Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend Part 6

Sunday April 13, 2008 We started the day bright and early got everyone up and dressed and feed and packed up the hotel room and loaded up the van. While I was finishing doing the search of the hotel room to make sure we didn't leave anything before heading off to Princess softball game and before heading the 8 hours back home.. My phone rang..

The game plan was to go to princess softball tournament they had a 10am game and if they won they were to play at noon and then if they won that play in the championship game at 3pm putting us home late really late at night for the kids to go to school on Monday morning.. ONLY the phone call was the call letting me know that due to the weather(it rained at night) they had to push back some games and while we were still playing the 10am game if we won we wouldn't be playing again till 5pm and if we lost we would be playing at 3pm.. and the champion ship game wouldn't be till 5pm this meant we wouldn't be getting home till 3am or 5am to our house... So that wasn't going to work.. We along with the whole team would be staying an extra night.

So the suit cases were brought back into our room and we grabbed our winter coats..

Close to 90 degrees on Friday but Sunday was in the low 40's with a drizzle of rain the whole day pretty much.. So we took our blankets and winter coats and off we went to Princess's 10am game. We were playing that #1 ranked team from TN who had killed us 5-0 on Saturday morning.. For this tournament they were the #1 seed and we were #2 But our girls played there hearts out and we ended up upsetting them 5-2 So this put us into the Championship game.. at 5pm. I didn't take any pictures from the morning game because it was freezing and raining and we were sitting under a pavilion with blankets wrapped around us.

After the game we went out and got a bit to eat.. Here is Mr Man impressed with his burger.

After lunch we thought we would take a drive into Gatlinburge and into the mountains a bit.. Here are a few pictures from that.. Though Princess and Little Man were sleeping at this time so here is Sweet Pea and Mr Man.

After our drive and a quick stop back at the hotel it was time to head back to the ball park for the 5pm Championship game. When we got there we found out that the team we had played in the morning was the team we were going to be playing again for the championship. They had one loss we had none and it was double elimination.. So if we won it was over we would be the champs.. but if we lost we would have to play them again(since you have to have two losses to be beat out) at 7pm.

Well Sadly we lost the 5pm game 5-3 and we had to play again at 7pm..

It was getting a bit to cold for the kids to be staying outside in the drizzling rain and the temps dipping into the 30's.. So the kids and I went into the van and pulled the van out towards right field to watch the 7pm championship game..

It was a great game.. but we did not come out victorious.. We were runners- up. The girls still came home with trophies..

Out of 15 teams some of the best teams from a few different states, We came home with the 2nd place trophy.

This is the team on the field after the game.

Lined up waiting for the trophy ceremony

Princess getting her trophy
The team
After we left the ball park after 9pm we headed back to the room Got everyone bathed and showered.
Then ordered pizza and watched the end of Star Wars return of the Jedi.(I love star wars, and can I just say.. I loved the changes they made at the end of the return of the Jedi that they showed on TV.. LOVED IT!!!!) Here are a few pics of the kids eating there pizza in bed as they watched TV.
Before the movie was over each one of them started to drift off to sleep one by one.

Mr Man(my goodness when did my baby boy get so big)
Sweet Pea who was not happy when she fell asleep because it was her night for the doggie bed on the floor.. and her little brother took her tinker bell pillow and strawberry shortcake blanket and cried every time we tried to give him his train ones.. So Sweet Pea just covered up with the trains.
Everyone was asleep before the movie ended, EXCEPT for the little stinker who wouldn't give his sister stuff back to her.. Little Man.. guess that bath he took before bed woke him up and he didn't fall asleep till a bit after midnight.
I think I might have dosed off before he did.. though he did end up in bed with me that night.

So this is the end to Sunday and Part 6 of our Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend. There is only one more part to go :)
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