Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Recap April 25-27,08

The above picture I took Saturday while at the lake thought it would be perfect for my Weekend Recap photo for this week.
We had a relaxing weekend at home... AT HOME for us means we didn't have to travel for Princess's traveling tournament softball team.. or for any other activity for one of the other kids out of town. We did however have a few softball games for Princess's local Jr High team.. Local as in traveling to surrounding towns(with in an hour or so from home). It was also the big Webkinz weekend in which Mr Man and Sweet Pea were so excited about, as was grandma(my mom who got the kids started in the whole webkinz thing in the 1st place a year or so ago) and DH and I had plans this weekend here at the house.. His plans were to cut the grass and clean up the yard and my plans were to clear out the basement get it in order and scrub it down. So those were the plans.. Now onto the weekend.

Friday night after school and after DH got home from work, Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man went with my mom to there 1st night of webkinz fun.. I'm not sure exactly what they did but they hit a few of the stores that were doing webkinz activities and having deals on webkinz. Like they need more webkinz.. Mr Man and Sweet Pea had 11 each going into this weekend and Princess had 10, but she is sort of over the whole webkinz thing these days. .

While my kids were off with grandma for webkinz fun and to spend the night, DH Princess and I drove 30 minutes east for her Friday night softball game.. Not a pretty game Princess only got to pitch the last two innings and sat the bench the rest of them.. OH I guess she was there DH(ummmm not Dear Husband but designated hitter) here is a picture from that.. We lost Friday nights game. After the games one of the girls on her team asked of Princess could spend the nights, we didn't have plans away from home on Saturday so we said yes.. and off she went.. DH and I had the house to our self.. BUT we are old LOL.. Plus DH had been up since 5am and it was pushing 9pm as it was.. So we came home ate a late dinner and DH fell asleep and I watched the shows I taped Thursday night. We are an exciting couple can't ya tell LOL.

Saturday morning rolled around and I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to sleeping in.. I mean NO kids at home at all and nothing pressing to do or be at.. wouldn't you look forward to just sleeping until your eyes opened with no alarm clock ringing or kids saying mommy can I wake up.
I stayed up way to late again it was close to 2am before I went to sleep but at 8am my cell phones ring.. It's Princess. "hey mom do we have plans for today or tonight?" me" what time is it? it's your day off from ball why are you awake so early??" Her "well mom do we?" Me "no why?" Her "well in that case can so and so and so and so and so and so and I do this and that tonight?" me "Princess it's 8am you don't want to do this till 7PM and you are calling me at 8am on a day I could have slept till my eyes opened????" her "well can I??" me "I don't know call me in and hour I'm going back to sleep" her "but mom we have to make plans" me " I'll tell ya in an hour I love you baby, good bye"
I close my eyes thinking I should wake up and get started on the basement but I'm sleepy I just dosed off just as the home phone rings.. I'm tempted to get up and answer but figured if it was one of the kids or family they would call my cell phone which is next to my bed and the home phone is not in my room.. So I let the answering machine get it. I hear "KC this is so and so,TM mom, we were wondering if Princess has plans for today we are going here and I told TM we could take Princess with us if she didn't have plans we will be leaving here at 9:30 AM but you can give me a call on my cell phone" I thought about getting up calling her back but then thought. NAH... it's my day to sleep a little bit longer and Princess is over at MT's house anyways right now. I close my eyes and my cell phone rings, It's Princess... "Hi mom" me "what's up?" her "Has TM mom called you yet. TM called my cell, so mom can I go" "honey aren't you at MT's house" yeah but her mom is leaving at 10:30 for work and I TM said if you wanted you could drop me off to where they are whenever I can get there" Me "fine ok, I'll pick you up around 10:30am and I'll drop you off, but I"m need to go call TM's mom back to get the details" her "your the best mom bye" At this point I knew there was no sleeping in for me and I looked at DH and told him we need to get this girl her own personal secretary, He LOL and agreed with me..
So I got up and spent from 8:30am and went to work at cleaning out and organizing the basement. at 10am I came out of the basement and got dressed to pick up Princess.. I bought her home and got her showered and dressed and then went and dropped her off at the women's retreat that was going on at our Rec center in which TM mom was working and wanted Princess to come and hang out with TM so she would have a friend there.. So that is what Princess did from 11:30am till 5pm She got the royal treatment there, facial, manicures pedicures, her hair styled and lunch was included.. she had a great time..

