Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The Ladies over at Chic Critique are asking you to BLOG YOUR FACE for a chance to win a "seriously cute" prize

Here is what you have to do.. blog on your blog this.
1)a picture of your face, bare naked, unmade-up and fresh as a daisy
2)a list of the skin care and make-up products you use daily, with brand names and colors/shades
3)an "after" shot of your face all prettied up
4) Link up on the Mr Linky they have over at Chic Critique BLOG YOUR FACE post.
Fortunately for me I hadn't put my make up on yet this morning when I read there post and learned about the Blog Your Face giveaway. Unfortunately for you my poor readers, you now have to see a self photo of me this morning without my make up.. So brace yourself because here it is.
Keep in mind when viewing these pictures, I'm without a camera and using my cell phone to take them, plus I'm taking them of myself since Little Man would cut my head off if I asked my sweet little 3 year old to take a picture of mommy and we are the only two at home
That was step one. Here is step two.
I don't use the same thing every day, I use what I have on hand at any given moment.. and match my make up to what I am wearing.. So here is my list for today.
1) first thing first I brushed my teeth with Aquafresh white and shine.

2) Then washing my face with Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser, I picked this cleanser up for Princess because she is at that age where she needs it, and since I have it on hand that is what I used today.
3) Next moved on to the Olay night of olay firming cream.. yes I do know it is morning, but I use it both day and night
4)foundation time.. I use cover girl simply powder foundation #540

5)due to wearing my big bug eye sunglasses the last few weekend while out at the ball field I have a very very not so nice looking tan line on my face.. So to help from it being so bad looking I use TCW bronzer powder around the part of my face that was covered with my sunglasses to help it match the tan I have on the rest of my face.
6) eyeliner.. NYC eye liner pencil in black.

7)next comes the eye shadow, which changes daily depending on what I"m wearing, since I'm in pink today I headed into Princess's bedroom and used her eye shadow she got for Christmas, I don't know the brand or the shades it came in a gift pack from CVS. but here is a picture of it.
8) while in there I saw Princess's lip gloss which I like so I used that also.
9) since I was already using my daughter stuff I went all the way and sprayed a bit of this on also.. It is such a fun summer time smell, totally reminds me of being on the beach as does the lip gloss since it is coconut flavor.
10) walked back into the restroom(that is where I do my make up) and put on the finishing touch mascara today I used L'oreal telescopic in black.
Then I took the pony tail out, ran a brush though my hair and it was on to Step 3.

Step 3 the after shots..
the 1st ones I took were so blurry you couldn't really see the make up. so I took a ton and then posted the best 4.. Man how I miss having a camera. but here you go.. the After Shots.

Now I'm over to Chic Critique so I link up to BLOG YOUR FACE for my chance to win.. Hope to see you all playing along also.. but if you don't, I won't cry to much about it, that means a better chance for me to win :P

Happy Tuesday Everyone.

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Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman! I think you look great without makeup. I won't be participating in this. :)

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Thanks for the support - Jo-Lynne and I were feeling mighty lonely in our humiliation! You look great both with and without make-up! Beautiful - even in cell phone photos. Enjoyed it!


Courtney said...

I don't know if I want to do this or not, but good for you. I don't use a lot of makeup and have been told it's hard to tell if I'm wearing any or not. Who knows?

dcrmom said...

You look great both ways, ya jerk! ;-) thanks for playing along. Right now there's an awfully good chance you'll win that prize. ;-)

Janne said...

I wish I looked as good as you do without makeup. I'm jealous!

BundyMum said...

Wow, you look great!! I hope you win!!

Kelly said...

hmmmm....very brave mama you are! not sure i have that much courage, though i don't wear that much make-up to begin with! K

Heather said...

What a brave soul you are. I am a scary sight when I get up in the morning. I feel sorry enough for my kids I couldn;t possibly share it with the bloggy world!
You look great!

Jodi said...
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Jodi said...

Oops.. that above was me... I was signed in under my wrong account.

LOL... if you wouldn't have posted a comment on my blog I would have never known about this contest. I am a sucker for contests, and I saw this one right before I went to wash my face for the night, so I grabbed my camera and ran with it.

If no one else joins in, then I say we both should win *wink*.

palmtreefanatic said...

You look great! I just may have to try this!

Thanks for all the prayers KC! You can catch an update on my blog!

Lisa said...

Brave and beautiful--with and without make-up!

Sarah said...

You are brave. I wouldn't do it. You look great!

Dawn Ward said...

You look fabulous! Thanks for participating and sharing with us!

D-Ann said...

You look amazing, and your phone photos turned out fine!

Ginny said...

You look great in all the photos! I would die without a camera, thankfully cels do have them now. I love that lip gloss, I can't wear lipstick, but I can wear gloss. Oh & I have that ice cleanser too. I found it on clearance & figured either me or my daughter could use it. I like it :)