Friday, April 18, 2008

Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend Part 5

In Part 5 of my Pigeon Forge Tournament Weekend post.. we are back at the ball park.. in Part 4 I had just went to pick up DH and the kids to head back to Princess's games.. I made a mistake in that last post.. I said her next game was 20 minutes from the end of the 3pm but I was wrong.. she had 1 hour and 20 minutes.. but she had to be there an hour before the games.. With the games running a bit behind Saturday evenings game didn't get underway till a bit after 7:00 PM Here is a picture of Princess laying down a bunt in that game.. DH Loves this shot not only because of the beautiful bunt she placed but because of the mountain and the sky line in the background.. I think he can look at this shot all day long LOL.

We ended up winning this game. 7 - 0 and the next game started at 9:30 PM.. We were told our last game of the night was the 7pm game only they changed things around and was trying to get most of the games in because a cold front was moving in and they were calling for snow there in TN on Sunday.. So we had to play another game. DH and I had been telling the kids we would take them to ride, ride at The Track all day but things kept happening, like games running over Little Man sleeping longer then normal, this new game that had to be played, so we never got the kids to The Track.. Since it was getting late and they were calling for and inch or two of snow on Sunday.. I thought I should sort of skip this last game and get the younger ones over to the rides. DH stayed back with Princess for her game and I took Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man to the track..
Here is a slide show of the pictures I took of the kids at The Track.

After we got back to the ball park they were in the bottom of the last inning and they had Won.. 9 -0 Here is a picture of Princess up to bat during that last game.

That was the last game of the night there next game would be on Sunday.
After 5 ball games, and a fun exciting day of vacation stuff.. everyone was ready to head back to the hotel, so after driving the parkway we went back to the room had a bit to eat and everyone was out like a light at 11pm .

The next time I write about the Pigeon Forge tournament weekend we will pick up on Sunday April 13, 2008 I can do all of that day in one post :)
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