Friday, June 20, 2008

We're Home

Hello blogging world.. did ya miss me???
Well it is 7:15pm on Friday June 20, 2008 and we are home.
I'm half unpacked, my house looks like a tornado went though but we are rushing off to the ball park. Princess has an 8pm league game vs the catholic school from our town. So it's a big game being played under the lights.
Saturday I have a t-ball game to go to and a baseball game. Sunday is church and packing for Princess to head off to camp. PLUS a ton of laundry and trying to find the floors in my house..
So if I don't make it on over the weekend.. look for me next week with the weekend recap plus the stories and pictures from our camping trip.
Got to run softball field awaits..

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palmtreefanatic said...

take a deep breath and do not forget to smell the flowers in all your business! Yes you have been missed! Have a wonderful weekend!

Shana said...


annie said...

Missed ya!
You have a lot to do this weekend.