Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Recap(Feb 29 - March 2,08)

This Picture I tool Friday morning looking out my back window

Here we are another weekend gone. This weekend wasn't too extremely busy. I got some time at home this weekend which hasn't happened the past few weekends. On Friday afternoon DH and I, along with Little Man went and got groceries.. Came home made lunch and tried to get Little Man down for a nap. ONLY he wasn't having any part of a nap, this has been happening more and more lately. When school was over and Mr Man and Sweet Pea got home I feed them an early dinner. Then Princess got home and she changed her cloths and ate her dinner and we were off.

We took Mr Man over to spend the night with my grandpa and we picked up my grandma. We(DH, Grandma, Princess, Sweet Pea, Little Man and I)went to Princess basketball league tournament. It started at 7pm but Princess needed to be there at 6:30pm So we left town at 5:45pm to get there.

Princess was a started and played all of but a minute of the 1st half she did really well and so did the team. It was a close game though out the whole game.

Remember I told you Little Man didn't get a nap?? Well on the way to the game he had fell asleep in the carseat, so when we got there I stayed out in the van with him for that half hour before the game started and I carried a sleeping little man into the game when I went in. He woke up just for a few minutes and then slept the whole first half of the game. Grandma wanted to hold him since she doesn't get to hold my sleeping boy very often since when he is awake he is always on the go. Here is a short clip of the game.

In this shot here Princess had just shot the ball waiting for it to fall in. She is the 3rd girl from the left in the blue. Sadly they lost and knocked out of the league tournament. Next weekend they are in an extra tournament there coach got them into.. So they have one more week of there basketball season for the 2007/2008 school year.

After the game Princess went and spent the night with her friend from the team JW and Mr Man spent the night with my grandma and grandpa and Sweet Pea went home from the basketball game with my parents to spend the night.. So DH and Little Man and I were home alone.

Saturday morning felt weird, It was the 1st time since November that NO ONE had a basket ball game in the morning.. So the fact that I could sleep in(well to 8:30am) and not have to rush and get dress felt very odd to me. So in the morning I took it slow.. slow to wake up, slow to eat, even took a nice long shower after breakfast. Then I went and picked up a few items that I forgot to get when i was out shopping on Friday and I also looked around for the boys Easter outfits, Now I have everyone clothed for Easter except Princess must find her an outfit soon.

When I got home Princess had made it home and it was time for lunch so we ate and at 1:45pm my Parents came over and had Mr Man and Sweet Pea with them(they stopped by grandma's and got Mr Man)

Dad was over to see if he could clean out my dryer vent because my clothes weren't drying and air wasn't blowing outside when I turned the dryer on. and then he was going to try to get our computers networked so we can be online on both computers at the same time. Mom was with him because she was going to babysit for me while DH and I took Princess to her softball game.

Here are a few pics from the game.. I tell ya I can't wait to get the video camera back and running because the camera while it might take a few nice video clips it doesn't do action still shots very well at all. Where if I had the regular video camera working I could just video tape it all and pull still shots off of that and they look so nice that way.. unlike these ones.. but here they are none the less. Not a good week for Princess sports team the softball team lost also.. but they looked better this week then last, and Princess did really well for her 1st time pitching at the older level. Last year she played 10U and this year moved up to 12U meaning they move back farther and they use a bigger ball. This winter league she is playing on is a Jr High league so most of the girls she is playing ageist are 2 years older then she is.. but she is doing well pitching and hitting off of them.. The team she is playing the winter league for is her summer traveling tournament team, they are using this league as practices for the summer.

We got home about 6pm and Princess had a basketball team slumber party to get to over at the coaches house, and Mr Man and Sweet Pea wanted to go spend the night with my parents.. So Little Man, DH and I were home alone again.. We watched The Wedding Crashers on tv and went to bed.. oh what an exciting evening.. but it was more time at home on a weekend which I'm not use to LOL.

Sunday was church.. Only Little Man wasn't feeling to well and after I got him dress and he ate breakfast.. I was getting dress and he passed out and was sleeping when I felt him he felt like he had a fever So DH stayed home with him. I went and picked up Princess and we were off to Church. After church I had all the kids come home with me since they were gone all weekend. When I got home DH had lunch all ready to eat.. We ate and watched the UT/UK basketball game.. funny stuff I tell ya.. I didn't really watch a bit of the game.. Just Mr Man and DH.. you see Mr Man is a big UT fan while DH is an all time fan of UK.. UT won Mr Man is a happy boy.. ONLY after the game he said.. "MOM I don't feel well" sure enough he was feeling hot to the touch also..

