Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday 13(13 self portates of my Princess)

Since Princess got her cell phone a year ago, I have been getting alot more pictures of her, not that I'm taking more, but because she is always using her phone to take pictures of herself.

today I'll share with you the ones she took of herself just over the last month.
#1 #2





#13 is one I took of her towards late summer..

So there you have my T13 for the day, My oldest, My baby girl, Princess.

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Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

She's so pretty :)

I may have to copy your idea--my kids are always doing this!

Courtney said...

I think it is so funny when teenagers (or almost) take pictures of themselves. Yet so many of them have issues with their looks and bodies. Makes no sense to me, but glad you are getting more of her.

Great idea for a TT btw.

Jenny @ Daily Dose of Motherhood said...

how fun! As courtney said, it always amazes me on how much pre-teens/teens photograph themselves!

Great pics and a great idea for TT!

Carol VR said...

It always amazes me how many kids how cell phones today. We've pop a pop culture of technology.

melanie said...

She is beautiful!

My 16 year old step-daugther is the same way. She takes tons of pictures of herself. She won't let me take any of her, but she takes all sorts of pictures.

KC said...

that girll is a hotty ; )
love aubrie