Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Recap(March 14-16)

Each week you fine folks have been reading about what my family and I have done over the weekend, I would love to read about how you all spent your weekend also.. So Play along. Either tell me about your weekend in my comment section or write your own post at your blog and link up over hear so we all can come by and read it.
I had a different sort of weekend, as in I didn't go to a single sporting event the whole weekend.. if you have been keeping up with my Weekend Recaps you know this is something new for me. LOL
Friday night we had a family celebration, to celebrate my mom birthday and my Grandma's birthday.. Grandma will be turning 75 on Friday, but we all are leaving to head down to TX that day, so Friday night my parents, my uncle, my grandparents all went out to dinner together.(everyone except DH and Princess because Princess had ball practices)
After dinner my parents came back to my place because the boys were going to spend the night with them.. After they left Sweet Pea and I went on an Easter shoe hunt.. A what you ask.. an Easter shoe hunt.. You know where you go store to store trying to find a pair of nice church shoes that your 6 year old not only likes but that the store has in her size.. OH what a hard hunt that was..
You see Thursday I found a pair I knew she would love at Kohl's so I picked them up for her in the size her foot last measured at a size 13. Got home tried them on her and they are way too big. So went back to Kohl's Friday night and they didn't have a 12 only 11's and they were too small.. So we hit about 5 other stores and she didn't see anything she liked as much as the ones I had picked up for her.. She did find a pair she said would be OK but sadly they didn't have a size that fit her either.. So we gave up and went home.

Saturday morning the High School drama club was having a Beauty and the Beast pancake breakfast and at it they had all the drama club in there costumes and was doing pictures with the kids.. For $5 they were also doing Princess hair styles for the girls. Sweet Pea wanted to do this.. I was hoping to get a picture with her and Belle but she was having NO part in standing with anyone for mom to take a picture..(remember she is the shy one) But she was all for having her hair done like a princess. The salt shaker was the one who got to do Sweet Pea's hair. After we left there we hit all the stores in our hunt for Easter shoes. Yes I know most of you hunt Easter Eggs, but we were hunting Easter shoes. Couldn't find anything that she liked.. So we tossed up our hands and went and got ice cream. While the two of us were doing all of this, my dad had my boys and he took them to his barber and the 3 of them got here hair cut so they will look sharp for Easter. Also during this time Princess and DH thought they would help me out by doing the grocery shopping for the week..
Back to me and Sweet Pea we got home with full bellies from ice cream.. and helped put the groceries away and then I made lunch.. OOPES lunch.. I knew that ice cream wasn't the best idea but it was tasty:) After lunch I got Princess dressed and all packed up and her and DH was out the door at 2pm.. She was heading off to her softball game and right from there to Chuck E Cheeses for her friend SF 12 birthday party. DH meet up with the group for the party and dropped Princess off and got back to town about 7pm.
After they left at 2pm Sweet Pea and I got ourselves dressed and ready for a fun evening. ONLY Sweet Pea wasn't liking the princess hair style she got in the morning, guess it wasn't "Princessey" for her, so she wanted me to do her hair up like a princess. Here is how we did. After getting her all dolled up I got dress and we waited for my parents to show up. Mom and Dad was able to get 4 tickets to a Passion Play called The Road to the Cross. The play was being put on by a church in the town that my Dad grew up in an hour away from our place.. So dad and mom was dropping the boys off at my grandparents house where they would wait for DH to pick them up and then picking me and Sweet Pea up. Here is a shot of me and Sweet Pea waiting for them. Not a bad picture for me holding the camera out in front of us and taking a self photo LOL. My Parents got to my house about 4pm and off we went.. the play was really good. I always seem to cry when they are hanging Jesus on the tree.. Even when I know the end of the story, I just can't help it.. Here are some pictures of Sweet Pea with my mom and dad while waiting for the play to start. I was going to get a few video clips from the play but Sweet Pea ended up in my lap and I didn't get any pictures or clips except this one

After the play we continued our Easter Shoe hunt. We headed over to the Kohl's in that area got there 30 minutes before closing and THANKFULLY they had the size 12 in the shoes that she loved.. Easter Shoe Hunt over.. !!!!!!!
Then about 9pm we headed over to Eat & Park and had dinner.. We got home about 10:30pm
I walked into my living room to find DH and Little Man sleeping on the middle of the floor it was so cute.
Sunday was a normal Sunday with church in the morning a peaceful(well except the kids fighting over toys) afternoon at home then Awanas/church at night. It was school sprit night at Awana's and Mr Man was a little disappoint that his crazy blue and yellow outfit didn't win(man I should have took pictures of them all decked out but I was running behind and had no time to grab the camera) But Sweet Pea was way too excited seeing how she was the one that did win the prize. Sweet Pea had a good night at awanas.. said all her verses and not only did she win the school sprit award she also won in the dodge ball match, another thing that Mr Man was bummed about. Before putting the boys to bed Sunday night I combed there hair(which neither of them was too happy about LOL) so I could take a picture of there new hair cuts to blog about LOL.Mr Man and his new cut at the top and Little Man with his at the bottom
When I was loading the boys pictures off the camera I found these two self shots of Princess.. She must have been messing with the camera on the way to church Sunday night(see I took the camera with me to get there crazy outfits but ran out of time and got there late) But since she went out her way to take these shots of herself.. I figure I should blog them also.. So here is Princess.
This my friends was my weekend.. I hope you all had a great weekend also and don't forget to tell me about it.


Fantastagirl said...

You were busy - but the pictures are awesome - love the "princess hair"! I did a weekend update post - without knowing about this - stop over!

The Edwards said...

You are alway so busy like us, GREAT pics. I did just a little weekend tap. Thanks for alway sharing with US!

Sniz said...

What a busy, fun weekend. Your kids are blessed to be part of such a wonderful family. And I LOVE the sparkly hair!!!

Heather said...

I never know how you do it! You do as much running in a weekend as I do in 2 weeks! Thanks for the update.

MomOf3 said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love all the pictures! My sister and nephew are visiting this week so I have lots of pictures on my blog. Come on over if you have time! :)

Melanie said...

I always enjoy your weekend recaps. I just don't know how you do it all! If I played along my post would say something like "I sat around in my pjs... did some cleaning and sat around some more." Pretty boring compared to yours!

Maybe I'll play along after next weekend though since it will be Easter and we'll certainly do something besides sit around all weekend.

Courtney said...

Great pics! Not too busy of a weekend this time I see, nice break I suppose?

Mike and I were supposed to have a date night, but he caught the flu so I stayed out of the house as much as possible with the girls.

CC said...

Your kids are soooo cute!!! I love your daughter's hair. Just gorgeous!

Mel's World said...

Whoa, you were really busy! Great pictures of the kids!!!