Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend Part One(Thursday Thirteen)

I didn't get around to my Weekend Recap this week. I thought I would start to share with you all how the weekend went.. Since I had 13 pictures(well 12 pics and 1 slide show) of last Friday April 11, 2008 I figured why not just make this 1st post a Thursday Thirteen post.. So here we go..

This past weekend Princess had her 1st tournament of the season(being the spring/summer 08 season) with her traveling tournament team The Doom.. This tournament was being played in Pigeon Forge TN, an 8 hour drive from our house. We set it up with the schools that the kids would not be there Friday and at 3:00 AM on Friday morning we took off and headed south. With a stop for breakfast and a few bathroom trips we made it into Pigeon Forge TN and into our hotel by 12:30 PM

The 1st thing we did was hit the swimming pool and this is where my 13 pictures start.
#1 Little Man walking around the hot tub and the pool
#2 He had filled his Nemo squirt toy and was heading towards us. #3 seeing his sisters feet he gets an idea.#4 Princess was starting to dose off in the sun, when next thing you know she is getting sprayed with cold water LOL.#5 Little Man spraying Princess's legs and feet.#6 Princess is at the age where she hides her face when she sees a camera.. this drives me up a wall, but after this weekend I found it is a cool 12 year old girl thing to do seeing as most of the team was doing the same thing when there parents were trying to gets pics of them also.
After taking these pictures it hit me that here we are out in the sun and I didn't bring sun screen. So Princess and I got dress and headed towards the wal-mart, but by the time we got back both of the boys backs were already burned and all 3 of the younger ones had there faces all red also.. bad bad mom I am for not packing sunscreen in the 1st place.. but hey when you live in the north and it's snowing back at home one doesn't think of such things.

Once Princess and I got back all of her team members were at the hotel. The organization she plays for had 3 of there teams there this weekend.. The 10U team an 11U team and Princess 12U team. So there were girls all over the place. So Princess took off and hung out with her friends.. which brings us to picture #7

#7 Princess and a few of her team mates on the 2nd floor hanging out. once again hiding her faceAfter awhile all the girls on the team took off across the street for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.. a few of the parents went also.. I would have went except Little Man had fallen asleep and Mr Man and Sweet Pea wanted to stay back and watch the Dollywood parade. So Aubrie went with the coach and all the other girls and we ordered pizza and ate in the room.. While Little Man slept DH took the kids to the parade, they didn't go to the main part of it but behind our hotel was where they were lining up before the parade so they watched it from back there
#8 The slide show from the Parade.

#9 was after Little Man woke up.. This was at the hotel while we were still waiting for Princess to get back with her team.. Little Man and Sweet Pea playing in a tiny court yard behind our room.
it was raining on and off, It had been doing that most of the evening and there was really bad storms in TN just north of where we were but nothing bad hit us.. Once Princess got back we took a drive into Gatlinburg and was going to go Hillbilly golf(that would be putt putt the name of the place is Hillbilly golf) Only it started raining again.. So we went back into Pigeon Forge and found an indoor black light putt putt and the kids all had fun doing that picture #10- 13 are taken on my cell phone while golfing.. as I had forgot to bring the cameras with us.. bad bad mom again..

#10 Mr Man holding up his golf ball(this was the only way I could see there faces to take a picture)#11 Princess with her golf ball#12 Sweet Pea with her golf ball#13 Little Man with his golf ball.
After putt putt we went back to the room ate left over pizza and watched the end of Star Wars on TV and went to bed.. Saturday started the fastpitch softball tournament. I'm hoping to have the next post up by tonight to share more pictures from that.. So stop back by tonight to read more.

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On a limb with Claudia said...

What a fun weekend. I can't imagine a POOL this time of year - since it's snowing today. But it looks so delicious.

Happy TT!

siteseer said...

I love the young women that hide their faces through their teen years, then when they have children they want to know what they looked like when they were younger. Who knows? They covered their faces all the time.

Adelle said...

You have a beautiful family. I enjoyed the slide show. Happy T13!

SandyCarlson said...

These are wonderful photos. Looks like a great time!

Darla said...

Looks like you had a great trip! My TT this week is trip pictures, too, but it was a wee bit colder where we were. :)

storyteller said...

Such lovely photos of a delightful trip together! I enjoyed them ;--)
Hugs and blessings,