Friday, March 14, 2008

Faith-Life Friday(3/14/08)

Encourage others and yourself! Share a scripture, quote, devotional, lyrics, or anything that has blessed you and strengthened you in your faith.

The way God works in my life, His timing, His Love.. It just all amazes me.. I know He works in our life, I know he has a plan for us and He works that Plan in His Time.. but every time I see God working in my life, I still just have to take a deep breath and stand in amazement, of What a wonderful All powerful, All Knowing God we have. God is so good.
I was gone this evening out with my oldest and my grandmother, We didn't get home till late(well late for a mom with young children on a school night LOL) As I walked in the door my thoughts were on getting DH off to work, the kids to bed and then What will I write on my blog for my Faith-Lift Friday post.. Normally though my weekly Bible reading God will lay a verse or something on my heart to share.. and this week I just never had anything jump out at me, well not anything that I felt lead to post for the Faith-Lift post. Then my thoughts went right back to getting DH up and out the door because I was late we were rushing around.. He went and got the mails.. bills, bills bills and more bills..
In the last week it seemed that the stress of this life had just been adding up.. Starting last Thursday when DH company did a big layoff and told the workers that was still there that come June if things don't pick up they will have to lay off more people and go down to 2 shifts instead of 3. That alone is enough to stress a person.. Then Add to that the fact that gas went up again and it is costing about $120 a week in gas just for DH to make it to work.. DH said to me.. if Gas hits $4 or more I just don't know what we are going to do..
After he left for work I sat down with that stack of bills that just came out of our mailbox mixed in there was a envelope card shaped and sort of thick. I saw who it was from, a older lady who was friends with DH's grandmother when she was alive, and who attends church with my IL's. Not that I was trying to be rude but I tossed it aside, I didn't have time to sit and read a big thick letter at that moment.. I had to figure out where to get the money to pay all these bills steering me in the face. I open up one after the other.. so much here so much there..
Things have been really tight since DH was sick and off work without pay for those 2 months back in the fall . Sure we got our income tax check in, but by the time we paid back the people who so lovingly loaned us money to live on those 2 months and got caught up on the things we let get behind during that time and the oldest need braces(no really she does and they are getting put on April 1) That check is gone and then some. So I sat there feeling a bit sick about all of these things.. I opened the last bill and sorted them all out.. and there sat this letter..
Feeling sort of down, I picked up the letter on the back of the envelope was written. "Those Who Let God Provide Be Satisfied" I opened it up and there was a card along with a letter. The card read on the front "You're on my heart...." Inside "And in my prayers." with Romans 15:13 printed at the bottom. " Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost."
Hand written inside was written this " Special to Jesus, Special to me. You will be provided for-Why? God Knows your needs. His timing always right and on time. He has a future for you two. Love Sis. Marge + Br. Don"
That alone was enough to make me stop and turn this all over to God.. It just touched my heart so much.. But I still hadn't read the letter so I unfolded the 4 pages and was blessed even more.. So much so that God laid it on my heart to share this letter with all of you tonight.(or early Friday morning as the case maybe)
Here is the letter.
She had her good morning greeting to me and DH and then went on to say
"Before my day is started God is telling me to sit down and drop in to chat with you two. The Lord has made this day "Give us this day-our Daily (food) Bread". God always provides for our needs. We all sometimes get all involved in this 21st Century of Provisions. God Knows our needs & He even supplies MORE!! As Bible says the Righteous will never be forsaken- His Promises are sure & un removable! All we need to do is put our faith into Action- feet to our faith. He Saved us , now it is up to us to be Obedient to Him. When we aren't obedient our faith is, dead faith, in any Spiritual area. Some Don't Read there Bibles, don't pray(enough) Saved and don't come forward or don't even attend church- How Sad!
Sometimes Satan works in so many ways, He will get you depressed, anxious, worried. Anyways Except Peace, Joy, contentment. We are to look to Him. one day at a time!! Remember the birds, the flowers, Ever read about the Ravens...
We are to trust God, His Kingdom, His Righteousness, Nothing is about us!!! It's all about me, some think today. "Me-centric" me me me self. He feed the sparrows can't he feed and give us our needs. YES!!!!
He works in many ways to get to those in need. Sent one widow woman one time to feed those in need. Sent ravens with food, People can be the Ravens He sends :)
We all need to trust God!! Walmart, Target Fords, can't give us our provisions, can't give us contentment.. God says "be anxious for nothing" Why should we even start to worry about tomorrow.. He is already There!! He already knows yours needs :) :) He will Provide.. You two can't see the future.. HE Knows the Past, present, future!! Thank you Lord :) He knows exactly what you need! We all have trials in this life on earth. Why do we? Because He wants our attention. He provides, He heals because of the Glory He wants us to give Him. To Thank Him :)
Why Me? some will say, Well why not me? Who do we think we are. Look at Jesus's life(He did for you as if you were only one) and look at all the apostiles, what they went through and what did they say? "Count it all Joy"
God wants us to Obey Him, He has to be #1 in our life. People die, we can't find happiness in man, Happiness is in the Lord :)
When we worry show we are not trusting in HIM, because if we were we wouldn't be worrying! Faith and worry do not go together.
It really takes being committed to God and his Written Word. Reading and not applying it doesn't do any good.......
When one belongs to Him, we don't need to help Him do His Job. He will take care of us, correct us, keep us, "saved"
We each have a job to do as His children. Be thankful we can. .....
At this point of the letter she goes on talking about the kids and DH and the IL's and attached a gift card to Cracker Barrel for DH and I to go out and leave the kids with Grandma(my IL's is who she was referring to.)
Talk about TIMING... There are no accidents in the life of a Christian.. God plans it all.. We haven't seen or talked to this dear lady since September when DH was in the hospital and she came to visit.. She didn't know what was going on in our lives.. She just knew what God had laid on her heart to write to us that day.. and She didn't know it would get to me the same day as a pile of bills and didn't know I would open and read it when I did.. BUT GOD DID...
so I say thank you not only to this lady for her obedience to God, but to my wonderful loving Lord and Savior Jesus.. I love you so much Dear Lord.
Philippians 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
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and if my sister or my BIL is out there reading.. I'm sorry I forgot to call to wish BIL a happy birthday.. I meant to call right before I sat down with this letter and then read it and started posting and forgot to call and now seeing how it is 12:40AM it is too late.. so I'll have to send belated I'm a bad sister in law birthday wishes tomorrow(today Friday)..


