Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Recap Oct 10-12, 2008

Ok this weekend I can say I really didn't do all that much.

Friday the highlight of my day was going grocery shopping. Went to wally world super center and while we were there some lady slipped and fell on a wet floor and screamed and moaned for the 40 minutes it took for the EMS workers to get her out of the store and into the Ambulance. Now I feel like a bad person because I'm having a very hard time thinking this lady could be that hurt. I fell and hurt my ankle really bad a few months ago and I was in major pain we are talking tears coming to my eyes uncontrollably. But even then there was no way I could have carried on the way this women did for so long.. The way she was going on and on and on it just all sounded way to fake.. but then I don't want to judge so maybe she really was hurt and is just a vocal person REALLY VOCAL..
After groceries, we came home put the stuff away, the kids got out of school and Princess had the last V-ball practice of the year. Mr Man and Sweet Pea took off over to my grandparents for dinner and spending the night. After V-ball Princess went with a group from her youth group to have a tail gate party and watch a near by(not our town)high school football game. Little Man was sick on Friday (still sort of is) So he stayed home with mommy and daddy all night He didn't take an afternoon nap, so when things got really quite in his room at 5pm I walked in to check on him and found him asleep.. I knew this meant he was going to be up all night long and I was feeling tired myself, so I went and took a nap also.. and woke up at 7pm I was up with Little Man till close to 1AM so I'm very happy I took that nap.
Here are a few shots Princess took while at the football game.. they were taken with her phone so they aren't the best.
Saturday Oct 11, 2008
Started the day by everyone in our house sleeping in till close to 9am.. oh that was nice. I got up and made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, we ate, got dress and was out the door by 10:45 AM.
Princess had to be at the school to hope on the bus by 10:50pm. Then we went to my Grandma's house and picked up grandma and SweetPea and we took off to Princess's volleyball tournament. It was a single elimination tournament.. Sadly we were one and done.

When we got home Sweet Pea and Little Man wanted to play at grandma's house and grandma wanted them so we dropped the 3 of them off and DH and I came home and ate lunch and waited for the phone call from Princess that the bus had made it back to the school. Once we got that call it started my day of playing taxi mom.Picked up Princess at from the school then went to grandma's to pick up Little Man, Grandma said let him stay longer, so it was driving over to drop princess off at her friend J.C. (oh and Princess had a friend with her also B.C.) So I dropped the girls off, and 2 hours later I had to go pick them up and after picking them up I went back to grandma's and picked up Little Man but Sweet Pea was still playing at grandma's neighbor(one of her best friends)So Sweet Pea stayed.. I came home and brought Little Man home but then Had to drive B.C. and Princess over to there friend A.D. house for a volleyball team party. I got back home about 5pm but Mr Man was to be getting home from fishing(with my grandpa and my dad) about 6:30 or 7pm so there really wasn't any time at all for DH and I go to and do anything so we just stayed home and played with Little Man.
At 7pm I was back out driving to pick up Mr Man and Sweet Pea from grandma's house.. at 8pm I was to pick up Princess but while I was on my way there I got a phone call from her asking for another hour, because A.D.'s mom was going to take the team out to TP and forked the coaches house. So I turned back around and went home.. At this point DH had taken Mr Man and Sweet Pea out to spend some time with them. At 9pm Little Man and I went to pick up Princess who when we got there wanted to know if she could spend the night there.. Sure why not.. But she needed a shower so I drove back home and she showered and packed up everything for church in the morning and by 9:45pm we were back on the road to go take her back to A.D.'s house At 10pm when I got back into my drive way Little Man was out like a light.. So I put him to bed and took a shower.. shortly after that DH came home with the other two and I got them to bed and went to bed myself.

These are a few shots Princess took while out with A.D. and the volleyball team.

Sunday Oct 11, 2008
Got up got dress picked up Princess and went to church.. After church we had a coffee and cider plus some yummies, fellowship.. Then came home and made lunch. Mr Man went to go help my dad clean the fish they caught yesterday, Princess went to hang out with some of her friends and Sweet Pea is playing with her friend B.W. Little Man I'm trying hard to get him down for a nap but he doesn't seem to be falling asleep.. I'm sitting her typing out the weekend Recap so I"m not up for hours tonight doing his LOL..
Tonight our plans PM church, awana's and youth group.. DH has to go to work.. and then bed for everyone.. Princess broke a bracket off her teeth on Thursday and on Friday at school the wire popped out of another bracket.. So Monday morning she is getting to skip part of school to go see the orthodontist, couldn't be easy though.. he isn't in the office here in town so we need to drive two towns over to see him.. but she is in pain from this and keeps cutting her mouth.. so we can't wait till he is back in town on Wed. Anyways.. that was my weekend.. if anything exciting happens between now and tonight before I post this.. I'll just do an update part to this at the bottom.. if not I'll end it here..

Hope you all had a great weekend and hope you have a super week.

UPDATE: Little Man ended up back in the bathroom sick and he did fall asleep about 4:30pm and slept till 6:30pm so I kept him home from Awana's cubbies and I stayed with him. so I spent the night cleaning up his messes, he didn't always make it to the potty ~sigh~ The rest of the kids had fun at Awana's and youth group though.
Since I didn't take any pictures Today I'll end this post with sharing a few scenic shots from the weekend.

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Kristi said...

Those sky pictures are awesome and I love Mr. Man's swinging ones. I finally learned how to do a Mr. Linky for the Top five and got a button too!

palmtreefanatic said...

cool pics! looks like a descent weekend! Glad your little guy is feeling better! I seen Princess at the game today!

Courtney said...

Sorry to hear about Little Man, I hope he is feeling better soon.

Carol VR said...

Those sky pictures are really cool!!!

Does it cost to add the MR. Linky thing to your site???

Shana said...

Hope that Little Man is feeling better.

I just linked up, better late then never! :o)

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