Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Recap Oct 17-19, 2008

Weekends just aren't long enough.. We seem to be able to fill them jam packed, but longer weekends would be a wonderful thing, don't ya think??
We really didn't have any big plans for this weekend, the kids had some places to go and people to see, but our big plans for this weekend was to sit around the house. Princess's friend Day, has been wanting to spend the day but we haven't had a free weekend for a while so this weekend sounded perfect for a sleep over.. Friday night was the plan for her to stay but on Thursday Princess asked if she could spend the whole weekend with us. "Please mom, if she can spend the night both Friday and Saturday it means she can go to church with us on Sunday" Now how do you say no to that?? So we had an extra girl living with us this weekend. Guess I should get started on the Recap.

Friday Oct 17, 2008
I spent the morning cleaning the house, DH was kind enough to take Little Man and go do the groceries for me since I was in a project of doing spring cleaning in the fall. I have been looking for Sweet Pea's old cubbie vest for Little Man to use but I can't seem to find it anywhere so I have been destroying the place looking and since we had company coming for the weekend I needed to get the place back in order.
DH took Little Man to play at the lake while they were out getting the groceries and her are a few pictures he took with the cell phone while they were out Friday morning and early afternoon.

Friday after school Mr Man packed up his bags and went to spend the night with my grandparents(his normal Friday during fishing season thing to do) and Sweet Pea went and played at her friends house(grandma's neighbor) Princess went to her favorite coffee house with a group of friends and then came home and got ready for the football game. While she was getting ready I saw that the sun was hitting the leaves out in my yard just right, everything looked so pretty, so I got this idea in my head to get Little Man dressed nice and take him out and see if I couldn't get a nice picture of him to blow up and hang on the wall. All the school age kids are having there school pictures this month so I thought it would be nice to have a new one of him also... He was being so silly it was hard to get the perfect shot.. I think I took at least 75 pictures of him.. but I won't show you all that many LOL.. but here is a short slide show of some of the shots I got of him during our photo shoot in the yard late Friday afternoon/early evening.

After I had enough of trying to get the perfect shot I took him into the house and changed him into something he could play in and sent him and Princess out in the yard to play.

When it was time to go to the football game, we went and picked up Princess's friend Day and I dropped the girls off at the game, then I went and picked up Sweet Pea to come home. After the game I picked the girls up and that started the weekend with the extra kid.


Saturday Oct 18, 2008
Bright and early Saturday Morning Mr Man, my Dad and my Grandpa took Dads boat and off they went to spend the day on the lake fishing.
Also Saturday morning Princess and Day had plans to go hang out at there friends J.L. house So that is what they did until Lunch time. But before they left they each showered up did there hair and make up and took more self photos of themselves with there cell phones Here are the shots they took... I want you to take a look at how straight as a board Princess's hair is, this is her normal hair it doesn't hold a curl all that well..(this info will come in handy later in this post)

While the girls were gone, Little Man and I went with my grandma out garage saleing. OH MY GOODNESS did I hit the jackpot.. I got about 12 or 14 new to me outfits. about 6 sweeter, 3 skirts, one blazer, about 4 dress tops, two pair of slacks, and much much more ALL for $12.50 mind you normally I don't go garage saleing with grandma and when I do I normally can't find a thing for myself.. but I'm just over the moon with all the stuff I found for Me this weekend.
At the same time I was out rummaging though stuff people didn't want anymore, DH took Sweet Pea out for some daddy daughter time.. Here are a couple of pictures he took while they were out.
About noon or noon thirty(yes that is a time!! LOL) Grandma and I were done and she brought me home.. Little Man wanted no part of leaving his Great grandma so she took him over her house to spend the rest of the day with her. I told her to call me when she had enough or he needed a nap, though she never called, and every time I check with her she said they were fine don't bug with him let him stay there.. So that is what I did.
About 1pm DH and Sweet Pea got home and shortly after that, Princess and Day got here ready for lunch. After lunch Day, Princess and I took off shoe shopping, Princess and Day had a Halloween party on Saturday Night to go to, and they were dressing as Prom queens or Princesses or something like that, and Princess needed dress heals, since she out grew her dress shoes from last year(found that out last Sunday) She had flats but no heels.. So we were on the hunt for something fancy enough to go with a prom dress(my sisters old one, is what Princess was wearing) yet something she could wear to church easily also. We found them(on sale too YEAH!!!) and it was time to come home and doll those girls up..
Princess wanted her hair curly and in an up do.. It took just about an hour to get that girls hair curly(with a curling iron) but after I did she saw the time and thought she better get her dress on and make up done forget about the up do or she would be late.. and you know that would be AWFUL!!!!!.
Here are some pictures of Princess and Day the "prom queen princesses"

Had to add this also, while the girls were getting dress and having there hair done, Sweet Pea needed some help with her hair, something about blowing a really big bubble and getting it stuck in her hair.

The girls got off to the party ok, and I went to grandma's where I took these pictures of Little Man and Doxie(grandma's dog)

I picked the girls up from the party at 10pm and got everyone in bed for church in the morning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday Oct 19, 2008

DH got up early and fixed a big breakfast for everyone of bacon, eggs and toast.. YUM.. don't you think everything taste better when your not having to cook it, Thank you Honey.. Then it was dress and off to Sunday school and AM Church.

After church Princess, Day and Sweet Pea rode home with my grandparents, and Mr Man and Little Man went home with my parents.. DH came home and set the crock pot to low(I had it on high thinking we would be doing the roast for lunch but plans had changed)

I needed to go to a viewing of an old friend and neighbor who had passed away on Friday, and I just found out what time the viewing was.

So after getting home we went and picked up the girls who went to my grandma's house and took Princess and Day to a football game where they were meeting up with friends then afterwards they went back to my grandma's house. Sweet Pea went with us and stayed at my MIL's house my mom picked me up and we went to the viewing. Afterwards we picked up the boys and Sweet Pea and came home.. I got Little Man down for a nap and started loading the pictures into the computer for this post.

Then I got the kids dressed and woke Little Man up and picked up Princess and Day and we were off to PM Church and youth group and Awana's.. after church we came home had a late dinner of pot roast and took Day home from her weekend with us.

Here is a picture I took of Mr Man at church tonight since I didn't have any of him this weekend. We ended the night with DH and Mr Man watching football

Princesses doing some extra credit homework to turn in tomorrow.. and Little Man and Sweet Pea and I working on learning the verses for next weeks Awana's. and then everyone went to bed except Me and Little Man, I'm working on this post and Little Man well bless his heart is still wide awake because of the late hour of his nap today.. here it is pushing midnight and the boy is still wanting to play.. UGH.. morning is going to come really early for me tomorrow I'm afraid.

That was our weekend.. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.

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palmtreefanatic said...

what a weekend!!!
look at all those leaves! we dont have much in our neighborhood, we get too many pine needles in the back yard but they are no fun, just work;) Cute pics!

Tonya said...

Too funny about the gum in the hair though I imagine you weren't too happy about it!

Lora said...

Hello! You DID have a busy weekend! Looks like a fun one, too. Cute pics. I especially liked the ones of your little man--that cheesey smile reminds me of my own little man:)

Tonya said...

did you use butter or peanut butter to get the gum out? If not what was your trick besides cutting :)

Shana said...

I have something for you on my blog!

Courtney said...

What a busy weekend. There is one shot of little man that I absolutely love.