Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday 13(spring break 2010 #5)

Continuing with my Spring Break 2010 post.. Still on Day 2.. To get caught up on the Spring Break saga.. you can read about Day 1 Here and here and The start of day 2 Here and Here.
This starts after Princesses 1st softball game in which she pitched a no hitter..
After that 1st game I took the younger 3 kids over to The Track to do there second Easter Egg hunt for the day..
Here are a couple of video clips and pictures from that .

1) Little Man's 2nd Easter Egg hunt.

2) Little Man and the Eggs he got.

3) Mr Man and Sweet Pea waiting for there 2nd egg hunt to start.

4) Mr Man and Sweet Pea during there 2nd egg hunt.

5) checking out there loot.. The kids cleaned house at this hunt.. tons and tons of candy along with Free kiddie ride tickets, free go cart tickets and enough free putt putt tickets for the whole family to putt putt for Free... Got to love egg hunts like that.. We didn't use the tickets right away we hung on to them and used them later on in our vacation.. I'll be getting to that in a different post.
6) The Easter Bunny was there also.. I had to threaten the kids to get a picture with him LOL.. no one wanted to do it, but I'm a mean mom ;-)
After this we got lunch went to the room and ate it then headed back to the park for game 2 of Princess's softball tournament

7) Back at the park for game 2

13) Ugh you can see me sitting in the front row of this one.. blah.. not looking that hot LOL.. but I did end up with a nice tan. :-)

Happy Thursday to you all...

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