At 3pm DH took Princess to a softball practices she had here in town.. I guess the Jr High is starting up a new league here in town playing other schools around the area. This is the 1st year that Jr High is going to have fastpitch softball, and the 1st time there is a league in the area.. We got a call(LOL more like 4 calls) asking us(more like bagging us) if Princess could play with them. Here in our town Princess isn't in Jr High yet.. In our town Jr High is 7th and 8th grade.. but this league lets 6th graders play because some of the schools have 6, 7 and 8th grade middle schools. I guess the team has been practising for a month now.. but was really without a picture they heard about Princess being a picture but didn't think to ask her.. UNTIL two weeks ago Princess and DH was at an indoor place sports place and she was there practicing with DH her pitching.. and the head Jr high coach was there and saw her pitch.. next thing you know I"m getting 3 or4 calls from him and 2 calls from the asst coach telling us they really want her on the team and that they know she is busy with basketball and her other softball team.. so if making it to practices with there team is a problem it is ok, they know she does softball year round and she doesn't even have to make the practices LOL.. This is some crazy stuff I tell ya..

So she went today to see if she wants to play with them, I think she is going too, but they are practicing three times a week and there is no way we can add that to what she is already doing.. So we might let her practise with them once a week.. There season is only a month long anyways.. They will be playing 4 weekends. a double header each weekend.. so a total of 8 games in the month of April. I think her winter league with her other team will be over then.

While they were gone my parents stopped over because Mr Man had left his Bible at there house this morning and he needed it for Awana's.. So while they were here I had my dad drive my van. On the way home from church this morning I felt a shimmy in it.. He thought I needed an alignment. So he drove me to walmart to drop off my van and then brought me back home.. Then He and mom took off shopping.. DH and Princess got home at 5:30pm and we went and got the van.. I'm not 100% sure that my problem in the van is fixed or not. Guess time will tell. After getting the van it was time to take off to church only at this point I had 3 kids not feeling well. Princess, Mr Man and Little Man. DH was going to bed since he had to work tonight So I just dropped off and picked up Sweet Pea at Awana's. When I went in to pick her up after wards.. I had all these leaders coming up to me telling me how impressed they were with her.. She had learned all the verses in her book and started the review of it where she has to say all the verses over again with NO helps or clues at all. And tonight Sweet Pea said 24 verses.. I guess they had never seen anyone say that many word perfect at one time before.. The leaders were all excited about this and Sweet Pea was all like what's the big deal I learned them all before all I had to do was say them again LOL... by next week she will have finished her whole book twice.. Not sure what she will do for the next 3 months of club. They also gave her her plaque tonight for clubber of the month.
Now we have two of them to hang up Mr Man's and Sweet Peas's, both from this year.

I'm tired and it is after 1am early Monday morning or late Sunday however you want to look at it.. BUT you see I can't go to bed.. while I was taking Sweet Pea to church at 6pm Little Man thought he would fall asleep.. he slept till 11pm and now he is wide awake and I can't get him to fall back to sleep.. I have him on the couch watching Nemo in the dark right now.. but he is still awake.. I might just grab a pillow and blanket and sleep on the floor while he watches tv.. ONLY problem is I have to get up early because I have to help in Sweet Peas kindergarten class in the morning.. so so sleepy.. I'll need tooth picks for my eyes in the morning.

Guess I'll end this book now.. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

PS: today is my cousins birthday.. I'm not sure how often she reads my blog.. but if you are out there reading.. Happy Birthday


Heather said...

I love that your Awana club gives clubber of the month with a plaque, ours doesn't but I think that would be a great incentive! Glad you got some home time this weekend!

Aisha said...

Wow, princess is really into sports! That is so cool. I used to play basketball too but I stopped because I wasn't fit enough lol but volleyball is really my favorite sports.

MomOf3 said...

It sounds like you had a busy weekend! Glad you were able to get a little break on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

What a busy weekend! That transition from napping to no napping is so rough! They don't want to take one, but they are exhausted by late afternoon. I am sure we will be going through that soon with my three year old. Right now, I am enjoying the naps while I can! Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with Gatlinburg info. I REALLY appreciate it!

Midlife Mom said...

I wish our Awana group gave out plaques like that, like Heather said it's quite an incentive for the kids. Your kids have done so well, that's a lot of verses to remember and say word perfect! I think Awana is one of the best children's programs around, they really learn those verses and that will stay with them the rest of their life.

Melanie said...

So, THAT was a slow weekend for you? I can't imagine- that would have been crazy busy in my eyes.

Sniz said...

What talented, athletic kids you have. You are so blessed!