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Weekend Recap(April 18-20, 2008)

Don't you just love this sky picture??? I took it last Monday on our way home from TN. It was raining most the way home but when we got into Ohio this is what the sky looked like, DH thought I was crazy pulling out the camera and taking pictures of the sky though the van window LOL..

Anyways, this Weekend Recap won't take 7 post like last weeks did. BTW if you didn't see the last of the post it is just two post below this one. So Lets get started.

Friday April 18, 2008 was the start of the weekend. I spent from 8am till the time school ended at the elementary school with Mr Man and Sweet Pea. COSI was at the school think it was called COSI on wheels or something like that and I got to spend the day helping out with that.. It was a fun day, but I"m not use to being away from home all day like that. My in real life and blogging friend Heather B from 10,000 Things to be Happy About was there working also, we both worked one station together and had a good time. At lunch time the school brought in subway for all us parents and teachers and that was really yummy.. after eating I went out to the play ground to see my children. Hung out with Sweet Pea's who has lunch before Mr Man and when she went in, Mr Man's class came out and I spent some time with him.. Then it was back into the gym to set everything up again and do the Launch into Space with the 3rd and 4th graders(did it with K-2 in the morning) Here is a slide show from my time at the school.

When school was over and DH came home.. we all took off to where our Parents live to watch DH's nephew D in his high school base ball game.. then afterwards we went to my parents to pick up Little Man who had spent the day with my mom so that I could work at the school.. When we got there he was out jumping on the trampoline. The other kids joined him and played a bit.. Then Mr Man and Sweet Pea decided to spend the night Friday night with my parents and DH and the rest of us came home..

I stayed up late packing that night because DH and Princess had to leave for her ball tournament in our state capital by 6AM

Saturday DH and Princess left and Little Man and I stayed home.. I ended up not feeling good pretty much the whole weekend, I'm so happy I didn't go to the tournament with the way I was feeling.. But Saturday morning and afternoon I wentto some garage sales with my Grandma didn't really find much though. Then I came home and Little Man and I took a nap and I got a few blog read and a post up on mine. Sometime after doing that I got a phone call from my parents that they were just going to keep Mr Man and Sweet Pea another night and bring them to church on Sunday. So Little Man and I went and rented movies and got a Pizza(not cooking for just the two of us) After watching the Bob the Builder DVD Little Man rented I got him into bed. Then I took a shower and had the rest of the evening to do whatever I wanted.. which would have been fun if I felt good but I didn't so I went to bed .. exciting don't ya think??

On Sunday we got up went to Sunday school and church. Then over to my parents for steak on and potatoes on the grill and then went from there to PM church/ Awanas This was the kids last night of Awanas for the year, next week is there Pine wood derby race and then they won't start back up until Sept. WOW.. I guess this means Princess will be in the teen club now.. HOLY COW I feel old thinking about having one in teen club.

Speaking of Princess her team ended up winning the Tournament.. not coming in 2nd like last weekend but they were the Champions Here is a team picture.. Guess they all got these bat bags not trophies this time.. They did get the one team trophy as see in the picture. I don't think she has anymore tournament for 3 to 4 weeks now. Just her Jr high spring league games for a few weeks.

So Sunday night We headed to my grandparents house for homemade subs.. grandpa makes the best subs. Kids weren't hungry though seeing how they had a big brownie and ice cream party at church for the last awana's meeting. OH well..

That is how we ended the weekend.

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