Janne said...

What a wonderful letter, and by sharing it, you have blessed ME through your friend as well! With our housing situation up in the air, and all the stress that entails, I need to reminders.

The Edwards said...

Wonderful letter, and THANKS for sharing it.

Heather said...

What timing. I love how the lord works in ways we never imagine. That letter was truly a blessing for you and what a great reminder to give it over to our Father who will always take those burdens and worries for us.
Blessings on you and your family:)

palmtreefanatic said...

what a wonderful letter, Thanks for the faith lift!
have a great weekend KC!

annie said...

I love when things happen like that. There is just no doubt it is a hug straight from God and we just are left feeling loved and thankful.

Tiffany said...

KC! This touched me more than you will know! What a beautiful letter. Thank you for reminding me. And you also reminded me that it was my MIL's birthday yesterday and I didn't call. Ay!

MomOf3 said...

I absolutely love your Faith Lift Fridays! Thank you for sharing this wonderful letter! I am trying FLF this week too. Stop by if you'd like! :)

Courtney said...

Oh how amazing. There are no accidents is certainly right! I'm sitting here crying with your lift that has certainly lifted me! Thanks for sharing.

sheryl said...

What a sweet blessing! Thanks for sharing the encouragement and the reminder of God's faithfulness.
Have a blessed weekend.
We'll be praying for you and your honey in these uncertain economic times.

twinklemom said...

What a wonderful letter...I love that!! Thank you so much for sharing that! Talk about an inspiring post!