Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Recap (Feb 7-9,2008)

It's party week... Are you ready to party??? If your here for the party, come on in and stay awhile.. You can find MY PARTY POST HERE. Come join in on the fun, sign the Mr Linky and visit some of the others who already did. Party on duds....

Now on to my Weekend Recap.. My weekly post where I share all the fun and not so fun stuff we did over the weekend. Feel free to share your weekend also, either in my comment section or at your own blog, just let me know if you did so I can stop over and read yours..
Friday morning I woke up to a nice surprise NO SNOW.... You see they were calling for this big snow storm to hit us and I thought for sure the kids were going to have yet another snow day off school.. BUT School was on and we were all happy because it was Grandparents Day at Mr Man's and Sweet Pea's elementary school. The grandparents were invited to breakfast with the kids at the school in the morning and then to walk though the book fair with them(Yeah they know how to make the money bring a grandparent in) and visit in there class rooms a bit. My kids had 3 grandparents with them.. We had planned on 4, but my MIL thought the roads were going to be bad so called us up on Thursday to say she wasn't making it.. So Friday morning my Mom, and my Grandma and Grandpa(my dad's parents, the kids great grandparents) went to school with Sweet Pea and Mr Man. My mom took her camera but only remembered to take one picture and here it is.
Sweet Pea and two of her friends in there kindergarten room after breakfast.
After the grandparents were dismissed and the kids got back to there normal school day, my mom came over and we took Little Man and went shopping.. I found a cute pair of shorts for Princess, we are going to need warmer weather close for spring break in TX. We SOOOOOOO don't need them here, that is for sure. Before we got out of the 1st store the snow had started coming and coming down hard, So we scraped the plan of going to Kohls and the Mall(which I really need to get to I still need Easter cloths for Princess and Easter spring/summer church shoes for the girls) and just made one last stop because my mom needed to pick a few things up before heading back home. That one last stop did Little Man in. Poor little sleepy thing stayed asleep thought out the store and woke up when we walked out the door and all that nasty blowing cold white stuff hit him. I honestly thought they would let school out early but they didn't..
Once school was over we waited and waited.. You see Princess had there last basketball tournament of the year set for this weekend, and the team was told at school that the coach would call them if it was cancelled.. The weather was awful, the roads were worst.. and there was no call from the coach.. about 10 minutes before we were to have to leave to drive the the town North of us the phone rang.. It was the coach.. I just knew she was going to tell it it was off.. BUT SHE DIDN'T.. crazy I tell ya, she was calling to make sure Princess was going to make it because 4 of the girls parents said there was no way they were heading out on these roads so she was just making sure she had enough for a team. Now if it was just me driving, NO we would not have been going.. but DH works so far from home and with the snow we have had this year he has got use to driving in this mess, so we headed out to the game... It was really scary driving at 1st but once we got out of town the roads were great just wet, The town north of us on the lake didn't get the storm we got here, the storm we got was coming from the south and didn't make it up there.
I'm so glad we were crazy enough to go.. It was a really good game.. Princess started once again and played pretty much the whole game again. We ended up winning 38-12.
When the game was over the 2nd storm was here, Here being both the town we were in and our town.. and driving home was a slow go.. the blowing and drifting was just super fun to drive though.
Saturday morning I woke up looked out the back window and this is what I saw. What you are looking at is my small back yard, our driveway a road.. what you see is snow and more snow.. that tall pile of snow with a little bit of grey in it is my van. Those bigger trees are my neighbors tree, that would be my neighbor across the street.. But you can't find the street.. I turned on the TV and the police were breaking though the cable every hour the whole day, telling people not to be out on the roads unless it was an emergency. Which wouldn't be a problem for us, unless there was an emergency because they didn't plow either of our roads(I live on a corner) until ~*2AM*~ Sunday. DH and I spent the whole morning digging the van out of the snow and clearing just enough of the driveway to get the van out if need be. We spent 2 hours doing it the 1st time and I lost track of how many hours the rest of the time, but DH went out 8 times from the time we woke up in the morning till the time we went to bed. These pictures were taken 1st thing in the morning.. it continued to snow and blow(they called it a blizzard) the rest of the day, I think it stopped snowing for the very 1st time(since Friday morning) around midnight. Needless to say Princess's basketball tournament Saturday game was cancelled. So while DH and I moved snow the kids spent there time digging tunnels though the big drifts. Someone in the comment section said to me, that they hope I get more time at home then I did last weekend.. Well there wish came true.. We didn't leave the house(well except to go in the yard) all day Saturday.

