Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring vacation Wednesday(March26,2008)

I am slowing getting my spring vacation post up for you guys.. sorry it has been taking so long.. We are up to day 7 now. This puts us at Wednesday March 26,2008. If you are jumping in today new and you don't know what I"m talking about.. My kids last day of school before spring break was Thursday March 20, 2008 about an hour after they got home we loaded up the van and started our spring break adventures. We headed to TX to spend Easter and spring break with my sister and her family. DH didn't go along with us on this trip, me and the kids took this trip with my parents. I have been sharing how I spent each day of this time in TX on my blog and today's post will be about Day 7 Wednesday March 26, 2008

My Sister let my niece A skip school this day so that we all could head to the Fort Worth Zoo. We got up got dressed packed up and headed off to the zoo.

Here are a few pictures of my kids before we left for the zoo. Princess is my 12 year old.Mr Man is my 8 year oldSweet Pea is my 6 year old and our baby below is Little Man who is 2 1/2 years oldI have way too many pictures from this day to share all of them with you.. So I looked at them and looked at them and cut them in half.. there are still too many to share with you all of them one picture at a time.. So I'm going to make two slide shows with captions to tell the store of our day.
This 1st slide show is on our way to the zoo and before we entered the gates.

Here is the slide show of the pictures from the zoo.
If for some reason a black screen covers either of these slide shows asking if you would like to add more photos just click the X and it will close it and the slide show will start playing.
After leaving the zoo we went to some place I'm drawling a blank on the name but it was like a bass pro shop only bigger.. I walked in with the group, only I found a bench and sat down with Little Man in my arms and waited for them to all come back for me.. Little Man wasn't well and he just slept the whole time in my arms.
We got back home(well my sisters home) around 8pm that night we ate pizza and then had ice cream.. The kids then went up to the media room with grandma to watch a movie and fall asleep. This is how we spent day 7 of our spring vacation..
To view Day 1-3 of spring vacation you can click HERE. To view Day 4 which was Easter you can click HERE. Day 5 can be viewed HERE and Day 6 right HERE. Hopefully by Thursday this week.. I'll have finished posting all of the spring break post..

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Courtney said...

The zoo looks fun and little man looks miserable.

annie said...

What a fun day.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi KC, it is nice to meet you...You have a wonderful looking family..I have been busy enjoying your slide shows and getting to know you..Now I must get me a cup of coffee and have breakfast...I will be back to visit longer next time.Have a good day.