Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Time Travel Tuesday Easter

Growing up, Easter was _________________.

Share your Easter traditions. Did you have egg hunts every year? A new dress? Was it a spiritual event in your family, or just a fun day

Today Anne our host of Time travel Tuesday wants to know about our Easters growing up..

Wow, I could write forever on this topic, but I was gone all day at Princess county wide Academic Challenge Tournament..(I'll post about that tonight or tomorrow) and I just got home. My kids will be getting home from school soon so I don't have time to do this post up right with pictures and all.. But I will say Easters growing up were fun and busy.. Really fun and Really busy.

Alot of years we would do a over night trip to Niagara Falls Canada. We would leave on Good Friday and come home late Saturday night. One year we took my mom's parents with us, another year we took my dad's parents with us. A few year us kids got to take friends with us.. It was always so much fun.. Sometimes it was warm other years we were in a ton of snow and freezing.. but it was always a blast.

Easter Mornings we would get up and hunt for our Easter Baskets, then eat breakfast then get dress and go to Sunday school and Church.. Then after church would go to my dad's parents house for a big Easter Lunch normally Ham some times Turkey and Ham with all the trimmings. We would also get to hunt for Easter Baskets over there. Later on in the afternoon we would drive an hour over to my Mom's parents house and have Easter Dinner.. Also a different kind of ham and a tray of all sorts of cooled cut meats of sorts.. goodness I don't even know what kind of meats they were, I'm sure my mom could tell me, It was stuff like polish sausage and stuff. If it was warm out my grandma would have an Easter egg hunt in her back yard, if not we would do it in her basement and then we would be given our baskets from Grandma and my aunt.(all the cousins were there)

I did get a new Easter dress every year.(goodness I still need to get Princess her Easter outfit for this year and time is just flying by) It was both a spiritual event and a fun day in my family, and still is.

Maybe I'll write more Easter memories on Thursday if I get time..

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palmtreefanatic said...

hmmmm sounds great! I always wanted to go to Niagra Falls!

I have not even really thought about Easter and Kedrics birthday which comes RIGHT after, UGH!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Great memories!
Thanks for sharing.


sheryl said...

A fun read! Sounds like Easter's were filled with family, fun, and made lots of sweet memories.
Thanks for sharing.

Jodi said...

Great memories!

Midlife Mom said...

Those were wonderful times with your family. Thaks for sharing them with us!!! xoxo

Kristi said...

My husband and I have as many discussions about Easter traditions as we do Christmas trying to mesh our two backgrounds together. We're still working on it and tweak it every year. I am trying to think of more ways to bring the spiritual side more prominent on our home. We are going to use Resurrection eggs this year and see how it goes.

annie said...

Love your Easter memories K.C.~

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Wow Niagra Falls??? How cool that must've been!

Can you believe my husband went out and bought my daughter Easter dress this year? He did a great job, too!

IRENE said...

You wrote beautifully about all the comings and goings of Easter. I can almost feel both the excitement and the hustle. Thanks for sharing, and many happy Easters to you and your family.

Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

We always get the entire family together for an egg hunt and the girls are always decked out in easter gear!

kim said...

How lucky you were to have so much extended family connected to you--that alone builds so many memories. Thanks for sharing--mine is finally up--couldn't resist this topic even though it was late getting there.