Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 08 Camping Trip day 3 part 1

I have shared a few of the lake pictures I took from Day 3 of our camping trip in my Faith-Lift Friday post but here is my Day 3 camping post.
Day 3 was Wednesday June 18, 2008. we woke up and it was COLD!!!!!!!!! I mean really cold.. blue jeans and sweater cold. I don't think the high for the day got much higher then 60 degrees.. This cooler weather we were having was really messing with our plans for our camping trip.. We were camping on the lake with our plans being spending all day on the beach in the sand and water but when it doesn't go above 60 degrees one doesn't layout at the beach.
So when we woke up on Wednesday we thought we would just wait, and wait, and wait, to see if it warmed up any.. We played games at the campsite, took some a few hikes on the trails, played on the playground, played ball, just waited around to see if it would warm up any. IT Didn't so we thought we would go take a drive over to the light house. While on the drive Little Man fell asleep, something about playing hard all day and then getting in a carseat to put that kid to sleep.. Princess wasn't feeling too well so once we got to that part of the lake she just wanted to sleep in the van also. So that is why DH, Princess and Little Man are not in this slide show of our time on the lake, They were there with us, but in the van. It was Mr Man, Sweet Pea and myself who went exploring the rocks this day.

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