Thursday, March 20, 2008

Throwback Thursday(last easter)

I'm not throwing it back to far in the past this week.. ONLY a year.. I forgot to add these two pictures into our slide show I posted yesterday, of Easter last year.
These pictures have a story to them.. I never sat out to get the kids picture with the Easter bunny. as you can tell by the play cloths, the messing hair and the blurry pictures. It was Saturday of the weekend of Easter last year.. We were on vacation in TN. We took the kids to an Easter egg hunt and then spent the biggest part of the day sight seeing. I needed to hit the Walmart to get stuff for Easter baskets, so off to walmart we went. DH took the middle two kids with him so I could get the stuff the Easter bunny needed. Princess went with me because well she was 11 and well past the Easter bunny years and Little Man wasn't even 2 yet so I figured he wouldn't have a clue that the stuff I was putting into my cart would end up being the stuff in his basket the next morning.. I see the Easter bunny sitting there in the middle of walmart and I wanted to get Little Man's pic with the fluffy white rabbit.. ONLY as you can tell from the pic he wanted no part of it.. So Princess said she would hold him for the pic. I didn't have a camera on me so I snapped this shot with my cell phone.
After I took it I went to find DH so I could get the other two kids and go get there picture with the bunny also. ONLY before I could get a word out of my mouth DH said Look what I got.. and he shows me his cell phone and there was the 2nd picture I posted today of Mr Man and Sweet Pea with the bunny... great minds and all NO??
Well that is my throwback for today..
You all have a Wonderful Easter.
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Shana said...

Cute story and even cuter pictures!

Carol Van Rooy said...

Thanx for bringing me up to speed on Wordless Wednesday.

The pictures are precious, particularly the one you took with the struggling child.

Midlife Mom said...

That is the sorriest looking Easter bunny I have ever seen! ha! You'd think Wally World could spring for a better costume! Aren't I an old biddy for being so picky??? Adorable of the kiddos though especially Little Man, he was having NONE of that!! Great TT!

Have a wonderful blessed Easter KC!xoxox

Midlife Mom said...

PS Love your new design!!!!

Heather said...

Cute story. I thought that was odd that your kids were photographed without coordinating outfits;p

Natalie wouldn't even go near the bunny last year and daddy saved her. This year she ran up and hopped in his lap before I even had the other kids coats off!!
Be careful when you leave today and have a GREAT Easter!!

Jean said...

I've never made it a point to make a special trip for the Easter Bunny either. The Easter bunny costumes are a bit scarey even compared to some of the scarey looking Santas. Luckily the kids haven't made it a big deal to the big Bunny either.

Courtney said...

Great minds yes do think alike. That was a cute/funny story!

KC said...

LOL Heather... You will be shocked to know that none of our outfits match at all for Easter this year.. NOT my choice though SNORT!!
I just couldn't find anything that didn't look to baby-ish for Princess and didn't look too old for Sweet Pea.. So there outfits don't even come close to matching. Mr Man just has a yellow dress shirt and tan pants and a tie, and Little Man while his shirt is button down and yellow it is a plaid and he doesn't have a tie :P

Melissa said...

Those are great! Little Man looks like Katelyn did when she saw Santa! Thanks for sharing.