Friday, April 18, 2008

Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend Part 4

Oh my, here it is Friday April 18, 2008 the start of the weekend and I'm still posting about last weekend.. I really need to get moving on these post, don't I? Anyways if you have read my last 3 post you know that last weekend April 11-14, 2008 We went down to Pigeon Forge TN for Princess fastpitch softball tournament.. I have been breaking these up into different post so that can share all the pictures and everything we did this weekend..

When we left off on the last post, we had just had lunch on Saturday and was heading back to the hotel to give Little Man a nap before Princess's next game which was at 3pm

When I laid down with Little Man Princess thought she would get some rest also so she laid down and watched TV.. DH took Mr Man and Sweet Pea out to the pool for some swimming time.

When it was time for Princess to get ready and head back off to her game DH and the kids came back to the roomOnly Little Man was still sound asleep.. DH offered to stay with him and the middle two kids while I went to Princess's 3rd game.. That way Little Man could sleep and the other two could hang out at the hotel and not sit though the softball game.. So Princess and I headed back to the ball park for there 3rd game.. When we got there we found out the games were running about 30 minutes behind.. So the girls hung out waiting there turn to play, Here are a few pictures from before the game.

When they did get to play there game they played well. They won 7 - 3, this was the 1st game of bracket play.. It was a double elimination tournament, so from this point they would keep playing until they lost two game, then they would be out of the tournament.

That game ended and they had about 20 minutes before they played again.. I called DH, Little Man was awake so I went back to the hotel to pick them up..

Mean while during that game Little Man had woke up and DH took the kids swimming more. This time he used the indoor pool since the boys had got sunburned on Friday and he didn't want them out in the sun anymore.

This brought us to about 5pm on Saturday April 12, 2008

I'll end this here and when we pick up I'll tell ya all about Saturday night.

If you have missed my 1st 3 post about this weekend.. you can read them by clicking on post you want to read. Part 1 Part 2 or Part 3

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