Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Since I'm gone #1(back from camping)

After reading this post I have myself questioning if camping is the way I want to spend our vacation this summer LOL.. OH well too late now i guess because I'm already gone. While I'm away I'm going to be reposting some post I posted two years ago back before I had any readers.
Here is a post I wrote on June 22, 2006
Thursday, June 22, 2006

Back From Camping
and I"m bummed.We just got back from what should have been a 6 day camping trip that turned into only 3 nights and alot of traveling. We knew going into this trip that we would have to leave the campground Sunday afternoon, and then Monday night and then Thursday night, but when we were staying Sunday - Friday that didn't seem to bad.Let me tell ya how this trip went.1st lets go back to Saturday.. my oldest dd asked if we could take our niece with us so we gave in and said yest which meant we had to make an extra trip to pick her up Sunday night which wasn't planned.. Now on to Sunday.Day On Sunday.. we sent the kids off to church with my grandparent and mistake #1 DH and I skipped church thinking it would be easier to set up camp without the kids.. WELL we should have went to church.. There was NOTHING easy about setting up camp.. what normally takes us 10 mins took us about an hour.. the wind was so strong and wouldn't let up.. so every time we just about had our main tent up it would blow away.. I'm telling you.. i really think we should have went to church then set up camp I think it would have been easier.. anyways.. after going crazy and only getting 1/2 of what we wanted to get done at the campsite we had to leave to go pick up Princess for her tournament team ball game. We drove home picked her up and as we were driving to her ball game we saw really dark clouds in the direction of our camp. We hadn't put the rain fly on the tent so we drove out of our way to get that on. Sadly we were too late and the tent was soaked.. so I took towels and dried it up and we got the rain fly on the tent and then headed off to the ball game.let me take a moment to explain how much driving this was.. 45 min from our house to the campsite, 45 mins back home, 45 mins back to the camp site, then about 1 hour and 15 min from the campsite to the ball game.The game was good, but we were sort of in a rush cuz after the game we needed to get to my nephews graduation party and then pick up my niece.. ONLY a stormed blew in and ended up having a rain delay in the middle of the game. A 45 min rain delay.. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after the game we rushed back to the town my parents live in(a 2 hour drive from the ball park) Got there picked up my middle children and got to the graduation party just as everyone was packing up and leaving. Thankfully my nephew played tournament traveling baseball since he has been little and totally understood. We got my niece and about 9pm was heading back to the campsite(a 1 hour and 15 min drive) Since we had missed the party and didn't have dinner we stopped by a pizza hurt close to the campground and ordered pizza. We also had to make a stop at the super walmart cuz we didn't get a chance in the morning(with how long getting the tents up took) to go to the store and buy supplies and food and such)When it was all said and done about 11pm we were sitting around a campfire eating pizza Then the kids went to bed around 12:30am.About 1am we head thunder and DH and I had to get up and out of the tent and put the big blue rain tarp we had just bought that night onto the tent.. Then we went to bed at that time there wasn't any rain. but at 3:30am a BIG storm hit and the rain just poured down for a whole hour, little did i know that was going to be the small storm of the week. Thankfully the kids were so tired and all 5 of them slept right though it.. i was out of it also and went back to sleep though it. DH OTOH stayed up though it worried about water getting into the tent, which didn't happen, the tarp did wonders. I have a funny story from day 1 at the campsite.. but I'll save that for another post.. think I'll end this one now before it turns into a book.

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Courtney said...

Sounds like a rough trip. Hopefully this one won't be so bad!

Courtney said...

Hey I tagged you if you want to play along. I didn't know if you had all ready done this one or not.