Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Recap (June 27-29, 08)

What a weekend.. what a weekend..
Friday I started out cleaning the house, though you couldn't tell that now. Then in the late afternoon I thought I would go swimming with the kids over at my parents house, after all the 3 younger ones were going to spend the night there anyways Friday night. ONLY as I'm driving over to my parents my van start to over heat so I pull over.. I then spent the next 5 hours of Friday dealing with the van stuff.. you know calling someone to come and get the kids, calling someone to come and look at the van.. finding out what is wrong with the van getting the van back home waiting for parts to fix the van. Good news is we know what is wrong with it, good news is we found the part.. new that i don't know if it is bad or good yet, is my dad isn't sure it is something he can do or not.. so we wait.. in the mean time I can drive it but not on long trips until we get the new part(which is one of the fans) put in.
DH and I were planning a date night of dinner and a movie after I got back from swimming at my parents.. ONLY with the van and all I didn't make it back home till after 8pm.. So we did our date night at home.. We ran to the movie store and rented some movies and then stopped for take out and came home and had our dinner and a movie on the couch.
With the 1st movie we had the recliners up and the table pulled down on the couch and we ate our food with our feet up and we watched this.
Our kids have seen it two or three times already but DH and I had never seen it We both really enjoyed it. For the 2nd movie we put the table away got a pillow and cuddled on the couch together and watched this.
Not a good movie, or at least we didn't think so..

Saturday we had to go and pick Princess up from camp.. oh my goodness did she have fun.. I have a few camp post I need to get posted but for now I'll just share with you this short video clip of Princess and her friend C.C. telling us about one of there many tubing exciting stories..
They both were so excited and couldn't stop talking and talking and talking.. and I thought it was really funny and cute so I pulled out the camera and without them knowing started to record.. after a bit Princess spotted the camera and wasn't to happy with me LOL..

After we picked her up we went out for lunch and then did the grocery shopping. When we got back Princess went swimming with some friends from town and then back to there house to spend sometime, while DH and I went and picked up the other kids who were with my parents(dad took the boys to his barber for hair cutes but I didn't get any pictures sorry) Then we went to my IL's house for dinner and stayed there till after 8pm. AT 9pm I was picking up Princess from her friends house and we came home and had another movie night everyone pulled out blankets and pillows and we watched This.

Good movie..
Sunday we woke up got dress went to Sunday school and church.. After church we made up our minds that we were going on vacation.. We are leaving at 3am on Monday morning and we will be home Wednesday night or Thursday night.. not sure which yet. So I spent all of Sunday afternoon running around like a mad women washing about 12 loads of laundry in order to pack It's pushing 11pm Sunday night and my last load of laundry is in the washer as I type and I haven't started to pack my cloths yet LOL.
I did get a little break in the action because Princess league team was having a make up game tonight about 40 minutes from here on the lake of all places(yes I have been spending alot of time up there LOL) It was really pretty a ball field right on the lake.. I took some really pretty pictures of that.. Then when the game start right after the 1st pitch was thrown it started to rain.. our girls got to bat and Princess was starting picture for our team as soon as we took the field it started to rain super hard.. she pitched to one batter when they called the game. But she found other ways to have fun. that would be playing in the pool of mud that use to be the ball field. Here is a short slide show from the ball park tonight.

I tell ya, those storms roll in off the lake really fast, it only rained about 10 minutes but boy it come down.
After that we came home ate dinner and here I am doing more laundry and blogging.. Should go pack seeing how I"m leaving in about 4 hours
I won't be around this week but I'm sure I'll come home with loads of stories for the blog..
have a wonderful week ya'll

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annie said...

cute pictures!

Jen said...

Man, sorry to hear about the van, but I'm glad you found the replacement part. The video of your daughter cracked me up. Especially the part of her realizing you were recording. LOL! That's cool that you guys are so spontaneous and fun. Have a great time on your vacation. You wanna head over and do some laundry for me? 12 loads!!! I'm impressed! :)

Courtney said...

That stinks about your van.

Princess spotting the camera was hilarious. She really hates that camera on her, doesn't she?

Glad she had a good time at camp.

palmtreefanatic said...

glad to hear camp,went well!

yeah fools gold is a little off! I havent seen national treasure but the kids have tonight as a matter of fact! Drugmart has movie madness all DVD's for .79!
I just watched definitely maybe! cute!
Glad to hear you got a date night! sounds sweet!
hope your van is better soon! I hate having vehicle troubles!

palmtreefanatic said...

that is MONDAY movie madness all DVD's for monday only are .79 and not sure how long that will go on, maybe through july!

palmtreefanatic said...

Also we loved the nancy drew movie and we own it;) Teri got it for us and the kids have seen it over and over!

melanie said...

I always loved camp when I was her age too! I still have friends I keep in touch with from summer camp.

Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

IRENE said...

Certainly a full weekend! I hope you relax and enjoy yourselves in your vacation.

Nap Warden said...

Quite a weekend...and you fit in three movies! Well done!

princess said...

holy crap mom i told u not to put that on your blog = ( luv princess
lol jk

JazzRasp said...

Looks like you had some fun! Nice pictures! Happy TT!