Friday, June 06, 2008

Know & Tell Friday(June 6, 2008)

Know and Tell Friday can now be found HERE if you would like to play along.

1)Who would you rather be for a day: your best friend or your worst enemy?
Hummm I haven't had a worst enemy since Jr High or Maybe High school.. The good sweet side of me says worst enemy and go around doing nice things for her.. but that evil oh man I will teach you to mess with me side of me says worst enemy so I could go around messing up her life Baw Ha Ha Baw Ha Ha..(see I even have an evil laugh) ;P

2)Could you work with your best friend?
Sure I don't see why not.

3)Do you think it would be a blast or a nightmare to blog with a friend?

4)Could you share an email account with any of your friends?
Not with every friend I have but there are a few that it wouldn't be a problem.. but really I prefer to have my own email account.

5)You have a day to take a friend out and have fun. Describe the day.
Start the day at the beach or the pool(either one would work for me) with a picnic lunch and lots of relaxing chatting and sun, Then we clean up hit the mall Maybe get a Mannie or Peddie, and then we go out for a nice dinner, after Dinner we would go see a movie.. That sounds like a nice fun filled day to me.

6)Could you switch lives with a good friend? What would you find to be
better/easier/nicer than your own life, and what would be really difficult for you?
HUMMMMMM you know I'm happy with my life, I wouldn't really want to trade with anyone, Unless I could bring my whole family with me in the trade :)
Then I might want to trade with one of my three friends who live in Florida close to the beach ;P

Bonus Non-Friend Related Question:
7)Are there any of
these products you might be willing to eat?
As I was going though the list I just about stopped and wrote NO WAY I'M NOT CRAZY.. but then at the end of the products close to the gift bags(which I almost wrote, the only thing there I would eat might be the gift bags) I found This, astronaut food So Yes I would be willing to eat that. THEN as I went though the rest of the list I saw THESE and had to giggle and say, OK yes I could use those so sure I would give them a try. These here might be fun for DH and I to have as an after dinner snack ;)

So there you have it folks my know and tell for June 6, 2008
Have a great Friday Everyone.

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annie said...

a. your evil laugh scared me :O

b. of course a mani pedi! Why didn't I think of that?

c. funny food!

Jodi said...

Great answers!! I have a man/ped in my day out too. Have a great Friday!

Heather & Reese said...

LOVED your answers! We'd be good friends... if we lived on the same continent! The friend day sounds perfect, I totally get the urge to use your evil laugh and mess with an enemy, and the fam by a warm beach would be great. (We live near a beach, but it's in England which has been down-right freezing lately and even when it's a bit warmer I'm not sure anyone would want to wade into the North Sea!)

You did a better job searching through all the bugs for something edible than I did! LOL! Good job.

I heard that one of the major news channels in America recently did a special on how to eat bugs to save the environment! As if...


palmtreefanatic said...

Great answers Kc! I think mine would all be pretty much the same!

You should come see me at my new shop when you want a spa pedi! I give the BEST! 1.5 hrs of pure indulgence as I also include a hand and arm massage while leaving a mint mask on the feet! Everyone raves;)

hope your enjoying the hot weather and the weekend!