Monday, March 17, 2008

Movie Meme part 2

I am having so much fun with the Movie Meme I posted as part of my Meme Monday(3/17/08) post.
I had planned to come back and give the answers tonight.. but I think I'm going to give you all more time to see if anyone can figure them out.. Maybe tomorrow night I'll share what movies they are from.. but thought I would give you a few more hints..

First if you haven't seen the Meme you can find it by clicking HERE.

Now for some hints.

#1 Is not Dirty Dancing like Lauren guessed, and It is not The Rose like Cricket hearth guessed.. It does have singing and dancing in it. and the new hint is the quote came from the beginning of the movie. and the movie came out in 1978 I saw it with my parents as a kid when it 1st came out and loved it and it has been one of my all time favorites since.

#2 is part of a trinity of a movie.. The 1st movie of this came out in 2003 but I thought it didn't look like a movie I would want to see so I didn't watch it till it was on TV in 2006 right before the 2nd part of the movie came out. The quote came from the 2nd movie.. The 3rd part of this movie came out This past summer and I saw it at the drive in this summer 3 times.. We now own all 3 of these movies on DVD and they are part of my oldest sons favorite movies..

#3 was a movie that came out in 2003 I guess it would be kids movie more then an adult movie but it is still on of my favorites OH and another hint would be it is a remake of a 1976 movie.

#4 was answered by Kristi and the movie was Sweet Home Alabama I could watch this movie over and over..

#5 was answered by Lauren and the movie was Legally blond.. I like both the Legally blond movies.. I use to have them both on DVD until someone left the 1st one on the floor and I stepped on it and broke it.

#6 is a Classic.. came out in 1939 and based on a Novel. I could give a hint but it wouldn't be really fear to those of you who don't know my kids real name so only those bloggers who know me in real life would get it.. so I guess that is all the hinting I'll give you on that one.

#7 Heather guessed right It is Ella Enchanted.. LOVE this movie it is so funny.. I think Princess and Sweet Pea are sick of me saying "hey lets what Ella Enchanted" Princess also had to read the book a few months ago because it was the book she was going to have to be quized over for her Quiz bowl match with her academic challenge team.

#8 The next one is also put of a trilogy from the late 70's early 80's the 1st one came out in 1977, the 2nd one in 1980 and the 3rd one in 1983 The quote came from the 2nd movie the 1980 one. Here is a big hint that should give this one away.. They came out with a 2nd trilogy for this movie the 1st one came out in 1999, the 2nd in 2002 and the 3rd in 2005 and I'm a big fan of all 6 of them.

#9 is a very long heart touching story that still leaves me in tears every time I watch it. It was a big block buster.. DH took me to see this movie twice when it came out in 1997 and then bought it for me when it went on sale. another hint there is lots of water.

#10 is part of a comedy trilogy.. 1st one came out in 1997, 2nd one in 1999 and the 3rd in 2002. The quote is from the 2nd one.

NOW head over to HERE.. look at those quotes and keep those guesses coming.. Tuesday night before I go to bed.. I'll post the answers. So look for them late Tuesday night or on Wednesday morning..


Courtney said...

8. Star Wars
9. Titanic

Thanks for the HUGE hints!

Jean said...

1. Grease? I love Grease!
2. Bourne Idenity maybe?
Im still thinking on the others. I'm going to have to this meme.