Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend Part 2(Saturday morning)

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Saturday morning started the Softball Tournament, the reason we were down in TN.

Princess's team had a 9am game.. meaning she had to be at the field by 8am.. So DH and Princess got up and dressed and went and had breakfast at the hotel free breakfast bar and they took off about 7:40am(not knowing how traffic would be to get to the field, it's Pigeon Forge on the opening weekend to Dollywood so you just never know) He got her with her team stayed with them a bit.. and then came back to pick us up..
I had left the other kids sleep an hour longer.. then I got them up dressed and we went down for breakfast. Here is a picture of the kids finishing up there breakfast Saturday morning.. Note how nice and clean everyone is with there hair all nice and combed and looking sharp.. LOL.. keep that in mind because after being at the ball park you won't see nice clean, neat, well groomed children for the rest of these pictures LOL.

We get to the ball field just in time for the 1st game.. Not the best game we ever played.. Princess team is the #1 ranked team in our state, and right off the bat we were playing the #1 ranked team from the state of TN.(or so I have been told I haven't looked that up on line to see if it is fact or not) But it was an ugly game.. our girls not a one of them could hit the ball, the speed at which this TN pitcher was pitching was just amazing.. It was like 3 up 3 down the whole game.. we ended up losing that game 5-0

The next game was at 11am Saturday.. So in between games I took the kids to the playground they had at the fields.

Mr Man made himself a few friends and they played well all weekend. The other kids all made friends to play with as well.

Here is Little Man at the top and Sweet Pea at the bottom.

The 2nd game went alot better. Princess had a few good hits and a few RBI's she even scored herself a few times. This is a new team for Princess she has only been with them for 3 weeks, I'm not sure if I ever shared the story of why she is on a new team or not.. but in any case Princess is still proving herself to this new team, and will need to work her way into the spots that she really enjoys playing Picture and 1st base.. but for this tournament she was left field.

During this game our 2nd string picture took a line drive into her head.. it hit her right in the forehead and if she wouldn't have been wearing the protection masked I think the hit she took would have killed her.. It was the scariest thing ever, So part of me(most of me) am very content and happy to have Princess in the outfield when playing for these big power house teams.. It's much safer out there, She can pitch normal league games and I won't worry too much.. but these travel tournament power house girls can hit like pros.. Our poor pitcher fell right to the ground.. and I think her dad was at the mound before the batter was even out of the batters box.. scary scary stuff.

Mr Man got a little sleepy during this 2nd game and just took himself a nap.. So like a good mommy blogger I had to capture the moment.

We ended up winning this 2nd game and that was the end of normal play and the start of bracket play. This puts us at about 12:15 PM Saturday.. and also where I will end part 2 of the Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend.. We will pick up sometime later tonight with part #3 which will be Saturday afternoon..

If you haven't read part #1 you can find it Here as part of my T13 post.

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Picturing of Life said...

nice list of vacation you had

Will you visit mine Thanks

grace said...

Very nice photos. Can you tell me how you resized these photos to retain a good resolution? Thanks.

pristinechristmas [at] yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

It looks like you all were very busy! That is so scary about the girl getting hit in the head. I am sure you were glad that Princess was nowhere near! I'll look forward to hearing more about your trip!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Have you ever been to Dollywood??? My husband has ALWAYS wanted to go.

TheCynicalOptimist said...

Wow, that is really scary about the pitcher! Sounds like she is really playing well and having fun!