Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring vacation Tuesday(day 6)

Thought I would write another quick post about our spring vacation. Today I'll write about Tuesday March 25, 2008. If you have missed any part of my spring vacation up to this point and you would like to get caught up.. you can view day 1, 2 and 3 of spring vacation right HERE and the 4th day of spring vacation you can view my Easter pictures and read how we spent Easter right HERE Then Day 5 I posted yesterday and it can be viewed right HERE.

Now for day 6th.. Tuesday march 25, 2008.. My niece A had school.. So we, my parents, my kids and I went and ate lunch with her at her school. Then came home and got little Man a nap While Little Man was sleeping My Parents, Princess and Mr Man went out to yet another pond and went fishing.
My sister got her youngest down for a nap also. So while the group was out fishing and the younger were sleeping, my sisters DH was at work and A was at school.. Sweet Pea, My sister and I each grabbed a lap top and did some online stuff for a bit. I don't know what my sisters was doing, but I was trying to do some blogging(LOL) and Sweet Pea was playing her games. (she didn't want to fish) My mom came back at one point and just had to LOL at us all the house was nice and cool on a warm day and the babies were sleeping and there was the 3 of us in her living room each on a laptop.. I thought my mom got a picture of my sister also, but when I loaded her camera pics from this day it wasn't there.. These 4 pictures my mom took of Tuesday with her camera.

Later on Tuesday afternoon after my sister picked up A from school we thought it would be a good time to go SHOPPING!!!! The guys stayed back to watch some of the kids. While my mom, my sister, Princess, Little Man, Little E and I hit Ross and a few of the other stores in the Mall. As we were driving out of my sisters neighborhood we passed this house and I had my sister pull in there drive way because I just had to take a picture.. I mean where I'm from you just don't get to see long horns in peoples front yards.
Then we were off to shop till we dropped. I don't know what all everyone bought, but I do know I came home with two tops, an outfit for and a shirt for sweet Pea and a pair of shorts and a top for Princess. Then we hit wal-mart for some groceries.. It was at this point that I knew Little Man was sick.. I mean he had been clingy all day and slept alot longer then his normal nap time would be.. But while we were shopping he wouldn't let go of me and the snot started to turn from clear to green and he was running a fever.
On our way home we stopped by sonic for burgers guess Tuesday is there sale day for them.. and took them back for everyone for dinner.
That is how I spent day 6 Tuesday of our spring vacation.

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annie said...

What a pretty house.

MomOf3 said...

It looks like you are having a great Spring Break!! :)

Kristi said...

I can't believe the beautiful weather you're having.

I just need to add that when "Draw Me Close" came up when I checked your site today, it made me cry. I really needed to hear it. Thank you.

Jennifer said...

How much fun!
Family time is the best time!!
Looks like you guys are having a wonderful Spring break.

KC said...

LOL you guys.. I'm in 30 degree weather and it is raining. These were taken over the week after Easter when I was at my sisters house in TX.

Mel's World said...

There is nothing more amazing than being with your family for Spring Break!

Had to laugh about all of y'all on your laptops...that sounds a lot like us...all four of us have our laptops with us on vacation...strange, I know!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that house!!!

Midlife Mom said...

I don't think I have ever seen a house with long horns on the front lawn either! Yikes! Beautiful home!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading all about your trip. It looks like you packed a lot of fun in!

I just read your newer posts as well (I am trying to catch up). I love the missing tooth pic. I am going to be so sad when my son's start getting loose. That will mean he is really not my baby anymore!