Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday 13(seeing Palin)

1)Yesterday Princess and I went with my friend Rachel and her mother to go see Sarah Palin speak.. We had the best time..

2)We left at 6am and got there at about 7:30am

3)After parking we hopped a bus to take us to the arena while on the bus we heard someone yell Princess's first and last name.. we turned around to see Princess softball friend Elizabeth and her 3 sister and here mother. I haven't seen them in over a year since the girls didn't play on the same tournament team last year.

4)We waited out in the cold for a good long time before they left us in but It was nice to talk with Rachel her mother and my Princess's friend mom.

5)while having to empty my purse the guy doing the check LOL at me for having a baggy full of gold fish cracker in there.. I just smiled at him and said "I'm a mom" guess that is all the explaining I had to do.

6) Once we got in we were asked if we could sit behind the stage on the bleachers so there would be some intelligent looking women supporting Palin on camera LOL..

7) we were sitting with a ton of the BGSU students and a few high school students.. that was a blast, we were the rowdy ones.. It was so much fun.

8) One of the BGSU boys in front of us got us all together and we all got the wave going around the place.. it was going pretty strong also.. when it was over he was so proud of himself in his words " I did it, I got the wave going, I got the wave going, I can die happy now" LOL.

9) when Sarah came out the excitement was unbelievable.. it gave me goose bumps.

10) Joe the Plumber was there as was Arron Tippin(who did a few numbers for us)

11) When it was over we pushed our way to the front.. and I mean we pushed.. I jokingly said Princess was climbing over shoulders, crawling under legs, and pushing old ladies down to get with in 2 or 3 rows of people deep to get close to Sarah.. As she was about ready to exit the building, she had her back towards us and Princess yelled really loud "Sarah, over this way" and Sarah turned around and spotted Princess.. she looked right at her(I got a picture of that) she smiled and pointed at her poster Princess was holding. Princess reached it up to her and she signed it for her... HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13)This is the video clip I got of Sarah walking in.

One last thing before I end this. My friend Tina has a very VERY interesting video on her blog right now.. I would encourage every one to take a moment and go view it. JUST CLICK HERE.

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palmtreefanatic said...

thanks for sharing, how fascinating!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

That sounds so cool!
I love the BGSU student comment--funny!
Glad y'all had fun!

Courtney said...

I'm glad you blogged your experience. I love the dying happy comment! How cool for Princess

Denise Patrick said...

Sounds like a fun time. The wave must have been hilarious.

Happy TT!

palmtreefanatic said...

cool video! I can feel the hype;)