Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Recap (March 28-30, 2008)

Hello my blogging friends.. I'm now home safe and sound got home a few hours ago and thought I better get a weekend recap up and going.. I debated on doing a weekend recap and thought of just doing a whole week recap since I didn't get a chance to blog last week while I was gone.. but figured that would take forever.. So though out this week when I have time I'll be sharing stories and pictured from our trip to TX.

As for this weeks Weekend Recap.. here we go.Friday was the day we were leaving TX.. So we woke up early got dress ate breakfast and loaded up the van.. loaded the kids in the van and away we went.. We pulled out of my sisters driveway before 8am TX time.(picture above is taken in the front yard of one of my sisters neighbors down the road a bit and the one on bottom is standing in my sisters driveway looking up at her place at the bottom you can see my dad getting the van ready for our trip home)
We took a different route home then we took going down to TX. So our stopping point for the night wasn't in Tennessee it was in Missouri.. We drove about 550 miles Friday then relaxed in the hotel pool and hot tub.Friday on our way to the hotel Princess got sick started running a fever and also started complaining about one of her teeth bothering her.. and after swimming Sweet Pea was barking like a seal and running a 101.4 temp So about 10pm my dad and I was out looking for some medicine for the two of them once we got it in them they both slept well.. Little man had got sick while at my sisters but thankfully seemed to be on the mend for the trip home..

Saturday we got up bright and early ate breakfast loaded the van and was on our way.. we drove and drove and had the kids looking for the arch in St Louis the 1st one to spot it got a dollar.. but I think they all saw it at the same time.. so far no one has asked for there dollar LOL..Here is a shot from the van window.. ONLY Mr Man didn't think this view would do at all.. He wanted to get closer so we stopped and he thought that the arch could use some help from him to hold it up. We had planned to walk a bit and go over to the arch.. ONLY Princess wasn't feeling well and we needed to get going. after a long long drive we made it to our home state.. 3 hours south of our home.. That was were we were meeting up with my DH to drop Princess off to him.. You see Princess has quit her traveling tournament team which was closer to our home(I'll go more into this story in some other post) and has been picked up by the #1 ranked team in the state to play with them this spring/summer(Only it's 3 hours away which is another story for another post) She was to meet up with the team Saturday night for a game and team pictures... When we got to DH he was missing his family who had been away from him for the last 9 days so he asked us all to stay with him so we moved all our stuff from my parents van into our van and my Parent headed home
It was about 6pm and Princess didn't have to meet up with her team till 8pm so we all went back to the hotel room DH had for himself and Princess.. since he wasn't expecting us all it wasn't a big room and didn't have a pool it was just a place to sleep but it was nice to have the 6 of us together again. We unloaded the van and I found out I had left a bag in my parents van.. The bag with the kids Tylenol and my makeup and my glasses and contact case... OOPES.. So DH went down the road and found a target and picked up the Tylenol for the kids and a contact case for me.. I lived with out my make up last night and today..
While he was gone Princess took a nap, she was feeling better he tummy wasn't bothering her anymore and her tooth wasn't hurting(save that story for the end of my post) but she was tired from the drive.. as were we all.. 550 miles on Friday and about 600 miles give or take a few on Saturday.. So we all just laid around watching TV.. Are game plan was to take Aubrie let her meet the team get the pictures and watch the game but not have her play since she had been sick the night before and most of the day Saturday.. ONLY she was feeling better and wanted to play..
We got to the place about 8pm she was given her new uniform and I forgot the camera so no pictures.. She didn't get to pitch but she started 2nd base and played the whole game.. she was up to bat 3 times.. got walked the 1st time, strike out the 2nd and had a super hard line drive past 2nd base and into center field on the 3rd.. The games were running behind because the umpire got hurt during the game before ours(that is a funny story also well not for the poor man who took two hard pitches in a row and needed to take a break to ice himself) Anyways Princess game didn't get started till 9:30pm and didn't end till close to 11pm so they didn't do the team picture after the game like they had planned..

WOW ok my recap is getting along again.. so I'll speed this up.. Saturday after the game got pizza and went to bed.. woke up Sunday Princess and DH went to the team meeting and I packed up and bathed the kids. DH picked us back up and by noon we were on the road.. after a few stops for the bathroom and a break for lunch and another one for gas we got home about 4pm..
My Parents were at my house working on DH car which broke down on Tuesday while we were gone.. that is fixed and running now. We unpacked the van.. DH went to bed so he could go to work tonight.. I did a little unpacking.. I"m tired and saving the rest for tomorrow. I did however do 3 loads of laundry.. and cooked dinner.. fed the kids got got there stuff ready for school in the morning.. Funny they got out of school Thursday the March 20 and we left for our trip an hour and a half after they got home and here we are just getting home and they go back to school tomorrow.. LONG spring break but it was nice.

Now back to life.. Princess is set to get her braces put on Tuesday.. ONLY Friday her tooth started hurting her.. I called her dentist while on the road at 4:30pm Friday only to find that they closed at 4pm and they are not open on weekends.. Her tooth is only hurting her on and off and only when she eats something or drinks something sweet.. BUT I NEED to get her seen tomorrow at her dentist if at all humanly possible or I will have to cancel her appointment with then orthodontist on Tuesday morning... UGH UGH UGH... So tomorrow(Monday) I'm going to have to call 1st thing in the morning and pray that the dentist can see her.... wish me luck..

Well there is my recap for this weekend.. if you wrote about yours let me know.. and I'll try to stop by between running kids to the dentist and unpacking and grocery shopping and all this fun stuff that coming home from a vacation entitles..
Have a wonderful week y'all and don't forget to check back a time or two this week for more pictures from my time in TX.

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Carol Van Rooy said...

Glad to see your travels ended safely and hope the kids are all feeling much better.

annie said...

Glad you are home, I'm tired just reading about all that driving!!!

Jen said...

Wow, that is a TON of driving! I'm glad you are home safe. It looks like you had a lot of fun, barring the unexpected sickness with our kids. That's not any fun :(

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! what a time! I am glad you are home safe and sound, sounds like you now need another vacation to unwind, lol!

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better now, we had that flu bug in our home this week! no fevers but vomiting! UGH!
Everyone is fine now!

Glad to hear all went well this week! Good luck with the Dentist, my kids are going today at 4:30 for their cleanings...

Kristi said...

It's good to be home after a vacation worth of driving.

We are driving to St. Louis at the end of the month but I don;t think we're going to take the kids up this time. Hopefully they will enjoy looking at it. We're going to a few other places while we're there instead.

Good luck at the dentist.

Heather said...

What an adventure!~ Glad you guys are all safe and sound and that the kids are feeling better and your cars are all running now.

Good luck at the dentist!!

Heather said...

What an adventure!~ Glad you guys are all safe and sound and that the kids are feeling better and your cars are all running now.

Good luck at the dentist!!

CC said...


Okay I totally misinterpreted this "and after swimming Sweet Pea was barking like a seal" and I thought she was really barking--you know since she was swimming and all! LOL!

We went up the Arch when moving across the country. Otherwise, I probably haven't been to any of the other places you went to on your adventure...

Veggiemomof2 said...

{waves as you pass thru StL}