Thursday, June 05, 2008

More about names.

Amanda commented
"I really like Alivia, I never thought of spelling it with an "A" instead of an "O.""

I Loved the sound of Olivia and totally planned to use the nickname Livvie ONLY since Princess's name started with an A, I thought it would be totally cute to start Sweet Pea's name with an A also.. So that is why Alivia and not Olivia.. Plus I like being different LOL.

Jen said...
Fun list!!! There are some very cute names in there. I've never seen anyone name their kid Mecca though. That's cute and different :) We could never think of a name for either of our kids, even when we were at the hospital. We're horrible at making decision! :)

It would have made me crazy if I didn't have there names picked way before there birth LOL.. I think I had there names picked before I had my 20 week ultra sound.. Then after I found out what the u/s said.. I started calling the baby by that name.. That is why I went around calling Mr Man Ethan for a month or two, before DH stepped up and said he really didn't want to use Ethan. Looking back on it, I'm glad I didn't use Ethan because while I didn't know it at the time but that year and the next year it was a very popular name and alot of people used it.. and I like I said before wanted to be different.. though Mr Man does have the most common name of all my kids because I did somewhat let DH name him.

Now for my Story about Mecca.. DH was never crazy about it, but willing because calling a girl Mecca would be naming her after my Grandma in a round about way.. Both of my Grandma's on my mom and on my dad's side name is Mary.. So I thought I could name a baby after both.. ONLY Mary is too common of a name for my taste..(Don't get me wrong it is a very pretty name but I was looking for different and Mary is not that)

BUT my Grandma on my dad side whole family called her Mec or Mecca.. When I asked Grandma why that was she shared with me the story of how her aunts and cousins and everyone called her by the Slovak name for Mary which is Marika, ONLY her little brother couldn't pronounce it correctly and ended up calling her Mecca, next thing you know all the family was calling her Mecca and even shorting it to where my dad's cousins call her Aunt Mec. So that is why one would name a child Mecca. ONLY I was PG with Sweet Pea when 9/11 happened, that wasn't what changed my mind on using it completely but It factored into it. The biggest reason I didn't go with it was because of the whole A name thing.
I could name babies all day long LOL.. I love names.. for that matter I did name some other kids then my own.. I can look back and LOL at it now but at the time I wasn't too thrilled. We were at church one Wednesday night back when DH and I were the youth leaders at our old church.. One of my sisters friends came back into the youth group and we were talking.. Her sister was PG and due any day, I asked if she knew what her sister was having and if they had names picked out yet.. She said yes a boy and No they didn't have any names at all.
I wasn't PG at the time, not really even thinking about it at all. but I commented back to her that I had my next child names all picked out already.. If it was a girl it would be Alivia Rose and a Boy would be Ian Brice both DH and I just fell in love with the idea of a boy named Ian Brice (LOL yes I know I didn't even add Ian to my list because while i was PG I wasn't thinking of that name this was before I was PG)
Anyways Sunday rolls around and during announcement they announced that this girls sister had her baby, a baby boy weighing in at something pound something ounces and they named him IAN BRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about fell out of the pew.. That night I even cried about it.. normally I'm not a crier either.. two weeks later I found out why I was such an emotional mess LOL, it was because I was PG with baby #3.. but I got over that boy name thing really quickly because with in a few weeks of being PG with her I just knew in my heart she was a girl.. and I didn't even visit looking at boys names.

Well that is enough about the naming game for today..
but hey if your looking for baby names let me know and I'll make you a list LOL.

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Sniz said...

What a sweet, detailed recount of how you named your kids! It brought back a lot of memories of our own struggles with what to name our kids!

TTYS - Sniz

Carol Van Rooy said...

Funny how things happen. If our first was a boy, she would of been named Tristan Bailey. Funny when we finally had a boy, my husband instead picked his first name out of a baby book and called him Dalton Bailey.

We loved the name Bailey but couldn't think of anything to use as a middle name that had a good ring to it.

I had wanted to name him Spencer Bailey and found out years later my cousin had already used that name on one of her children.

Courtney said...

I'm like you, I could make a list of baby names. Like I said in my comment, I have always been this way!

Btw, Mr. Man's name was always what I was going to name my son when I was like 10-14 and even though I never had a boy it was never even an option. Funny how that works out.

Jen said...

Fun! Thanks for explaining the Mecca name for me! That makes it even more fun! I can't believe somebody had named their kid Ian Brice right when you were thinking about it. Seriously, what are the odds?