In between all the snow and more snow and more snow.. my blog got a new look, Don't you just Love it.. I do.. My friend Jo-lynne aka DCRMOM has got into the blog designing world.. didn't she do a great job.. If you looking for a new look for your blog stop over and leave a comment letting her know Musings of a Housewife

I mentioned that at 2AM the plows made it down our road.. I had just went to bed and next thing you know I hear this awful noise and see lights shining though my bedroom window, so I look out and these two snow plow trucks are getting stuck in the super deep snow.. I waited till they got the side road cleared then I jumped out of bed, I wanted to go see if it was still snowing so I turned on the back porch light and it wasn't. BUT the way the light was hitting the snow it was so pretty.. So like any good blogger I put on my boots and grabbed my camera.. DH was LOL at me outside in my PJ's, and my boats(no coat) taking pictures of the snow at 2AM. Let him laugh.. dontcha think this is pretty.

Sunday morning church was cancelled because of the roads and the snow. We knew this before going to bed so we didn't set an alarm and just slept till we woke up.. Normally the latest any of us would sleep without setting an alarm is 9am.. and most days more like 7:30 or 8am with the kids waking us up.. BUT not today, not with the time change.. I opened up my eyes and saw the clock and it said 10AM... OH NO!!!!! Princess's Basketball that got called off on Saturday was to be at noon today if it was still on and she has to be there 30 minutes early and on a good day it is a 20 to 25 minute drive.. So after finding out it was still on, we woke everyone up.. and rushed rushed rushed.. eat breakfast, get dress, packed up the van and away we went on the road by 11AM. The roads were so much nicer then they were on Friday night.. but still snow covered but we didn't see the accidents like we were seeing on Friday night.We were playing the 1st place team in our league they normally Kill us.. sad to say but true.. When we played them last I think we lost by 40 some points.. We played well today Really well.. at the end of the 1st quarter it was 4-8 but after that it went down hill.. half time they were up by 20. After the 1/2 we played even better.. not to good at getting the ball into the hoop because they stopped us each time.. but we held them better then we have in the last 2 years. So while Princess was playing.. here is the rest of the family(well I'm behind the camera so no pics of me this weekend LOL)

Mr Man, SweetPea and DH watching the game.. while Little Man played with his trains..

We ended up losing the game but only by 25 points.. Which is great.. The tournament was to end today but with no games being played on Saturday the girls have another game tomorrow night. After the game we had a nice lunch and then went grocery shopping for the week.. Got home and put the food away and had enough time to turn around before church/Awanas.. I ended up in the nursery tonight, the lady who was to be in there didn't show. It was a good thing anyways seeing how Little Man was having no part of leaving his mommy.. I don't think he is feeling all that great.. After church we had dinner and got the kids ready for bed and that was my weekend.. Even with all the snow it was a nice weekend.. How was your weekend??


palmtreefanatic said...

another busy weekend in the midst of snow like crazy!
It has definitely been one to remember! I am so surprised they didn't call off basketball! congrats on winning!

Sniz said...

What a weekend, what a lot of snow (is school canceled today?) and what a fun, cool game!

My weekend was full of I sit blogging when I should be doing all the other stuff I put off on the weekend. I'm so bad sometimes!

annie said...

I'm always surprised when they insist on having sports events, which are for fun to begin with, when it is so dangerous to travel. I don't get it.
Looks like a snowy weekend!

Jean said...

Wow your a busy girl! What part of Tx are visiting on spring break?

Courtney said...

I love your new blog look and we too got snow. Not nearly as much as you, but we did get about 13 inches! Not fun!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow - that is a lot of snow!! I'm glad that you had a nice weekend though. :)