Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Recap(April 4-6,2008)

Why do the weekends always seem to fly by so fast??
I had a pretty relaxing weekend this past weekend.. but then anything would have been better then spending all day Friday and most of all day Saturday in driving like how we spent last weekend..
I have to giggle though.. I just said we had a relaxing weekend.. but it was a weekend of plans changing left and right every single day.

Let me start by telling you the plans for Friday night.. Friday night was going to be Princess 1st Jr High spring league fastpitch softball game. ONLY it had rained so much over night that on Friday morning we got a call at 8:30am saying it was called off.. So DH said lets take the kids to the IX indoor amusement park.. OK sure that will work.. It was Mr Man's turn to take a friend with us.. So we got that lined up with the boys mom before school was out.. DH wanted to be on the road no later then 4:30 PM other wise it really just wouldn't be worth the money it cost to get in because we wouldn't have that much time there. ONLY When it came time to go.. Princess hadn't made it home and Little Man was sound asleep and wouldn't wake up..(no not in a scary way it's just every time I woke him up he opened his eyes and fell right back to sleep) So DH was just going to take Mr Man and his friend only that sent Sweet Pea into tear land.. When it was all said and done it was already 5:30 PM so we came up with a different game plan.. We would just take the kids to the movies.. ONLY there really wasn't anything that they wanted to see. Mr Man had a great idea lets rent a movie.. Well we didn't rent it because what he wanted to see I wanted to own and have here for all times anyways.. So we went out and bought the movie.. Princess asked if she could have a friend over also.. By 7pm I had 6 kids at my house and by 8pm we had a pizza and a movie also.
The BIG news from Friday night is that the tooth fairy made a visit to our house. Sweet Pea lost her 2nd tooth.. Here is her toothless smile now.
And for your view pleasure a slide show from Friday night.

Saturday the plans for the day was DH and Mr Man was going to watch our nephew D high school baseball game in the morning. Then in the afternoon I was to meet DH at his parents so he and Princess could go south about 2 hours for a softball game. After they left I was to drop off Mr Man and Sweet Pea's at my parents house for a sleep over with Grandma. Then I was coming home for a peaceful evening just me and Little Man.

Change of plans #1 for Saturday. Mr Man went with DH only to find out the game was cancelled because the fields were still too wet, Then they changed plans for the game he and Princess was headed too.. So everyone came home.. and Plans changed that my parents were going to pick up the kids at my place that evening instead of me dropping them off.. We found our self all at home.. So DH made plans to take the kids to this indoor play land they like, then to the ball field to play a bit and warm Princess up for her game on Sunday. Then as I was getting ready to head out my grandma stopped by.

Change of plans #2 for Saturday.. The 1st thing out of my grandma's mouth was "who wants to go to grandma's house to play" Well all the kids yelled I do.. I mentioned to her and the kids what our plans were but the kids still wanted to play at grandma outside with all there neighborhood friends over there.. So DH told me to let them go and have fun since it was nice out.. So the 3 older ones ended up at great grandma's house and DH and I took Little Man and went for a drive on the lake and got a late lunch early dinner. When we got back into town we picked up the kids and went to the ball park and Princess threw a bit but said her shoulder was hurting so we stopped. It was at that point that she told us it has been hurting on and off for a few weeks ever since she got fouled in her last basketball game when some girl came down on her shoulder. NICE... We asked her if it is really bad trying to see just how much it was hurting and she said, no not much.. so we went home, just telling her if it starts to hurt again she needs to tell us because we don't want her really messing it up bad. A few hours after getting home my parents stopped by and got the kids Little Man wanted to go with them also.. So DH and I had the night home alone.. We had already went out to eat that afternoon.. So we just cuddled on the couch and watch Star Wars the clone wars because it was on TV(oh and I love star wars LOL)

In other Saturday news.. about a half hour after my parents picked up the kids, my sister called.. She was in the ER with my little nice E. Seems she had a run in with a coffee table and was getting 4 stitches in that sweet little forehead of hers.. OUCH OUCH OUCH.. poor little thing..

Sunday started off normal.. but plans changed when the middle two kids wanted to go to great grandma's house after church.. So that is what they did.. The rest of us including my mom and dad went to Princess softball game, It was a double header and since Fridays game was rained out it was the 1st game for the Jr High team. All seemed to be going fine until the 5th inning.. Princess couldn't seem to pitch the ball over the plate she was struggling.. next thing you know she is calling time out.. the couch went out to talk to her and she went back to pitching.. she threw two more times and she called time out again.. this time walking off the field herself. She told the couch she was done.. he shoulder was hurting her and she wasn't going to throw anymore. Thank goodness she has the common senses to do that.. I think alot of kids her age would have tried to push though the pain just to keep playing.. I guess the 1st time she called time out she told the couch her shoulder was hurting and he didn't take her out So the 2nd time she wasn't taking no for an answer.. So here is where plans changed again.. we didn't stick around.. for the rest of the 1st game or the 2nd game.. we packed it up and took Princess into the ER to have her shoulder checked.

Thankfully nothing is torn or messed up too bad with it.. She has a strain in her trapezius muscles and it is all inflamed. So she is on ibuprofen and not to play sports or lift anything with that arm for the next 5 days.. then she is to start to toss the ball slowing at 1st to see if it has had enough time to rest and heal.

While all this was going on.. Little Man told me "mommy me cold" it was a nice warm day today so I didn't know why he was cold. then He told me "mommy me lay down" and he climbed into my arms and was burning up with fever.. 102.8 to be exact.. Needless to day he did not go to church Sunday night. he fell asleep about 5pm and slept till 8pm now it is pushing 1:30 AM and he is still awake.. UGH.. I'm going to be so tired getting the kids ready for school today.

In other Sunday new. in Awana's Mr Man did 10 pages of verses.. and Sweet Pea only has 2 left to finish her book for the 2nd time this year.

So there ya have it all my weekend.. How was your weekend.. let me know either in your comment or go make a post of your own and come back and let me know so I can be sure to make it to your blog to view it..

I still have a few more days worth of spring vacation pictures to share with you all.. So I'll do another post of those hopefully though out the day today or tonight but they will be up by Tuesday so if you have been following along as I share my spring break memories with you all.. stop back by tomorrow..

Have a wonderful Monday.


Carol Van Rooy said...

Me? We? Finished painting Dalton's bedroom. It'd been a long week of painting, but it's done and he's so pleased.

I'm posted pictures on my blog.

Enjoy your day.

Barbara H. said...

I "tagged" you today if you have time and want to play. :)

Sniz said...

At least you roll easily when your plans change. I do too, but the kids...not so much.

Our weekend? Hubby was out of town for business until Saturday night. Yesterday was gorgeous and we had planned to have this girl from our church come and take all our big family pictures in my parent's back yard since my brother was leaving for Iraq again today and all the kids and grandkids were in one place...a rarity. Then we had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. The weather was too nasty to do it on Easter. I've been having a hard time lately, because of extended family issues. So I really enjoyed the warm weather and being with my family, but there is always this underlying sadness.

Then I read some blogs, blew off the stuff I really needed to do, and fell asleep. Exciting huh?