over top his pants..

Sweet Pea put on a pair of legging on then put a pair of shorts on inside out and backwards, then she turned a shirt inside out and backwards and then went and asked daddy if she could use one of his hats and she turned it inside out and wore it backwards also..
Like I said Little Man was not awake when it was time to head off to church tonight so he was having no part in changing his cloths and turning them around.. he was already crying about having to wake up and having to leave grandma's house I didn't want to upset him anymore.. I needed him to say 3 verses tonight so I was trying to keep him happy.. this pic of him was taken after club while they were all back in to pick the crazy dress winner and the clubber of the month.. He did say all his verses though it took having to tell him he wasn't going to get any stickers if he didn't say them LOL.. his leader told me she could tell he knew them but he wasn't saying them to her so she told him "you can't have any stickers, the cubbie apple stickers, if you don't let me hear you say them" so he huffed and told her all 3 of them.. LOL.. but he did as he woke up got in a better mood.
When they announced the sparks best dressed inside out and upside down clubber they called Sweet Pea's name She was happy to win that..

After church on Sunday night we came home ate dinner, Sweet Pea went though the toys r us book and handed me a list of everything she wants to put on her Christmas list, and I got them all in bed. Except Little Man who is still sitting on the living room floor(due to late long afternoon nap) playing with his trains.. and hopefully he will fall asleep soon and then I'll follow.. and that is how we spent our weekend.
Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend also.. if yo posted about your weekend at all on your blog make sure to link it up.. Also come back on Tuesday to see a short video clip of Mr Man in musice class at the grandparent day on Friday.. you will be glad you did. :)


Kristi said...

I put my top five on the new site.

Looks like a more relaxing weekend for you. I wish we had air hockey at our McD's.

Noah's been through the Toys R Us catalog already too.

Jen said...

What a fun weekend. A whole entire day with your hubby for a date? AWESOME! Oh and that's hilarious that your daughter took the camera and the limo ride is next Friday. At least she took a picture right? And the camera was brought back in one piece. YAY! I love your weekend updates!

palmtreefanatic said...

sounds like a really nice weekend!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I want to see that Fireproof movie too. The kids had a blast at the Halloween party. Natalie loved watching the slide show of her friend:)

Courtney said...

Sounds fantastic - all of it. How wonderful that mr. man got 3 sets of grandparents to go to the breakfast with him.

I can't wait to see Fireproof, but I'm waiting until the DVD comes out. Movies are too expensive and it is all ready out of the theater here.