Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WOW what a day..

I'm so tired.. I'm sorry folks.. the trip pictures I promised will have to wait.. Life was just crazy today.. 1st day back in Eastern time zone, 1st day back to school after spring break and alot of running..
This morning Princess had to be to school early for Academic Challenge practise so my grandpa took her. I got the other kids up at normal time.. I really didn't have a problem getting them out of bed, they got up just fine put there cloths on and told me what they wanted for breakfast..

They wanted to watch cartoons so I let them eat in the living room with the tv on.. and while they were finishing up breakfast I went and packed lunches and made the phone call to the dentist to see about getting Princess in.. When I walked back into the living room to get them moving on brushing there teeth and hair, 10 minutes before my grandpa was going to pick them up for school This is what I found.
LOL, yeah I know.. a normal mother would have woke them up and said "HURRY UP your going to be late for school" Yet I had to grab the camera because I knew I would blog about this later in the day LOL..

Then I yelled hurry up.. I had them all dressed and ready to walk out the door when Grandpa got here to take them to school.. ONLY I still think they had here eyes shut as they walked out the door. Poor things.. I think our spring break adventures took it out of them..

Anyways.. update on Princess and the tooth pain.. I was able to get her seen at her dentist this afternoon.. Her dentist is a hour away from our house.. so I got her out of school at 10:10am today and she never made it back..

It was weird.. the dentist couldn't see anything wrong with her teeth at all, so they took another set of x-rays(she had them done at her cleaning in November) and there was no change, no cavities nothing.. The dentist said the filling that was in the tooth that was hurting her seem to look like it was still in tacked.. so she had the other dentist in the offices come and take a look the two of them went over Princess's complaint about how it hurts when she is eating or chewing anything surgery.. and they said it sounds like something is getting behind the filling but the filling itself looks good.. They knew Princess is getting her braces on so they didn't want to just do nothing because it would be so much harder to work on her teeth after they are one.. so after about an hour or longer of them debating what to do and what is the problem they gave us two options.. remove the old filling and refill it or put a sealant all around the filling and tooth.. They said since the filling looks good it could just be a pin hole and a sealant would stop anything from getting it and if it was there daughter(they are both mothers) they would go for the less invasive option.. So that is what we did.. they sealed the filling and the tooth and best of all they didn't charge me a dime.. YEAH...

Afterwards on our way home we passed a Kohl's and Princess wanted to stop.. you see we have been in a search for a bathing suit.. that is modest yet not too geek-ey and she and I don't agree too much on this issue LOL.. Last night she was looking online and thought she found one that I would approve of(or more so daddy would say yes too LOL) and I did like it so she wanted to stop and try it on(oh yeah it was at Kohl's) It looked GREAT on her covered everything I wanted covered and still was extremely cute not too grown up and not to baby-ish.. Just perfect so I had to buy it.. she and I both left very happy... Here is the suit this is the picture from the Kohl's sight. When we got back home I had enough time to pick up Little Man who grandma had watched for me.. and get the other kids from school.
Then we went over to my grandparents so they could give the kids there Easter bunnies that they didn't get to give them since we were gone for Easter..
I got home at 4pm and had to have Princess at softball practices for the Jr High team at 4:30pm
When I got home I made dinner it was nice so I grilled.. Then it was time to get Princess from softball and we ate dinner.. got whoever needed bathed bathed.. and got the homework done and the kids ready for bed and DH was getting ready for work at 10 after 9 PM when Mr Man said.. OH mom the teacher sent a note.. tomorrow is my dad for snack... WHAT??????? Thanks for letting me know there buddy..
I'm too tired to bake anything.. so off I ran to Wal-Mart to buy a snack for the class..
Now here I sit super tired and needing to go to sleep.. yet wanted to get a blog post up to let you know what went on with Princess and the tooth..
Tomorrow I'll be gone alot also.. Princess gets her braces put on tomorrow morning.. SNIFF my baby is getting braces... she is scared out of her mind right now.. she was still up at 10pm surfing the web to find out any information she could about how they put them on what all they use to do it, how long it takes how painful will it be.. sometimes information is not a good thing.. at 11:30pm she was still awake thinking about it.. poor thing.. So we prayed and she went to bed.. I don't honestly know if she is asleep or not yet.. My goodness I sure do hope so seeing as it is pushing 12:30AM..
Well goodnight all..

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palmtreefanatic said...

What a day back to the grind!
Glad to hear the dentist went so well! and not to owe anything that is the best news;)

I love the swim suit, VERY cute! and she will look adorable in it!

Hope the braces go well!

Aisha said...

Your kids look so cute, all fell asleep. They must be super tired :). Glad you guys made it back safely.

Melissa said...

That really is a cute bathing suit! Hope everything goes well with the braces too! Cute pics of the kids sleeping, I would have grabbed the camera too!

Sheila said...

Cute pictures!! Glad you made it home safely.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you are not the one asleep in the floor! :) I hope you will be able to get back to normal soon!

Carol Van Rooy said...

That suit is super cute.

So often I've had the debate with my in-laws about allowing Dakota to wear a bikini. I've worn one as long as I can remember, since leaving the nest and can't see a problem with them.

Everyone else see's it differently and so we let her decide.

I don't want her to hide behind a suit if she feels confident she can show it while still having an ounce of modesty.

I hope the sealant works... there is nothing worse than suffering with tooth pain.

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness ! Look at them all asleep !! I know that feeling !!