Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 08 Camping Trip Day 2 part 2

After we left the rocks and after Little Man woke up we went here

This place has putt-putt, bumper spray boats, go carts, an arcade, and a pizza place and gift shop inside. Kids 5 and under putts for free and ALSO after you pay for a round of golf you get your hands stamped and you can come back all day long to play as many times as you wish.. The kids thought that was really cool.. We didn't do the boats it was just too chilly think the high that day was only 70's and with the wind it was much cooler.
Here are the pictures I took while we were there.

Then we stopped by the welcome center there.. We had never been there before and I have always thought it looked cool. Inside they have a little Island History museum sort of thing, and some fun for the kids. When you go in you go to the front desk and they will give the kids a savager hunt paper so while your walking though the Island History part the kids can check off the stuff they find. When finished you take your paper back to the desk and they give you a prize. Here are the pictures I took while we were there.

After we left we were all getting hungry and it was getting really late.. We drove past this steak house on our way back to camp and there sign read Tuesday is kids night after 4pm(and it was WELL after 4pm) Kids eat for $.99. How do you pass that up, so we stop and ate and I didn't have to cook back at the campground.
When I wrote this post the 1st time when I had day 2 as all one day I told a story that happened at the restaurant but now I don't have time to type that out.. It had to do with a nice man telling us how well behaved our children are and just as he said that Little Man tried to spit on him.. Funny story that I'll have to share later on the blog.
After dinner it was already almost dark so we headed back to the campsite and that is where I'll pick up in the next post.
To view Day 1, or Day 2 part 1 click on the one you want to view. Day 2 part 3 will be coming soon.

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sheryl said...

Looks like you're vacation was loads of fun!! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

How neat that you could keep playing putt-putt! My son would have loved that!