Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 08 Camping Trip Day 2

Day two of our camping trip was Tuesday June 17, 2008. This morning started off chilly but all the kids needed showers so that was the 1st thing we did, they didn't get them Monday night before so I wanted to start off the day with some clean kids so as soon as they woke up it was off to the shower house.
After everyone was clean it was back to the campsite for breakfast, The Barry and the kids took a walk on a trail while I stayed back and cooked up some sausage and eggs.. When they got back I was just about done and we all sat down for a yummy breakfast. The rest of the morning was just spent hiking some more trails, playing on the playground, playing ball with some new friends they made and riding bikes, and playing tag. Here is a short slide show of the pictures I took on Tuesday Morning.

Tuesday was also some what of an Island day.. In the afternoon after lunch we took a drive to Catawba Island and did some sight seeing and rock climbing(meaning we climbed around and had fun on the rocks next to the water LOL) Little Man had fell asleep before we got there so he and DH isn't in any of these pictures but here are the ones I took while there.

This takes us to about 5pm on Tuesday. Guess I'll stop here and see if it messes up my blog or not.. You can view Day 1 of our camping trip by clicking on where it says Day 1 The rest of day 2 as well as the rest of our trip will be coming soon.


Courtney said...

Sounds like another good day. Although, it did look a little chilly out by that water, Princess looks like she is freezing.

Jen said...

Such great pictures of your adorable kids! It looks like you had SO MUCH FUN!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty place! Great pictures!