Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday(smells)

Time Travel Tuesday Smells.. LOL.. well no not really Time Travel Tuesday as far as I know doesn't have a scent.. But this week our wonderful host Annie wants us to visit the scents that take us back in time.. here is what she said.

A couple of weeks ago I actually forgot to do a time travel for Tuesday… I mentioned that I would be open to suggestions…
So, today we are going to take one of those suggestions.
Jenny said,
” A smell that brings you back? (I know that when I put on Jergens’ lotion I am brought back to a little girl watching my mom put lotion on her hands)” Thanks for the suggestion Jenny!
So how about it? Any smells that take you back to a different time and place?
Smell is a very powerful thing.. It can trigger alot of different feeling and emotions and it often takes me back to different places, reminds me of different people, and makes me feel different things. Jenny mentioned the Jergens' lotion.. that triggers a memory for me every time I smell it.. It takes me back to when I was 9 years old and away at church sleep over camp.. My counselor that week used it often.. and I loved the way the cabin would smell when she was putting it on. At the time I didn't know it was Jergen's lotion I just remember that cherry almond smell.. A few years ago I needed some lotion and ran to the store and just grabbed something that wasn't too expensive and I happened to grab Jergens got home and used it and Could remember being in that cabin as a little girl thinking how wonderful it smelt. Next smell that takes me back in time and brings back good memories is the scent of the Olay night cream.. My Grandma(dad's mom) wouldn't go to bed at night without doing up her face and our(me and my sister when we spent the night there) Every time I use the stuff now it takes me back to being a little girl spending the night with grandma. Another smell that takes me back in time is still one of my favorite smells today.. Estee Lauders Beautiful. Another thing about my grandma(dad's mom) is she always wore perfume and as a little kid if I was to hug her or sit on her lap I would walk away smelling like grandma also.. I loved that and as a pre-teen wanted to smell not like grandma, but wanted to have my "own" smell also that when I was babysitting the kids sitting in my lap would remember that smell or that when my friends smelt that smell they would say.. OH that is what KC smells like.. WOW was i weird back then, LOL maybe I'm still weird.. My Grandma(dad's mom) bought me Beautiful one year when we were out shopping, I fell in love with it and it became "MY" perfume.. the one I wore daily and everyone of my friends knew what I wore and what my favorite perfume was.. I was about 12 when grandma bought it for me.. and I wore the same perfume on my wedding day.. Sadly I don't think I have bought any since Sweet pea was born 6 years ago.. Funny that is also when I became a full time stay at home mom. Guess I just spend the money on the kids now.. but it is worth it to be home with my babies.

Lets move on here.. to a smell that takes me back to when I was 1st dating DH. It was what DH wore all the time while we were dating.. About a month after I started dating DH I was going away on a French club trip for a week with the school.. DH bought me a Teddy Bear and sprayed it down with this so I could remember him on my trip The combo of Brut and Right Guard mixed with mom's perfume which I'm drawling a blank on the name.. reminds me of going to church every Sunday morning.. putting this stuff on would be the last thing they did before all of us jumping in the car... OH the headaches I would get on the way to church with the 5 of us all having our own sent..The last scent I'll share with you all today is Herbal Essences. Back in 1995 I tried this shampoo.. I honestly can't remember what it did for my hair if I liked it or not.. All I remember is my parents took me and my sister on a vacation in Florida that summer. DH had to work and wanted to save his vacation time for the next month when we were going to TN. So it was just my parents and my sister. I kept feeling tired on the whole way down there, and my tummy kept feeling funny. But I was still going to have fun darn-it.. I was on the beach in Florida.. so I would go into the ocean, and feel sick, Lay on the beach and feel sick, swim in the pool and feel sick.. and almost feel like I was going to lose it every time I ate something.. Well as bad as all of that was.. It was nothing like what I felt every time I took a shower.. the minute I would open up my shampoo this Herbal Essences stuff I would feel so sick and end up losing everything I ate.. After 2 days.. It didn't matter if I was using it or if my mom or sister was in the hotel shower using it and i was laying on the bed.. as soon as I spelt that smell I was running to the bathroom or the nearest trash can and vomiting my guts out.. A week later after getting home from Florida I found out I was 8 weeks along with Princess.. Still to this day the smell from Herbal Essences shampoo brings on a gagging effect for me. Now a day they make a ton of Herbal Essences shampoo.. I know this because Princess now 12 years old bought home a few different kinds.. one to make her hair curly one to make it lay flat and so on.. the purple and green bottles of the stuff I can use and nothing.. but the pink bottle has the same smell as the stuff I used while PG with her that sent me knelt down to the porcelain god for months and months and months Still to this day brings back a ton of those memories and makes me feel ill.
I could go on forever about scents that takes me back in time.. but I'll end this for today..
To visit others who are time traveling today or to play along, head on over to Annie's blog
You all have a wonderful Tuesday.
OH yeah.. scroll down or click HERE to make your guess in the movie quote meme.. there are still a few movies needing to be guessed at.. I'll post the answers tonight.


Barbara H. said...

Oh, that's funny about the Herbal Essence! Well, not really -- but it is. :-)

I used to have a couple of favorite perfumes, but for some reason scented things like perfumes and candles started giving me headaches.

palmtreefanatic said...

aaah nice scents;)

sheryl said...

This was a fun TTT wasn't it? I've enjoyed reading all the scent-triggered memories!
Although I don't use Jergens because it doesn't really do much for my dry skin, I still love that smell over almost any other lotion!

annie said...

Fun scents! I remember most of those!
I'm going to work on your siggy now... I'll email you.