Monday, April 07, 2008

Meme Monday 4/7/08

Meme Monday is a fun way of posting your meme's you get though the week and also your awards.. To learn more about Meme Monday or to play along visit Mel's blog Living With Me

I didn't get tagged this week and didn't have time to play any fun little meme or quizzes.. but some wonderful ladies did pass an a couple of blog awards to me.
The 1st one was past on to me by one of my oldest blogging buddies. Her blog was one of the 1st blogs I started reading and she was also one of the 1st people ever to comment on my blog.. She is one Fantastic blogging buddy.. Thank you very much Fantastagirl for picking me for the Excellent award..
This next award was passed on to me twice this week 1st by Annie over at My Life as Annie

and then also by Kristi over at Music Mom of 2 . Thank you Annie and Kristi..

I'm going to follow in there foot steps and pass this one to all you Wonderful Women on the Web who reads my blog.. enjoy this award..

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Melanie said...

Congrats on your awards! And thanks for playing along with Meme Monday.

Pam said...

Congrats on the awards! Happy MM!!

storyteller said...

Congratulations on your awards and Happy Monday ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

CC said...


Fantastagirl said...

Have an awesome week!