Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Recap.(Easter Weekend)

Weekend Recap this week brought to you from the big state of TX.

My weekend started Thursday this week.. Thursday morning was spent packing all the bags getting ready for our Easter/spring break to visit my sister and her family in TX. We loaded up our van and headed to my parents house where the kids and I were spending the night so that we could leave with my parents early in the AM.
Thursday was also my mothers 54th birthday so we did a little party with pizza and cake before DH left.. he was staying with his parents to do Easter with them in TN. Here is my mom with the 3 older kids, Little man was sleeping though all the fun.
Friday morning we were loaded in my parent and on the road by 5AM we drove and drove and drove seemed like it went on for ever.. We went 700 miles the 1st day with stops and food and such we were on the road for 14 hours. here are a few of the pics from the 1st day of traveling.This one is of Sweet Pea on our 1st bathroom break(with 7 of us there were alot of bathroom breaks..OH and Little Man stayed dried the whole 14 hours and went pee and poo in the potty on our road trip... happy mama YEAH!!) Sweet Pea was asleep on this 1st stop so I stayed with her in the van only she woke up while we were waiting so I snapped this shot of her.Later in the afternoon I took this shot of Mr man playing webkinz on the road.. OH Internet while we are traveling was a nice thing except mama never got a chance to get online while in the van. After about 9 hours on the road this was a welcome sight..
We decided to stop for the night at 7pm EST which was the time zone we were in when we left only now we were in the central zone.. so it was 6pm We got a room, unloaded what we needed for the night and went and got a bite to eat.. then took the kids swimming, boy did they need a break from the van.
After swimming they showered and all slept really REALLY Well..
Saturday morning we thought we would get an early start got up at 7am but everyone was moving slow.. everyone. We got on the road and was heading out of Memphis TN around 9am Here is a pic I snapped as we passed this cool building.. My parents told me what it was but darn it, I can't remember now LOL.
This is the bridge that takes us from TN into Arkansas
Then after many more hours we made it to TX.It was nice and warm about 75 degrees.. sorry my Ohio buddies I heard you all got more snow on Saturday and was calling for more snow on Sunday..
We got to my sisters house around 6pm, got unpacked and had a nice dinner and the my dad took the older kids fishing and I stayed back with my mom, sister,her hubby and Little man and my niece Little E. Oh yeah and my sister made this super yummy cheese cake for my mom for her birthday so my nieces could sing happy birthday to there grandma on Saturday also.. YUM..
here is a slide show of the pictures I took at my sisters on Saturday night.

I'm going to end my weekend recap here and pick back up tomorrow with Easter Sunday.. there is just too much to type out and post from that to add it to this.. So stop back by tomorrow for how we spent Easter..
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

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Kristi said...

What fun travels. Looks like an adventure packed weekend and still more to come.

Carol Van Rooy said...

Glad you had a wonderful safe weekend.

I love the slideshowa and even put one on my own site.

Bet you need some much deserved rest, now.

Melanie said...

Looks like such a fun trip!! Hope you're having a blast.

I must learn more about thing you call "Internet while on the road." I always thought I had to take a break from my addiction while in the car.

Courtney said...

Glad you guys all made it safe. Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

That is a long trip, but it looks like your kids were real troopers!

annie said...

Looks like fun!!!

Aisha said...

Long drive huh? It's good you and your family had a wonderful time. :)

Heather said...

You are some brave souls. Of course you travel with your kids often. How nice they were able to keep busy in the car and swimming, that always helps them sleep good! Have fun on your visit!

The Edwards said...

Looks like a GREAT TRIP love the pics.

Happy Hippie said...

Love the pictures of the trip. The bridge shot was very cool. I am going to remember the wireless internet trick for our next road trip! Thanks!