Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Mommy Quiz

I found the Mommy Quiz over at Lisa's blog and though I would see what sort of mommy I am

Here is what It said I am,

Your type is: esfp —The “Totally There” Mother
“I like to give my children an immediate response. It’s not like there’s one time for hugs and another to make sandwiches.”
Energetic and people-oriented, the ESFP mother lives in the moment, “totally there” for her children — totally focused on them when she is with them. She enjoys being with her children and can respond to their needs “on the spot,” ensuring that they feel loved and cared for.
Fun-loving, friendly, and outgoing, the ESFP mother actively engages her children in a wide variety of experiences. They can count on her to strike up a conversation with a fellow shopper at the market or with the bus driver, introducing them to the joys of people everywhere.
Devoted and practical, the ESFP mother also enjoys doing for her children. She is attentive to their feelings and is deeply touched by every joy or hurt they experience.

I do think this pretty much sums me up correctly.

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Heather said...

How sweet. What a good mommy you are:)

Tanja said...

Hey, KC. I'm posting this one on my blog on Wednesday. Mine is way different! :-)

Janne said...

I tried this and came up with "ESTJ —The “How-To” Mother". Interesting.