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Weekend Recap June 21 & 22, 2008

I took the above photo on day 3 of our camping trip, Wednesday June 18, 2008
Now normally when I do my weekend recap I start with what all went on on Friday, but today for the recap I'm starting with Saturday and will save Friday's happening for later in the week went I post about our camping trip we were on last week.
So on with this weeks Weekend Recap.
This weekend Princess didn't have any ball tournaments but for a weekend without tournaments I spent an awful lot of time at ball fields.
Saturday morning Sweet Pea had a t-ball game and team pictures and Mr Man had a baseball game, both were at 10:30am.. Since DH hasn't got to make any of Sweet Pea's games yet, he took her to her game and I took Mr Man to his..
Mr Man's game was a good game, they lost but it was still a good game, he got to play 2nd base and catcher and was up to bat twice and both time got hits.. the 1st hit was a short hit to short stop but he out ran the throw(Mr Man isn't the fastest runner in the world either) and was safe, the 2nd hit he turned a double into a single according to my grandpa(his great grandpa) LOL.. it was true though.. He had a super hard hit out past left fielders head, but like I mentioned before he isn't the fastest runner and got a single on that one also.. Though I think even at his slow pace he would have got to 2nd if he would have went for it but he didn't. Here are a few pictures from the game.

These two are of him playing 2nd base.

And these next two was when he was catcher
With 30 minutes left in his game DH and Sweet Pea showed up. Her games are only an hour and Mr Man's are and hour and 30 min. Since I had no pictures of her games, I took the camera and DH took the video camera.. Here are a few shots of her and Little Man while at big brothers game.
The Lady cheering in the background is my grandma(the kids great grandma)
Here are Sweet Pea and Little Man enjoying a snack. After Sweet Pea's game they passed out snacks and I guess she asked "can I have another for my little brother" So when she made it to Mr Man's game she had goodies for Little Man also.
But though out most of the game this is how you would have seen Little Man.. we take toys and he plays in the dirt though all the kids games.. the boy is always dirty during ball season LOL. Princess was at the ball park with us but she went to the field next to ours to watch the boys in her grade play ball. She watch 3 of her friends games this weekend, 2 on Saturday and one on Sunday afternoon, guess she likes to spend her weekend away from playing watching ball. LOL
After the game we thought we had about 5 hours before having to be back at the ball park for Mr Man's 2nd game and bat-a-thon, but it ended up storming and the 2nd game got rained out.. I did manage to do groceries and a few loads of laundry and got the suitcases unpacked on Saturday... but that was pretty much all I did.
Sunday woke up and went to Sunday school and church, rushed home so Princess could make it to her friends baseball all star game, while she was there I ran to walmart to pick up a few things she needed to take to church camp. Then we got another storm so I went and picked her up.. Took her to get her hair cut and then hit walmart again for a few things she remembered she needed and didn't have.
Then we came home and did another load of laundry of dirty stuff she wanted to take to camp. Then started packing up her stuff.
We had dinner Sunday night over at my grandparents yummy subs.. and then came home and finished up her packing.. at 9pm we saw there was one more item we needed but didn't have so it was yet another trip to walmart.. It's a darn good thing I live so close to that store I tell ya.. Then it was back to packing.. I think we have it all set..
It is about 12:50 AM Sunday night/Monday morning and I need to go to bed.
Tomorrow I have to wake up and try to get Princess into the orthodontist at 8am when they 1st open and pray they can see her on Friday night one of her brackets fell off her tooth and it just hanging on the wirer making her nuts.. and she has to be at the boat dock for camp by 11am, so I really need them to get her in before she has to leave or it's going to be driving her crazy the whole time she is at camp.
With her going to church camp and us just getting back from a camping trip.. I have a ton of stuff to blog about and LOTS and LOTS of pictures.. So I think this week you will be hearing all about our camping trip.. That is if I can find some time to type the post out LOL..
How was your weekend?????????

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Courtney said...

I hope princess enjoys camp!

Midlife Mom said...

Same here, I hope she has a wonderful time at camp. I hope the weather is good too, that makes such a difference. It's been a bit iffy here with some days nice and then days like today threatening thunder storms. Yesterday one hit about 3 in the afternoon. I had two neighbor girls down in the barn visiting the horses and they stayed till it was over.
I wore braces in my early 40's and I know what it's like to have a bracket loose! It will drive you nuts!!!