Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend Recap(June 6-8,08 with bonus of june 5th)

My Weekend Recap for the weekend of June 6-8, 2008 A weekend without travel. Can you all believe it, I didn't have to pack a suitcase, we didn't drive for hours and there were no sitting at the ball park for days. We had what I call a weekend at home.. Which some of my friends still laugh at seeing how even on my weekends at home I don't stay at home all that much.
Thursday was the kids last day of school so we had an early jump on our weekend. Thursday I played taxi driver Pretty much all day. First I had a dentist appointment where they shot me 4 times and shots in the mouth are never fun.. After that I had a return to make at the mall, Then it was over to Mr Man's and Sweet Pea's school to help with the ice cream sunday party a few of us parents were doing for the 2nd grade classes. Then I had a moment to come home and clean the kitchen, then it was right back to the school to pick them up. Then I caught Princess as she was on her way to the coffee shop so I could take the load she was carrying.. Next stop my grandparents, where Mr Man and Sweet Pea had plans to play on the slip and slide with Grandpa's neighbors.(Little Man was over at my mom's house so I could go to the dentist that morning) After leaving my grandparents it was time to pick Princess up from the coffee shop and rush home for her to change for a End of School Year Pool party at one of her guy friends houses. After she changed it was drive over to the East side of town to drop her off, then back to the North side home.. I was home alone(which is always nice) DH was working OT(which he did alot this weekend) and wasn't home so I came home and read some blogs. Next thing I know DH was home from work and I was off again to mom's taxi..
First stop pick up Princess from the party on the east side of town, when there she asked if she could spend the night with a group of girls who were at the party, I said yes, then she asked if I could take said group of girls from the party to the other girls house.. Sure why not, I would have to take Princess there anyways right. Next we drive home to the North side of town so Princess could pick up some cloths, then We drive to the West side of town to drop the girls all off at JW's dad's house where they were staying. by this time it was 8:30pm and time for me to drive to the south side of town to pick Mr Man and Sweet Pea up from great grandma's house, then back to the North side of town home. DH played ball in the yard with the two kids which were home while I made a late dinner for the two of us. Around 9:30pm the kids were out in the yard playing with the neighbor kids and DH and I were having dinner. WE called the kids in at 10 and everyone got bathed and were in bed by 11pm.
That was Thursday.
Friday we slept in till about 8:30am LOVE summer for that reason.. sleep until your eyes open or one of the kids yell MOM.. I did a few loads of laundry and took a shower then Called up Princess to see what time she needed picked up.. and told her I was thinking of heading to my mom's town for a afternoon of swimming Seeing how it was in the 90's and sunny. She asked if all the girls who she had just spent the night with could go also, I said sure why not, cleared it with my mom and away we went(I needed to go pick up Little Man anyways)
So at Noon we loaded up the van and I spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool with 7 kids. They swam, they had lunch they jumped in the pool again, they had ice cream then more swimming and can't for get sun bathing, and more swimming.. We were there from 12:30pm till 4:30pm
Here is a picture of Little Man in the water having fun.
And one of Sweet Pea's taking a break
Mr Man at lunch time.
And Princess waiting on the ice cream.
This is a slide show of a few of the pictures I took on Friday afternoon.

While over at my parents my dad invited my kids to go to a town about 45 minutes south of there place that night to a drive-in movie theater to see Ku Fu Panda and Indiana Jones. Mr Man, Sweet Pea and Little Man all went with then and spent the night. Princess had to come back with me, not only did she have 3 friends with her but she had a softball game for her traveling league team on Saturday morning.
After dropping everyone off Princess and I got home about 5:30pm and DH invited us out to the drive-in theater in our town. Indiana Jones was showing and then some other movie we didn't care to see. I said Yes, Princess said no.. she didn't care to see some OLD PEOPLES MOVIE LOL LOL LOL.. So she checked in with my grandparents and arranged a sleep over with her great grandparents. We ate dinner got dressed and dropped Princess off over Grandma's and DH and I were going on a date. DH and I were out alone no kids at all, this is a rear thing, but we did get a date night last month where we went and had dinner.. So a drive-in movie was sort of a fun thing.. and neither of us could remember the last time we went to one alone. It had to have been well over 13 years ago. It was such a great time out. The movie wasn't the best I don't think, just not as good at the old ones, but it wasn't bad.. but the time alone with DH was just the best. We stayed for about the first 15 minutes of the 2nd movie and then left came home and went to bed.
Not only did we have to be up for a ball game Saturday Morning DH was working 2nd shift over time on Saturday.
Saturday we got up got dressed and picked Princess up for her game, Dh and I each drove to the game because he had to leave afterwards for work. So I was back into Mom's taxi mood.
Princess's game started at 11am in a town 30 minutes from her so we were on the road by 9:30am so she could be there by 10amThis is for the team that isn't all that good. We lost like we normally do, but Princess had a great game. I think the score was 19 -2 . Princess pitched but not until part way into the 3rd inning.. The 1st pitcher gave up 7 runs in the 1st inning, and 7 in the 2nd(there is a 7 runs per inning rule so an inning ends either by 3 outs or when the other team scores 7 runs) In the 3rd inning when that pitcher gave up another run and had 2 more runners on base, they put Princess in to pitch.. she pitched the rest of the game.
She also accounted for our two runs. 1st time there pitcher had walked a girl before her and Princess hit a sweet hit out into the gap in the grass ending up moving the girl from 1st to home. she herself ended up on 3rd but then the girl behind her got out making our 3rd out so she didn't get to score but she got the RBI and we were on the boards. Her next at bats there were 2 outs and she got walked.. The the next girl cam up to bat, strike one Princess stoled 2nd, strike two princess stoled 3rd, ball one passed ball Princess stoled home.. We now had 2 points.. next pitch strike 3 on the batter, our inning is over. Princess never got up to bat again.. Game ended we lost..
DH went to work, Princess was meeting back up with a group of her friends the same place the pool Party was on Thursday. I head home for lunch at 2pm. At 3pm I'm driving over to my parents to pick up the kids, at 4pm I'm home, At 5pm we load up the van again and go pick up Princess. We all come home and spend the rest of the night playing, and just hanging out at home.

