Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Thursday 13(13 random things about my week)

Today I give you 13 random things from my week that I did or will do or have to do..

#1 Monday morning Princess had a dentist appointment at 9am

#2 after Princess's appointment Mr Man had his

#3 Little Man also had a dentist appointment that day

#4 When they were all done having there teeth worked on I had to take Princess bathing suit bottoms back to the store.. this was the 2nd pair I had bought for her and the 2nd pair that got a hole in them.. this time she only wore them twice and these are not cheep we are talking about $35 just for the bottoms.. so this time I was getting the money back.

#5 After going to Kohl's to get the money back we took the kids to the Big McDonald's for lunch.. here are the pictures I took while we were there.

#6 Once we left McD's it was back home to get Princess stuff and get her to the school to get on the bus for her away Volleyball game(oh did I mention Monday they didn't have school teachers in service day) They Won the game..

#7 I did not get to go to the volleyball game because Sweet Pea had gymnastics.

#8 on Tuesday Little Man had a play date at the park we were there about 2 hours and he had a blast.

#9 Tuesday night we had a movie night all cuddled up in mom and dad's bed as we watched the movie that was playing on cartoon network.

#10 Wednesday Little Man had speech the 2nd time with the new speech teacher and he seems to be doing well with her.. While I was out watching on the monitor I took a few pictures of him. here they are.

#11 Princess went to bed Tuesday night with a 102 fever woke up Wednesday morning still sick so she stayed home from school, but when I got back from Little Man's speech she was dressed but still looked really sick and she was wanting to go to school.. she HAD to be there by 11am in order to go to volleyball practice after school and IF she didn't make practice she wouldn't be able to play in tomorrow game so the girl forced herself to go.. I tried to tell her she needed to stay home and rest but she was determined since they only have 3 games and then the tournament left and she didn't want to lose her starting spot before tournament play.

#12 when I picked her up at 5pm from practice she still looked like death warmed over.. and had her fever back.. I gave her Ibuprofen and sent her to bed.. due to this there was no church or youth group tonight.

#13 my big plans for Thursday are to clean the house, do the laundry and get ready for the weekend... Then if my crazy almost teenage daughter isn't sick tomorrow, I'll go to her home volleyball game..

So there you have it 13 random things about me and my week this week..

Happy Thursday everyone.

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Lori said...

Cute have to give them kudos for going to the dentist. I hate that guy;) Happy TT.

Losing Myself said...

Fun list. Hope Princess is well enough to play and they win the game :)

Courtney said...

Have I mentioned I love totally random posts? I hope Princess feels better soon.

annie said...

Sounds really busy!!! My day will be spent doing the same things ... blah :)

Darla said...

Hope princess is feeling better soon! But holy cow--$35 for a bathing suit bottom? Yikes. They really shouldn't have gotten a hole in them.

Kristi said...

I hope Princess is feeling better soon. It seems to be the time of year during the weather changes for people to start fighting the germs. Aaron has the same shirt as Little Man.