Meanwhile I went back to work on the basement and got it all scrubbed and looking great. Our basement is unfinished cement block walls and open rafters and cement floors.. so this was cleaning cob webs and using bleach water to scrub walls and floors.. While I was doing this.. DH was out working on the yard.. about 12:30pm my mom pulled in the drive way with the kids I wasn't yet finished with the basement but very close.. DH was cutting grass so mom came in and stayed with the kids.. They just got back from yet another outing of webkinz store activities.. they had there face painted and were NOW proud owners of 14 webkinz each..
Here are some of there Saturday face painting webkinz fun.

My mom ate lunch with us and even stayed while I took a shower so she could keep an eye on the kids while DH was still cleaning up the yard... around 2pm or so she was ready to head home and Mr Man went with her to spend the night but mostly to go play with M my mom's neighbors his webkinz buddy LOL.

Princess had been in touch with me and her plans fell though with her friends for the evening, but my grandma was at this women's retreat thing and had asked Princess if she wanted to spend the night with grandma(my grandma the kids great grandma) So Princess was going to spend the rest of the time in Grandma's care after the thing was over.

This left DH and myself with the younger two kids.. Little Man wanted to go ride bikes and Princess wanted to go to the park and play and DH wanted to go on a drive(Crazy man has he see the price of gas) I wanted to get ride of the garbage that I bagged up from the basement.. I had had a thought... I knew were a public dumpster was where we could not only take the trash, but it was a little bit of a drive, and there was a park and if we took the kids bikes we could let them ride bikes while we took a nice walk with them... where is such a place you ask.. My favorite camp grounds up at the lake..... So we popped the back seat out of the van loaded up the bikes and the trash and away we went to the lake.
1st stop was the dumpster and bye bye bags of trash.. (don't worry I did recycle what I could) Then it was to the state park campgrounds where the kids played at the playground for about an hour while DH sat in our camping chairs and watched them play.. then we took a nice hike though some of there hiking trails, then we took a bike ride for Little Man around the campground and to the camp store where the kids got ice cream. Then we loaded the bikes back into the van and went to the beach.

WOW what a mess the beach was, there was big huge trees and drift wood all over the place looked totally different then I'm use to seeing it.. This hug tree had drifted in and was really really inbeded into the sand.. you could tell it came from the lake and not a tree from the area above the beach.. yet was was a huge tree not just a branch from a tree.. It's going to take alot of work to have the beach ready for summer. I am interested to see if they leave this huge tree on the beach or if they will remove it. It made for some really cute pictures though.. After leaving the beach we visited one of the island, a tiny one you can just drive too. Then headed back home

Here is a slide show from our time at the lake.

Sunday we woke up got the kids dressed and headed off to Sunday school.. After church Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man went with my mom and dad for more Webkinz stuff. Here are the picture mom took of the kids getting there face painted on Sunday afternoon.

While the kids and my mom were out having webkinz fun.. DH and I took Princess to her local Jr High softball games. They were not so local an hour away.. but it was a double header so it wasn't too bad. We won one and lost one. This team is not even close to being good, oopes did I say that LOL.. but they are just starting out in this world of fastpitch.. Princess has been playing fastpitch for the last 3 years and has done it year round for those 3 years this is like breathing to her she doesn't have to think about it, it all just comes to her.. These girls here in town last summer was there 1st year ever to play fastpitch and last year only did the summer league and lost all 12 of there games. This year they got together to play in the Jr High league ageist other schools and asked Princess to play with them.. She is not in Jr high yet and is the youngest on the team but the one who knows the most about it. So far after yesterdays game for this Jr High league the team is now 3-5... So they are getting better.. Last year going 0-12

Princess pitched 8 innings yesterday and only gave up one run.. the 4 other pitchers they pitched were not so lucky.. the 1st game we lost 11-7 8 of those run came in the 1st inning before they pulled the pitcher and put in Princess, then she gave up one, and the last inning they put another pitcher in and she gave up 2. The 2nd game we won 23-14.. When Princess came out in the 6th inning the score was 23-6. Our girls bats were really ON this game.