Mr Man had a little two much sun over the last few days and was red and hurting so we aloed(LOL is that even a word, sure it is, meaning to place aloe all over) him up and he laid in my bedroom watching tv.
Sweet Pea got a new jump rope so spent most of her time outside.

Little Man was so worn out by the time I was getting them all ready for bed, he didn't get a nap on Saturday. But they all were asleep by 10pm and I was laying on the couch and must have fallen asleep myself because DH was waking me up when he got home from work about 12:30am.

Sunday we got up got dressed and was out the door to church. We had a little fellowship after the morning service with some coffee, punch and snacks.. that was really nice. Then my kids all 4 of them went home with my parents to swim for the afternoon.. That turned into a phone call later one asking if they could just stay at grandma's over night. DH and I laid around the house trying to stay cool.. until about 3pm when I said, we really need to get groceries.. So the two of us went grocery shopping.. It was sooooooooooooooo hot out when we went to the store. Here is the picture I took while on the way to the store in my van of the outside temp. I'm sure all of you in the south are LOL at me saying that's not hot.. but I'm up North so this is hot.

After the store DH went to bed, he is covering for someone and has to work 3rd shift this week. He left for work at 9:30pm and I was home left to do my own thing so I watched tv until I went to bed. Sounds sort of lonely and boring, but since I never have the house just to myself, It sounded heavenly to me.. and I enjoyed my alone time.

The kids are still at my moms, DH is asleep in the bedroom so here I sit on this Monday morning getting my Weekend Recap done early.. Next I guess I'll have to go clean the house and pick up the kids.. So How was all of your weekend???

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Courtney said...

Another busy weekend. I too think it sounds heavenly to be home all alone. Ahhh...the silence!

annie said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I have never been to a drive-in. That would be neat!

Also, I look forward to the day when I can sleep late in summer oe any time of year! My three year old still wakes up at first light. Maybe one day!

Glad you had a good weekend!

livin with me said...

Even though you didn't travel you still had an awfully busy weekend. I need nap just thinking about trying to do all of that!

Midlife Mom said...

I agree with 'livin with me' for a weekend home it was REALLY busy! Wow! You sure have a lot of driving around to do! I haven't been to a drive in movie for 20 years at least. I didn't know they had them any more! The last one I went to was the first Raiders of the Lost Ark! I haven't seen the new one yet, probably will wait till it's out on dvd. It's been really hot here too. It's was low 90's yesterday and high 80's today. We don't have air conditioning in our church and it was just so hot especially in the evening service. I sat right in front of a fan!
Son and DIL are having a pool put in and they started the site work today. They will really enjoy it I'm sure. We had one when son was young and all the neighborhood kids used to come over and have a blast. Nice that you have one that you can use!! Have a wonderful week!! xoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

still sounds like alot of business to me!!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE going to the drive-in. That's funny because we considered going this weekend also and our local drive in was ALSO showing KungFu Panda and Indiana Jones...we didn't go though, but we thought about it.

Sounds like you guys had a GREAT weekend. You must be just like like to go, go, go..all the time. If I sit still I get bored and go to sleep.

Also, thanks for the tip about putting the towel in ice water...I tried that tonight and it worked great! It was so HOT and that worked just perfect!

Have a great week!

Heather said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! You are so lucky that the grandparents are so involved with the kids!
We went to the drive in Saturday night with the kids though. They love to go there. Natalie even loves Indiana Jones. She has watched them all.
It did get pretty darn hot last week. I think the rest of this week is suppose to be nicer.

Lisa said...

99--wah wah ;)

Those drive ins are so much fun :)

Sounds like another crazy weekend!