Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend Recap(May 30- June 1, 2008) Plus Princess well visit.

Another Monday, Another weekend gone by, this means it's time for my Weekend Recap. We had another full week, only this time we had less traveling then the past few weekends.

This Friday May 30,08 both Princess and Mr Man had ball games. Really Princess had two games one for her Tournament team(which she played in) and One for her League team(which she missed). The League team ended up losing that game and there game on Saturday which Princess didn't make it to either.

Now on to what we did do Friday not what we didn't.

Friday DH took off work an hour early to help me pack everything and so we could be on the road by 3:45pm.. School got out, DH picked up Princess and brought her home to get ready for her game, while I picked up Mr Man and Sweet Pea and dropped those two off over at my grandma's house, where they stayed until my parent got there to take Mr Man to his ball game which was at 7pm that night. Sadly Mr Man's team ended up losing that game, but Mr Man had a few nice hits out into the grass for a few points. It was also his snack day and he enjoyed bring those. Since I wasn't there I didn't get pictures but here is one of him from his 2nd ball game back on May 22, 08

After his game my parents took him back to my grandparents where I picked them up that night.

Mean while while they were doing that, DH, Princess, Little Man and myself took off for Toledo where Princess's tournament team was playing this weekend. There 1st tournament game was at 6:30pm. It was ageist the Buckeye Blasters which is a more local team and has a few girls playing on that team, who lives where DH and I grew up.. We knew a few of the girls and there parents.. Those Parents were not too happy, you see here in this area they are know as one of the better teams and are not use to losing.. but sadly, for them and good for us, we kicked there butts(LOL ok yes I could have worded that nicer but oh well LOL) We ended up winning that game 11 to ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DH and Princess stayed the night up there with the rest of the team, while Little Man and I hitched a ride back home with my IL's who made the trip to watch Princess play. On the way home we stopped and had a late dinner, Little Man enjoyed the time with his grandparents. He doesn't get to spend much time with this set of Grandparents very often. It was about 10pm by the time I picked up Mr Man and Sweet Pea and we all made it home. We did a bit more packing and then went to bed or I should say the kids went to bed, I was up till about 3am glued to the Toledo News stations watching and tracking with them the big storms and tornado's that were going on.. Not only for mine and the kids at home safety but also to make sure DH and Princess were safe. When I saw they had missed us and we were in the clear I went to bed. Got myself about 5 hours of sleep..

Saturday when I woke up, it was get dress, dress the kids feed them breakfast and head out the door. We had to be at Mr Man's ball field for team pictures by 9:30am. Here is another picture from May 22, 08 of him playing ball. After his pictures the 3 kids and I came home he changed his cloths and we were off for our weekend in Toledo. We knew we had already missed Princess 1st game for Saturday which was at 9am and they won 13-0 But we were trying to make the 2nd half of the 2nd game which started at 10:45am We would have made it too if the game didn't end early due to the fact that we run ruled them and the game ended just as we walked up to the field the score was 14-2
This picture of Princess and her friend/teammate M. was taken by the assistant coaches wife before I got there.. Can you tell it was before I got there??? I can because when I saw how messing Princess's hair was I went and combed it LOL.

The next game was going to start at 12:15pm, so I got the kids some hot dogs and they had a little picnic at the ball field for lunch, then we watched the next game and we won that one also 19-0 that looks like we ran the score up on them.. but we really didn't try to. They walked alot of those runs and after the 1st inning it was 16-0 in the 2nd inning our coaches up in our 4th string pitcher who this was her 1st time getting to pitch a tournament game all year.
The two picture above was taken by the Coaches wife after the kids had there lunch.
Our Next game started at 2:45pm and we knew this was going to be a hard game, The team we were playing were tied with us in the state ratings for 1st place. We had played them 4 other times this year and we had beat them 3 times and they had beat us 1. So they were really REALLY wanting to beat us. They almost did going into the 7th inning the score was 4-2 Them.. but our bats came alive and we ended u winning that game by 2 points.
We were done at the ball park by 4pm. and Princess and the rest of the team went and hung out at the hotel across the parking lot from where the team was staying, because that hotel had a indoor water park and the team spent 4 hours riding water slides and stuff.
While they were doing that DH and I got checked into the hotel with the other kids and spent the next 3 1/2 hours at the pool.

After picking up Princess from the water park, we had dinner and then went to a different ball field 3 minutes down the road where Princess had two of her former teams playing so we stopped by and said hello to a few friends, then went back to the hotel where the kids went swimming again till the pool closed then it was time for bed.
The Next Morning Princess and DH woke up early and ate and went to the ball field they had to be there at 8:30am for a 9:30 game. After they took off to the park I woke the other 3 kids up.. They really didn't want to wake up. I snapped a few picture of me waking them up(sorry for the blurry pictures, I'm without a camera except for my cell phone)We got dressed and headed down stairs for breakfast.

Then we took off to the ball field where we Thought we were going to watch Princess's team win the game and that would have gave us a big long break between games until we were in the championship game.. BUT!!!!!!! we ended up losing that game by 2 points.. Which meant the next game would start at 12:30pm.. So we had 2 hours between games So the kids and I headed back to the hotel and went swimming some more.

Then went back to the room gave everyone a bath and packed and checked out of the hotel and went back to the ball park to watch the 12:30 game.. We were playing the team we almost lost to on Saturday but then ended up winning by 2 point.. This time we weren't so lucky and ended up losing the game by ONE POINT.. it was a heart breaker. That ended the tournament for us.. The team took 3rd place

After the game DH and I took the kids to the lake and up to our favorite camp store where the kids got a piece of candy then went to the beach to walk around a bit, we thought we would let them swim and play in the sand, but when we got there it was 10 degrees cooler there then where we were only putting it at 68 degrees.. a little chilly for swimming in the lake.
We left the lake and headed to the grocery store and did the grocery shopping for the week.. While there the kids saw they were selling Webkinz and talked daddy into buying them one.. This one put Mr Man up to 19 webkinz and Sweet Pea up to 20. Then we headed up unloaded groceries unpacked the van from the weekend.. Then cooked dinner ate and got the kids ready for bed.
Today Monday.. I'm late at getting this out because I had to take Princess out of school at noon to take her to the doctors for her sport physical for Jr High sports/12 year check up(which is only 5 months late LOL) I thought I would take her out noon and have her back shortly afterwards.. 2 1/2 hours later I got her back at school.. UGH..
But she is growing well, her eye sight is 20/20 she got the all clear to play any sports she wants.. Now on the 12 year check up side of it.. she is 5 foot 2 1/2 inches tall and weights 95 pound(oopes is she getting too old to tell her age LOL) This puts her in the 50% for weight and 75% for height.. She is not to happy with me right now because I went ahead and let them give her 4 shots and a finger poke. but she will get over it..
NOW after I post this, I really REALLY need to go clean my house.. it looks like 4 tornado's came rushing though the place.. Then I need to go cook dinner seeing how it is already pushing 4pm.
I will try my hardest to stop by and visit each and everyone of your blogs tonight and tomorrow.. Sorry I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog reading and commenting.. Just been a little busy..
Hope all of you had a nice weekend and hope you are having a great Monday..

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Heather said...

What a weekend! At least you didn't have to travel too far this weekend:)

Jen said...

WOW, you certainly keep busy, but I LOVE reading all about your adventures and I love your fun pictures!

Courtney said...

I'm not mad at you for being a week behind! Look at your days, who could be?