Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thursday Thirteen(the names I didn't use)

This week I was drawling a blank on what my Thursday Thirteen post should be about.. I though about 13 photos I haven't shared yet with you all, or 13 things I plan to do this summer or shoot how about 13 places I have to be tomorrow.. BUT THEN!!!
I was kissing the kids goodnight(oh yeah I'm typing this out on Wednesday night) and said "I Love you....insert there name here" That got me thinking about there names and how much I love there names.. Which got me side tracked on thinking what other names I thought about naming them.. Which made me think of a post for my Thursday Thirteen for this week.
Thirteen names I highly considered naming the kids but didn't.
While PG with Princess :
Girls Names I thought about naming her but didn't
1) Hailey
2) Hillary
3) Madison
Going into this I knew if she was a boy we would be naming her
4) Corbin We came up with that name years before we got PG with her back when we were still dating.. Funny how down the road when we did have boys we never used that name.
While PG with Mr Man:
Boys names we didn't use
5) Ethan(we really did plan to call him this and I went around for about 4 months calling my belly Ethan) THEN we changed our minds LOL and DH wanted to name him....
...6) Matthew..So Matthew it was going to be, it wasn't my top pick but I liked it well enough but Princess didn't like it at all and with her input and mine we got DH to change it to his name we named him with his middle name being Matthew.
I had a long list of girls names I thought about naming him if he was a girl.. but then I would end up with more then 13 names in my list of 13.. so I'll just give you two of those names
7) Addison
8) Keeley(Keeley was the named we agreed on if he was to have come out a girl)
While PG with Sweet Pea:
I knew from the moment I got PG with her that she was going to be a girl.. Just everything about my pregnancy was more like it was with Princess then it was with Mr Man.. So I never even gave boys names a thought.. Didn't even have one picked out in the slim chance she came out to be a boy.. but I did have my list of girls name and the top four names on that list that I Didn't Use.. were these
9) Mecca
10) Alivia
12) Allison
you see the A theme going here.. Mecca was really #5 got booted down to there when I had made up my mind I wanted to give her an A name just like her big sister.. The #4 spot was Alyssa, but I can't count that as a name I didn't use because we did end up naming the baby we loss Alyssa.
While PG with Little Man:
Like while I was PG with Sweet Pea, I knew from the moment the morning sickness kicked in that I was going to have a boy.. Now I was really sick with all the kids, But I was EXTREMELY sick with the boys.. I also carried the boys alot differently then the girls.. So I just knew.. So I never gave girls names a 2nd thought.. Boys names were pretty easy for us since while PG with the baby we lost we already came up with a few boys names if she would have been a boy.. So we had the name we named Little Man and the one we didn't and the one we didn't was
13) Seth.

So my Thursday Thirteen list of names we thought about but didn't use when naming our children.
Have a wonderful Thursday.

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Darla said...

Interesting list--I love names, and hearing how people decided on names for their kids. It's funny--for our first, it never even occurred to us that it wouldn't be a girl. We didn't even have a boy's name picked out. And for the two boys that came later, ultrasounds showed pretty definitively that they were boys, so the girls' names we had "just in case" we didn't put a lot of thought into.

So there are only 3 names we didn't use: Arwen, Danya, and Danae.

The Flying Monkeys said...

I like all of those. Our kids we knew as soon as we found out the sexes. First one was Camden, after Camden yards, 2nd son is Tanner Noll after Chuck Tanner and Chuck Noll of Pittsburgh.

Very nice list! I like that! Come on over and check out the 13 BOUNCE on my blog! Have a great day!

marky said...

I found naming my kids one of the most stressful momoents ever! I had about 3 top names going into each birth, but could never name my kids till I met them..once I saw them then I usually ditched the names and started over LOL! Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post!

Laura said...

You know, I was thinking about this the other day...all of those names you think of when you're a teen, thinknig about what you'll name your children...and NOW I look back and wonder what I was thinking?!?!?

Happy T13!

KC said...

I read Laura's comment and had to LOL. I could write a whole other list of names I had picked out for my kids back when I was a teenager and never even thought of useing one of them when I was PG.

Courtney said...

Good post. I was always obsessed with baby names and I still am even though we are DONE! I think it's cute that your girls have A names and your boys have R names. We wanted Callee to have a T name or end in or, er you know just the sound, but couldn't agree. Oh well.

Lisa said...

Names can be so hard! You had some great 'rejects' so the real ones must be fab!

Denise Patrick said...

It is hard to come up with names you both like, but you have a great list of ones you didn't use. There are a few on there that I thought of when I was pg, too.

Happy TT!

Amanda said...

Cool idea for a post :) I'm a first-time visitor.

I really like Alivia, I never thought of spelling it with an "A" instead of an "O."

Anonymous said...

That's actually a really cool idea for a list! I might have to think back and see if I can do this list in the future!

Jen said...

Fun list!!! There are some very cute names in there. I've never seen anyone name their kid Mecca though. That's cute and different :) We could never think of a name for either of our kids, even when we were at the hospital. We're horrible at making decision! :)

palmtreefanatic said...

I like Alivia with an A
nice list!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Neat list! Our list of possible names had quite shrunk with each girl until Rebecca was literally the last name that we both liked for Becca - thankfully she 'looked like' a Rebecca to both of us. :)