Here is a short clip of Princess up to bat.

here is an even shorter one of a very pretty change up pitch. She tricked me and the batter. She had been throwing in heat so I got the camera changed over to video thinking I would tape a clip of her heat then she threw the change up insteed.. so that is what I got on video. but it was a sweet chang up. :)

After the games I headed right over to church where my mom had taken the kids early to get them signed up for the awana's pinewood derby. Sunday night was the last night for awana's for the year, so there was no church Just the award night, awana's store, then the clubbers of the month for the whole year were recognized and then they did the pinewood derby.
My camera wasn't doing very well inside the church nothing was turning out right.. But Sweet Pea and Mr Man were the only ones who got there book ribbons for finishing there books This was Sweet Pea's 1st years in Sparks and she finished the 1st year book.. Mr Man started awana's late and didn't finish his book the 1st year, so the 2nd year he had to finish his 1st book, and this year had to to finish his 2nd book and Almost finished his 3rd book, but didn't make it.. but he got his ribbon for the 2nd book.
I'm not sure if he moves up to T and T next year or if he stays in sparks.. I better check on that huh??? Anyways both of them got called down for not only there ribbons but also with the clubbers of the month..
I took these pictures after church outside in front of the church so they would turn out better then the ones we took inside.

Here are a few pictures of them showing off there derby cars.. Mr Man made his a UT hummer, and Sweet Pea a pink Tinkerbell car. They both lost in the 1st round.. but Sweet Pea went on to race until the 4th round where she lost her 2nd time and Mr man I think it was the 6th or 7th round.

Here is another slide show.. to end my Weekend Recap for this week.. It is the indoor pictures from Awana's Sunday night.

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Jen said...

Wow, call me weird, but I love long posts like these. It's fun to see what people are up to and to get to know them better :) So, your day to sleep in that was not meant to be is SO something that would happen to me. I mean, seriously, never fails. One day, I will get to sleep in again, one day. Your comment about getting your daughter a personal secretary cracked me up. I loved all the fun pictures though. Your kids are just too cute! You are just so lucky to have the beach right by you. I would LOVE that. You got some great photos of the kids on the beach :) Webkins or whatever they are called. I'd never even heard of them til we went on Vacation and my niece and nephew wanted some more of them at the mall. They even can build them houses and feed them or what not online. It's beyond me, but very cute! I love your oldest son's face in those pictures though. Cracked me up. He's just sitting there like, Ya, I'm man and this face paintin' is manly, got something to say about that? Anyways, I've babbled enough now. I enjoyed your post and am glad you had a great weekend? Wanna come clean out my basement? ;)

MomOf3 said...

Wow! You had a super busy weekend! It is fun to hear how you keep up with all four kiddos! Have a great day!

Sniz said...

A day you got to sleep until your eyes opened on their own. I've never heard it described that way, but that sounds lovely!

My girls are into Webkinz...I don't really understand it. This weekend, our youngest one begged to go to a wildbird store where they seel them and spin the wheel of wow, whatever that is. She won a free Webkinz and I have never seen her so excited.

TTYS - Sniz

Courtney said...

What a weekend. Princess looks like quite the softball player. Sorry she ruined your sleeping in day! Kids, gotta love 'em.

annie said...

Life is sure busy with four kiddos!

Tiff said...

My weekends are never meant to be spent sleeping. I have an 11 yr old, 3 yr. old and a 1 yr. old. At least you got some things accomplished. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your lives!

Melanie said...

I love you started out- we had a relaxing weekend at home. I guess to you if you don't have to go out of town it's relaxing. But, I'm exhausted just reading about your "relaxing weekend at home." ;)

Elaine A. said...

WOW! So this is how busy life is with 4 kids, I think I will stop at 2 thanks! ; )

Looks like everyone had a good weekend. I especially like the pics from the lake.

Midlife Mom said...

My you sure are one busy family! I did chuckle about you trying to sleep in and all the phone calls! Mom's don't get any free passes do they?! I got goose bumps watching Princess up to bat! Wow! She sure has a good stance and swing! I really enjoyed that. The Awana pictures are so good too. Isn't that a wonderful program? The kids really learn a lot and they have a lot of fun too. We had our pinewood derby a few weeks ago. I did registration and Hubby was the MC. I hate having to judge the cars though as I know the kids and Dad's have worked hard and all want so badly to win a ribbon or trophy. Don't worry about missing my birthday, I try to miss it myself and let the day just sneak by! ha! When you get to be my age you don't like to see those birthdays adding up. I don't feel old but 57 sure sounds it!!!

Great recap, keep 'em coming!! xoxo

dcrmom said...

Your kids look great! :-) I can't believe how grown up they're getting.